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  1. HUGE transference on phones, TV remotes, bathroom faucets, flushers, and plane tables and armrests, and doorknobs. They have done these experiments. However, we are mostly aware of those, wash our hands before exiting a bathroom, hand sanitize, I carry sani wipes with me at all times and in a plane/hotel room, etc, wipe down those surfaces. My DH always thought me a bit wacko (I am a nurse, so pretty aware of germs), but now is a true convert. If anything, this pandemic has made us rethink and change habits to prevent diseases.
  2. As a nurse I could not agree more!
  3. IMHO This pandemic, just like 911, is going to change our "normal" forever. I have no crystal ball, but I suspect there will be more hand sanitizing, no more buffets as we know them (no more serve yourself), and it will take longer to embark and disembark. I forsee more distance everywhere, casinos, restaurants, shows, etc. I also believe that until there is a bona fide vaccine, we will be subject to wearing masks, not to protect ourselves, but to protect the general population against any virus we do not yet know we have because we are asymptotic. Yes, it will be different, but life will go on, and we will have fun!
  4. Japanese experiment with only 1 "infected" person's hands. (Using fluorescent paint and a black light) Only 30 minutes later, everything has been contaminated. Pretty scary stuff!
  5. I agree, maybe there's a compromise... Instead of people serving themselves, have servers behind the buffet line dishing up food. Also, pre plated and covered desserts, rolls, anything that is small and easily carried on a dessert size plate. This is not only changing cruises, but casinos, Chinese buffets, or anyplace that has "all you care to eat" serve yourself.
  6. @Blazerboy Omygoodness Andrew, you are BRILLIANT! Now I want BANANA BREAD!!! So much fun reading along! Sparkle on!
  7. Omygoodness Andrew, you are BRILLIANT! So much fun reading along! Sparkle on!
  8. @hcat You wouldn't necessarily need the dress, any longish column sundress would do, just add the feathers, beads, gloves, & headband, and you'd be good to go.
  9. We went to a Gatsby NY eve party a couple of years ago, that was a hoot, and people really looked great. It was a lot of fun!
  10. Thank you, We have a 9 day ABC cruise on the Equinox, anc I'm thinking they will do SOMETHING. I'll pack white and a large zip lock of props to kind of plan for the unexpected. I have clothes that can be dressed up or down easily, so I thank all of you for your wonderful help!
  11. Well, I ALWAYS have at least one white tee and white capris on every cruise, so I'm probably good for that. I'll just throw in some love beads, headbands, tie die, lace gloves, disco scarves and figure I can get away with kind of looking the part.
  12. We hope to join you tonight for dinner... We will be on our very own veranda, wave to us from yours! Due to being seen only from the waist up, (something to do with "Zooming"), I was able to pack only one black shirt, my pj bottoms, and 2 dozen scarves. They will change from daytime cruise to nighttime chic. I, of course, did all my shopping for cruisewear at the lovely specialty store, maybe you've heard of it, Amazing or something like that? DH is joining by wearing any number of assorted jaunty ascots.
  13. @keesar This info is really really helpful! Thank you. I can put together a few goodie bags with jewelry and props that take up little room. I appreciate the feedback! T
  14. @hcat Those pics are fabulous! Thanks for posting them!
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