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  1. @seaoma if I’m ever in a fight I want you at my back! Thank you for your words. @MJSailors I think hindsight is 20/20. They went on the world cruise two years ago with no difficulty. When they left we had no idea of how the world was about to change. Never having cruised myself, I was naive. I didn’t know past cruises have had to end early. The Love Boat (my only cruising experience lol) always made it back to port! I think this was a wake up call for many older folks, or those who don’t fly. But I will also say that it is far easier to think of people our parents age giving things up. When we put the same question to ourselves we too might think we can manage even as we age. I know I still think of myself as young although I can feel the signs of aging. When will I feel I can’t manage and how easy will it be to make that decision? It truly is a personal one. Cheers
  2. Good morning everyone. Thanks for all the messages and great shopping ideas. We have The Visiting Angels coming for a visit today to discuss options. Even if they only do the shopping and errands now, I’m hoping they will find someone they like in case more help is needed on a regular basis. Plus there will be someone to have eyes on them a couple of times a week. My mom’s “I’m fine” is sometimes hard to believe, especially from a distance. If that doesn’t pan out I will call the store she shops at or look into the other great ideas. Thanks so much. Besides doing the errands I pretty much have no purpose here. My mom once again has everything in control. Tough +++ @rjbean4 thank you for the link. I have shared the captains blog with them as well and they are enjoying it. If all goes well today I’m hoping to head home next week (assuming they can start that quickly). I’m hoping my drive and border crossing will be okay. @sotiris I appreciate the info about the plan. I do have one but I’m very glad to know I’ll need to share it with them. I’ll check the NWT link. Cheers. Fortunately, my partner is at home and she has the groceries under control, but I too would have wondered about fruit and veggies. I often get asked that and didn’t know they would okay it if you were a regular cross border shopper. She will either quarantine with me if she feels she can work only from home for those two weeks, or we will divide the house and she can bring me meals. 😁 Rest assured I will strictly observe the self isolation. I’m coming from a hotspot and don’t want to get ANYONE sick! Ill let you know how the visit goes. Please stay safe everyone! We need good people like you all to stay healthy!
  3. Good morning all, I have to go back and read through the last few days. I’ve taken an internet break, but when I saw that you were worried about the duct tape taking a turn on me I had to come and reassure you that so far we are al duct tape free! My mom has improved a lot. She is now up making dinner (yes, I’ve tried to take that job away from her but no go). They are now in good enough shape that if we can sort out a way for her to get groceries (reminder about her tech skills for those who will say “order online”) I think I can head home for now. We will work on that this week. @rjbean4 I did see your post. Thank you for the info and I’ll go check the captain’s blog for updates. I hope you all had an alright Easter in these strange times.
  4. Hi all, guess what? No new news! 😊 They did not stop on the way home but already my mom has said she is going out. So for all you who commented on me keeping them home, you are so right. I’m not as tough as our elders or FHP but I’ll keep them here! It’s my new job. If not I’ll call for backup. Thanks all and know if there are any developments I’ll make sure to let you know. You are all in my thoughts. Please stay safe!
  5. @rjbean4 thank you for posting those videos. I’ll show the one from the Amsterdam to the folks. I’m sure they will see familiar faces. And you were right about the tissues! Thanks all. so I went out for a few things today, mostly produce, and when I got home at 3:15 there was a message from 2:15 saying they will both be home in an hour. WHAT??? of course they are driving themselves home. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ll do my best to keep them safe... @PiperHolliday I’m very glad your husband has stopped flying. ❤️
  6. @seaoma, don’t panic, it’s good news! Their test results are back and they came up negative!!! Don’t worry folks, I know there are false negatives but I’m going to believe it and celebrate.🍾 They remain in the hospital as their heart rates seem to be stubbornly staying out of whack, but they sound good and besides being bored, are in good spirits. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. What else can I say? This is SUCH a great community. ❤️💕🙏 @Copper10-8 I passed on the message from Maria and Grazella (I hope Im spelling that correctly) to my mom. She was a little startled to say the least. When she asked I don’t think she was very hopeful of finding out, but she clearly does not yet appreciate your special powers. She was grateful for the message and so pleased to hear they were doing well. What a kindness you, once again, gave to my mom. ❤️ Here’s hoping this is the end to this roller coaster tale. Thanks for sticking with me y’all.
  7. @Copper10-8 you are like a miracle worker! Wow!!! Thank you so much for the info I’ll pass it on right away. now can you make this virus go away? still no results.
  8. @copper10-8 thank you, and know I totally understand if this is not possible. My mom was asking about the two wonderful women who work in the Neptune lounge. I believe they are servers or at least they have something to do with food because they very kindly helped Jim, who had difficulty with his walker, carry his plate. She told me their names and I think one was Maria but I’m sorry, I can’t remember the other one’s name. I’ll ask her when I speak to her today. Their kindness and consideration made their cruise so enjoyable. We spoke to the nursing station last night. They are both stable(ish -one being on O2 the other with some heart fluctuations) but still no covid test results.
  9. Thank you all. Still no test results. They are both up and down a bit. I promise to post with any news so no news IS good news. 😊 I told them about your thoughts and prayers. They were touched. I don’t suppose there is any way to find out how specific crew members are? My mom was worried about two of them in particular.
  10. Thank you everyone. Your thoughts, prayers and virtual hugs (thank you @Seasick Sailor) truly mean so much. @Caribbean Chris thank you for that information. I had no idea it was rated so highly. That’s very comforting and I can attest to the kindness of all the staff I’ve had contact with. With the stress levels in the hospitals I expected a two minute call with a nurse if that, but they have taken their time to make sure we have information and have assured us we are welcome to call if we have questions. Healthcare workers are heroes in my books. I don’t know if they are still doing it, but when my mom was in there last year for a hip replacement they played a lullaby each time a new baby was born. She loved that. I hope they are still doing it, in bad times it’s reassuring to know that new little ones are being born who may someday change our world for the better. I hope you know how grateful I am for this amazing community. Thank you all.
  11. @cat shepard no laughing matter indeed! Amen to that sister. When I think of the healthcare providers without PPE and the medical staff getting fired for trying to protect themselves and their patients I want to scream. When I think about those in New York, stuck in that density with each days exponential growth of cases I feel suffocated. And if I think too long about the massive number of deaths we have yet to face, and the lack of help for those in the worst shape I could really just give in and cry for days. I think we all need to find bright spots and find ways to keep up our spirits. The last thing we need is an massive increase in suicides and serious mental health challenges. I’m so sorry if you took my Door Dash comment as cavalier. I’m just trying to find “any port in a storm”. Much love and respect to you.
  12. @cat shepard Yes Ann, I’ll have to be insistent indeed. They have already told me regardless I don’t need to be tested and to only come to the hospital if I develop severe symptoms. Just assume I’m positive. So, no more groceries for me even with a mask. I’m staying put, no way I’m putting others at risk. On a positive note, when I run out of food I’m going to order from Door Dash!
  13. @rjbean4 I know. You and others in this thread worked so hard and got them home safely. Regardless of what happens I am so grateful for that. If they were on the ship or half way around the world you all would have to talk me down from trying to find a sympathetically millionaire to get me closer to them. They are here, I am grateful. @carolyn22 thank you for letting me know about this. I will make sure they have ruled that out. Also, nurse practitioners are amazing. They are my primary healthcare providers at home and my satisfaction with my healthcare has never been higher. We spoke to the nurse at SMH last night. They were both stable and having something to eat. I’m not sure that’s really any indication of how they are. I’ve read a study of people’s appetite staying at normal levels through covid, but it still gave me some comfort. So, here we are back on the roller coaster of ups and downs. I’ll try to only post major developments so there are fewer. Meanwhile, I am so glad the passengers from the Zaandam and Rotterdam are disembarking. I’ve had trouble keeping up with the details on that (at last glance) 122 page thread, but it seems there is a good ending there in terms of getting to land. Now my thoughts are with those who are ill and those who fear they may be. I tweeted our Prime Minister 2days ago with a full plan for taking them to Newfoundland Labrador with military assistance. It’s good they got off in Florida as I haven’t heard back. 🙃 And finally, masks. We should all be wearing one when around others. I know there is controversy about that but it is my firm belief. So Cherie and Ger, thank you again. I can also attest to regular elastic bands. I have an old N95 mask from over ten years ago and of course the elastic only lasted a few days. I am now putting it on with elastic bands when I have to be out getting groceries and since my mom got sick I’ve been wearing it in the house. So far so good. I wish you all a good day in our brave new world.
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