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  1. Is there a cutoff time to order an excursion through Royal online?
  2. Is there a cutoff time to order an excursion through Royal online?
  3. We are going on a cruise in october when is the best time to book a hotel for two nights downtown miami ? How far in advance?
  4. Which hotel would you recommend for a couple no children in early sixties. Is the Hampton Brickell near Bayside?
  5. Any recommendations for this hotel? which one would you choose and why?
  6. Are you still able to bid a price on priceline? I cannot find the website.
  7. Any recommendations for this hotel?
  8. What hotel would you recommend? Do you know anything about the OB Brickell? They have a great rate on hotwire.
  9. How is this hotel? Would you recommend it? Is it near restaurants and things to do?
  10. I had $250 worth of on board credit not realizing it was non refundable. Everyday I checked my balance on the TV and it was credited to my balance from my daily service charge. On debarkation day I received my bill and the OBC was added all back on to my bill. I have another cruise planned next year and wonder if the OBC can be credited to that cruise. Any suggestions?
  11. I just got off the Bliss this morning I was in cabin 10806 and I left a coach wristlet in the room. Does anyone know how I can contact the cruiseline to see if it was turned in to the lost & found?
  12. We are stopping in Port Canaveral can I buy some bottled water a bring it on the boat?
  13. I am wondering the same thing for Feb. 12th. on the Bliss in Cozumel.
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