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  1. I think you have to tip in cash or add to you room charge> i would probably tip in cash?
  2. Will I be able to make reservations online for all the dining venues for 8 people?
  3. Can you bring wine onboard?
  4. I was checking out what restaurants to book for my dining package and for leBistro it says reservations are not offered.Does anyone know why we can't make reservations on line? Do we have to wait to get on board? Last year I was able to make all my reservations online. has anything changed this year?
  5. Is there anything else needed beside your embarkation form and passport when you get on the ship?
  6. I wonder if you have the black card and the Aurea experience can you get 2 massages? One from the black card and one from Aurea?
  7. Where do you go when you get on board to make the appointment?
  8. When will the 2021 cruises be out for booking?
  9. What kind of massages are offered free with this experience? Also what do you wear when you go for the massage? Never had one before.
  10. I read you cannot bring your own hair blow dryer or electric rollers on the ship. Is this really true? Never had a problem on any other ship,
  11. Does anyone know what time we will be debarking on Oct. 18th.? It says 9:00 a.m. but that seems late. I would like to know what time to have a car service pick us?
  12. What restaurants can you go to when you have the four night specialty package? Also when can you make reservations online?
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