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  1. Yes! Love living vicariously thru your blog. Safe travels & have a wonderful cruise season
  2. Me too. Been checking for any new activity for a week or so. Love living (cruising) vicariously thru you.
  3. Weare 14 days out. Does your reservation change & show cabin number if/when assigned? I don’t suppose you get any kind of notification? I’m very curious where we end up. It’s almost like Christmas....
  4. Thanks for the map. I looked a while back & it appears as though delta is near KLM. No idea of gates yet, we’re 4 weeks out
  5. We’re flying from Venice to Amsterdam on KLM. Then getting on Delta to Seattle. Will we have to go thru security in Amsterdam too? I thought we’d go thru security in Venice & customs in Seattle.
  6. I’m one who usually alloys plenty of airport time. However, we are flying from Venice to Amsterdam on KLM to Delta. We only have 50 minutes btwn flights. (It was our only non stop option). How timely are departures in Venice? Distance btwn KLM & Delta at Amsterdam airport? Trying not to fret, it will be what it will be. But, hopefully we’ll be okay.
  7. So, best as I can tell - the best route would be take cash from a bank ATM in Europe (starting in Barcelona). Then, pay it immediately upon return, so no high interest on a "cash advance". One more question - do they exchange at all on the ship? Do many place take US currency? We are in Barcelona - Monte Carlo -Marsaille - Rome, Naples, Venice etc. Just wondering if there is even any need to bring much US money, except for our airport. Most of our excursions are pre-paid. So it's just eating when out & about, and buying gifts, etc.
  8. Which is better,,, get Euros here, or there? I’ve gone with my SIL a few times & she uses the machines in the airport. They both fly for Airlines & said it’s best. But I’ve read it’s not, Does anyone have good insight on this? Is it better to use a credit card for bigger purchases, meals, gifts, etc? I’ve mostly bought trinket & small stuff in the past (3-15 eu) and generally at street vendors.
  9. The ship is pretty full, so really no expecting an upgrade, at least not to a balcony. I’d love it....but probably not going to happen. Hoping to be in the vicinity of our group, but not a huge deal if not. I can find ‘em...they can’t get too far
  10. Thanks everyone, so far. Especially the pillow tip.
  11. The one thread that keeps getting resurrected is quite old. We are on the Oosterdam next month. I would love current information on the ship...any tips, current pricing for laundry (Europe), etc. Anything that might be helpful. How badly do the pillows suck...LOL. I can’t bring mine with. I have an unobstructed ocean view guarantee, so no specific cabin as of yet.
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