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  1. We did not have a cruise planned this year. Almost booked Panama Canal last fall, for this March. Very thankful that we did not. I am 60 & have RA, so compromised immune system, husband is 68, a cancer survivor & former smoker. We’re both pretty firmly in the high risk category. For me to cruise in Europe or the like again, I would want some kind of assurance that if something happens, it won’t be the cluster that this has been. How does that look? I’m not sure. Travel insurance? Guaranteed return to port of origin or final port destination? There has to be options that will cover it. If not, I’m not sure if I would cruise, especially half way around the world, again. We debated on a cruise in May 2021 for our 25th. Had already decided on Maui instead, with kids/grandkids. I’m hoping for a vaccine before then. No vaccine will likely be 100%, but I hedge my bets & get ‘em. I think if the cruise lines gave refunds if you’re sick, more people would be honest. As far as a visual exam from non-medical personal at check in? Big nope from me. We have allergies, I’m choking & sneezing, red eyes, etc right now. But I’m not contagious. A common cold should not be a reason to deny boarding (especially if no refund). Proof of vaccines would be great, maybe a dr note in situations like mine verifying I’ve been checked & cleared. There absolutely should be more stringent cleaning in place. No place setting pieces should be returned to usable without cleaning...that is gross!
  2. I also will miss your blog. I will likely never get to many of the places you’ve been, and so enjoyed reading about them. I looked forward to October & was sad when Feb/March came. I wish you well in the future, whatever it brings.
  3. Yes! Love living vicariously thru your blog. Safe travels & have a wonderful cruise season
  4. Me too. Been checking for any new activity for a week or so. Love living (cruising) vicariously thru you.
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