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  1. I applied for my refund a couple of weeks ago. I logged into my account a couple of times last week to see if the FCC disappeared and it was still there. Today, I tried to log in, I got this message: "You must be authenticated to access this page." Do they cancel the access to your account page when you ask for a refund?
  2. I never thought about taking a screen shot of the submission form. However, I did keep the email they sent in a safe place!
  3. My cancelled cruise letter said the soonest I could request a refund would be on June 8, and that a form would be available. Has anyone found the form on the NCL site? I looked all over for it. Do I have to contact them?
  4. I booked a cruise for 2 to Alaska which was cancelled. The total bill was well over $5500 and the final payment was made in February. The letter from Norwegian cancelling the cruise said "A future cruise credit in the amount of USD 2,526.42 has been issued to your account. To reflect our appreciation for your business, we will also provide you a BONUS credit of 25% in the amount of USD 631.61." I looked at my account, and the FCC was posted. Why would they only give me a FCC for one half the total cost of the trip? Why wouldn't they give a FCC for the total cost of the cruise for 2? Since they put this FCC on my account without me requesting or agreeing to it, will I still be able to request a refund for what I paid in total on June 8? It looks like they raised the Alaska cruise prices for next year, so not sure this FCC is that good of deal. LOL Thanks for any responses. This is very confusing to me.
  5. Ok, today I got my FCC notification. The friend going with me did not receive his. Both reservations were under my name and on my charge. Should we just wait and see if he gets one, or should I call Norwegian? Sorry for all the questions, but I have never been through this before. lol
  6. I got the identical emails you did. The FCC came today.
  7. Thanks for all the input! I have decided to go with the money. I can always rebook later once I see what is going to happen with the virus and with Norwegian. Now to deal with United Airines. Ugghhh They offered a travel voucher that has to be used within a year from canceling. Guess I will have to check with the insurance I took out on the flight and see what they say. It is so much easier when they take your money, but play heck trying to get it back. lol
  8. I was scheduled to leave for Alaska on July 4, from Seattle on Norwegian. I received notification today that all cruises were cancelled until July 31, 2020. They offered a 125% refund of the fare paid in the form of a future cruise credit, which can be applied toward any cruise through December 31, 2022. Is it wise to rebook or is it better to take the cash refund? I have never had to do this before, so I am reaching out for advise. I still hear the talk about them possibly going bankrupt. I sure can't afford to lose that money. Thanks in advance for all your input!
  9. I am scheduled to leave on the Norwegian Joy on July 4 out of Seattle. I am a little hesitant after seeing other cruise lines cancel the Alaska cruises until 2021. As of right now, I am going to wait to see if Norwegian cancels. I guess I am hesitant because it is one of the first cruises out of Seattle and not certain it is going to be that safe with this pandemic. I keep reading that the port of Seattle is closed indefinately, and the ports in Canada are closed tentatively until July 1. If I cancel, I am also hesitant about taking a voucher after hearing Norwegian talking about bankrupcy. Not certain what I should do. LOL Guess I will have to wait it out and see what Norwegian decides.
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