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  1. The part that's confusing me is that I thought I've read posts in other threads saying the entire 24 day Athens-Mumbai cruise has been canceled (even though this isn't yet reflected on the website). Is that incorrect?
  2. And while I've decided I'm okay with cruising right now, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be okay with spending time in Florida this winter! 😉
  3. Nope, there's actually nothing funny about it, @cece50. Even for those of us who have decided to travel under current conditions, Covid makes us pause and think about unpleasant "what if…" scenarios, and to decide "let's go for it" knowing there are calculated risks we're taking. And even though most people on SS cruises have described no problems and wonderful times, we can't push entirely out of our minds the knowledge that there are a small number of people who have tested positive just before leaving home, and a very few who have flown to another country, tested positive upon arrival, and had all their travel plans upended.
  4. I thought you just paid a nice tribute to Norm Macdonald, but I now think this was the sign-off line of the similarly dry and sarcastic Colin Quinn, not Macdonald. 😉
  5. @rkacruiser When I wrote "the equation is whether the stress is greater than or less than the joy of being at sea again", I absolutely meant that each individual must decide which factor is larger for them. To me, it's something of a hassle to jump through the hoops of international travel today. But I like travel planning in normal times, and I've chosen to view these days as travel planning on steroids. I believe that my pleasure at being on a cruise will exceed to annoyance of the planning and hoop-jumping. But I understand when someone else looks at the same equation and decides no, it isn't worth the hassles and risk and worries to get on a cruise. There's no right or wrong answer, and each of us can look at the same set of information and reach different conclusions. As for wearing a mask at times on a cruise, I don't perceive it to be a problem. I feel it's really no different than life at home. I don't wear a mask in my house or my car; I do put on a mask walking into a store, or a restaurant until I am seated. On a cruise, if I need to wear a mask walking down a corridor or in an elevator, when I walk into a restaurant, or when I'm on a bus, that seems very similar to me. Of course, we'd all prefer to not have any masks in our lives, but Covid is going to be with us in some form for some time, and it seems, so will mask-wearing around others. Would I rather stay home and wear a mask entering a restaurant or bask on a cruise ship and wear a mask entering a restaurant? Perhaps I'll feel differently after my upcoming cruise, but my perception from the reports of cruisers over the past few months is that I won't be wearing a mask for most of each day, and therefore wearing a mask at the times when I'm required to do so will not detract from my cruise experience. For anyone who currently doesn't go out much to work, stores, restaurants, etc. and therefore doesn't wear a mask very often, I understand that you may feel differently regarding going on a cruise.
  6. When it comes to booking flights or hotels, I'd caution against trying to keep up with the legal wrangling in the courts, because you might miss seeing some ruling or understand how it's being enforced and reach an incorrect conclusion. All that matters is what the cruise line says it is doing. In this case, I'd check with Silversea to confirm that they still as of now intend to depart from San Juan and end in Ft. Lauderdale. (As we see almost daily on this forum, there are sometimes changes planned or in the works which have not yet been updated on the website.) Next, you might consider requesting a quote from Silversea Air for your plane tickets. If it's reasonably close to what you could book on your own, then doing it through Silversea will cover you completely if they end up moving the point of embarkation or disembarkation. If you can't get a competitive price from SS, or if you're trying to use points, then you have to plunge ahead and hope that SS will cover your flight change costs if they make a last-minute change. (In normal times, I would say they would; these, however, aren't normal times, so while I think it's likely, I don't think it's certain.) Similarly, for your hotels, if at possible, try to book at a hotel which allows you to cancel without cost. Most U.S. hotels will let you cancel within one or a few days of your scheduled arrival.
  7. And whatever is the case today may not be the case tomorrow! Such is the state of cruising at this time. We're going on a Seabourn cruise in the Caribbean in abut 10 days. We had one port of call dropped, then replaced with another about a month ago. Just this week, we were notified that a different port of call was being dropped. The local conditions continue to evolve, and the governments are re-writing their rules and protocols all the time. I don't think you can be confident that today's itinerary for a cruise 10 weeks away will remain unchanged, and I don't think anyone can tell you with certainty. If concern over itinerary changes is significant for you, you might be better canceling when you can, and waiting for the waters to be calmer sometime in the future. If you're okay rolling with whatever changes come along, then you'll likely have an enjoyable cruise.
  8. @Sunviking Exactly, on all counts! The Silversea Moon and the Wind should be different experiences, with the Moon more comparable to the Quest. As you say, the Wind will have fewer bells & whistles, particularly in the way of entertainment, but our one expedition experience on the Wind's sister ship, the Cloud, sold us that we didn't need it for this type of itinerary. With apologies to the hard-working Seabourn signers and dancers, if I can trade them for penguins and icebergs, I'm happy to make that trade (for this particular trip). 😉 We're on the holiday Wind cruise, so we're just keeping our fingers crossed that there won't be any new roadblocks and we'll be able to go. See you onboard, I hope!
  9. @Travels with Lisa Yay for finding a place to get your test, and not having to cancel your cruise over this! 🙂
  10. So is the 24 day cruise Athens to Mumbai also going to be canceled? That's what I thought other passengers booked on the November 24 cruise have reported. If that's what's in the works, but it just hasn't posted to the website yet, then it seems once things get fully in sync there's no major foul or reason for complaint about the cancellation of the 10-day Athens to Aqaba cruise. That is, it will be like the hundreds of other cruises canceled during the pandemic. (But disappointment? Yes, of course! 😉 ) But if the full 24-day cruise is actually happening, and they bumped people who were only on the first 10-day segment in order to sell more cabins for the full 24 days, that's something I'm not aware of happening, and would be pretty egregious. (Customers have been bumped due to a ship being chartered, but this sounds different.)
  11. There's no indication they read the CC forum. I suggest instead sending a message to the office of the president making this exact case. My guess is that they've been trying to hold the line, but as they've needed to keep canceling additional cruises, now into 2022, it would seem they really should push back the deadline for all, or perhaps for those with over a certain dollar amount in FCC. I think the more customers who contact Seabourn directly about this issue, the better the chance that they will make a policy change.
  12. It's called Test Now and Go. It's a division of Genetworx, which is a major testing lab based in Maryland. They have a location in New York City and one outside of Philadelphia in Malvern. The cost for the PCR test is $100 in Pennsylvania. They promise results in under 24 hours. Making an appointment and pre-paying for the test online was fast and simple. I can't vouch for the results until we go there next week!
  13. That's the "problem" when you have an outstanding travel experience, isn't it? You want to go back for more, but you don't know if it will disappoint i because it doesn't quit measure up to the original experience. May we all be fortunate enough to be faced with such problems! 😉
  14. Where are you located? Where are you flying through? If Miami, if you can adjust your connecting flight to have time, there are several sites which do PCR tests with rapid results. I haven't looked into them, but this one near the airport promises results in 30 minutes.
  15. So they replaced an 11-day cruise with a 24-day cruise? Where was your port of disembarkation supposed to have been?
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