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  1. As I said, Many hotels who have also Been hit hard during this pandemic have refunded money even though rates were ‘non refundable.’ Businesses have flexibility to contradict their policies. They do it all the time. Sometimes It’s just the right thing to do in many cases.
  2. Please try not to judge others so harshly. As I said, sympathy and empathy are becoming traits
  3. To the person who took issue with my use of the term elderly - a lot can change in a year or two for people in their 70’s and 80’s. And in fact, one of them already has a significant health issue since the trip was cancelled. And to the person who takes issue with a person on a fixed income taking an expensive trip. One could argue that a trip of a lifetime to see part of the world new to them with their elderly siblings is a great use of money.
  4. My mother’s fixed income is anything g but sizable. and I said “I” would not cruise with them. If that is my mother’s only choice - a credit - I hope she can use it when this pandemic is over. Sadly, One of her travel companions likely won’t be able to due to health Issues. I understand business have policies. Having flexibility during challenging times is good customer service. Those are the companies I would choose to deal with. I would also ask this - anyone can disagree with my opinion on this in a respectful manner. But no one has to be nasty. You can have a little sympat
  5. So I do understand the legal aspect of it. I am asking Oceania to do the right thing, the ethical thing. We had hotel reservations for the same timeframe and we had to cancel. Some hotels just did the right and didn’t hesitate to give us a refund on our credit card thing even though we had non refundable rates. Those hotels we would go back to. they recognize that these are extenuating circumstances - a global pandemic - and show sympathy for their customers and good customer service. The ones who did not, we will no longer patronize. Oceania is in a much better position to a
  6. My elderly mother was scheduled for the trip of a lifetime in March - a 3 week Oceania cruise around South America scheduled to depart on March 15, 2020 - with her 2 siblings and her brother-in-law. She is on a fixed income so this was a significant expense. They flew to Lima, Peru the week before but quickly realized the rapidly evolving pandemic situation was making travel unsafe - particularly for their elderly group and one of them being particularly immune compromised. So they cancelled the cruise and made arrangements to fly out of Lima on March 15th - Sunday night, around 11pm. By Monda
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