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  1. Here's a pickpocket story for you: In 2001, days before 9/11, we had a Princess cruise to Barcelona. Both as a lecturer and entertainer, they had Bob Arno, a world-renowned pickpocket expert aboard. We learned how to spot and deal with pickpockets. We were targeted four times in four hours on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, that we dealt with successfully, but stressfully. Fast forward to 2005 for a ten-day stay in Buenos Aires. I was on guard almost the entire time. I was confident I had the skills to prevent my pocket being picked and had no incidents. But that was until I went into
  2. Yes, I can see how flights could be challenging. For our Antarctic expeditions, we are required to fly into Buenos Aires at least the day before. The following day there is a charter flight to Ushuaia. We are fortunate that we live in the New York metropolitan area and can get a non-stop to Buenos Aires. But those people not near a major hub, also have to fly to one first, and sometimes even that requires two legs. I guess it is the price we pay for journeying to the far ends of the world. We decided to fly into Buenos Aires three days ahead.
  3. Thank you for posting this informative article. I am trying to be optimistic. The stats are not great, but are getting better. Since my post nine days ago: Averaging 359,000 shots a day. 46.7% at least one dose. New infections at 46% of peak and falling. https://graphics.reuters.com/world-coronavirus-tracker-and-maps/countries-and-territories/argentina/ https://graphics.reuters.com/world-coronavirus-tracker-and-maps/vaccination-rollout-and-access/ A kit can improve in six months. Think about where the United States was six month
  4. Covid Update for Argentina: Averaging 322,000 shots a day. 40.6% at least one dose. New infections at 55% of peak and falling.
  5. Firefox on a PC is working now for My Viking Journey.
  6. True. But you would need a sizable number of people refusing. Even if every CC member refused, it would hardly make a dent. Itineraries we are booked on are either sold out or almost sold out up to two years in advance. The company would have no problem filling those cabins. Those of us who are planning once in a lifetime trips, such as to Antarctica or the Nile, would sure hate to lose one of those coveted spots. I have been successful in negotiating down to six months, but I doubt I could get another extension.
  7. Latest Covid status for Argentina: Over the last week, the country has averaged about 250,275 vaccines administered a day, and new infections are at 58% of the previous peak and falling.
  8. Depending on your cabin category, the ability to begin signing up for the activities occurs about three months prior to departure. The only contact I have had from Viking is a reminder that our final payment is due on June 30 for our January 2022 sailing. The email tells me to go to My Viking Journey, but when I go there, the site is still under construction. And, an update to my previous post: Doing my own math and assuming: 75% of the population is over age 14, Every eligible person gets the vaccine, And the vaccination rate stays the same,
  9. As of today, all Viking Expedition cruises to Antarctica for January and February 2022 are sold out in all categories. Our final payment date of June 30 is approaching. Until today, I have been very discouraged about the number of Covid-19 cases and low vaccination rates in Argentina. However, today I am encouraged. About two weeks ago, Argentina was administering about 150,000 doses a day. Over the last week, the country has averaged about 315,000 doses a day, and new infections are at 74% of the previous peak and falling. It is estimated that about 18% of the populati
  10. Because we have two cruises book, I was fortunately successful in getting the final payment date moved to six months prior for the inaugural Viking Expeditions cruise to Antarctica in January 2022. Because of the extremely high Covid-19 and low vaccination rates in Argentina, it is anybody's guess whether this cruise will be a go. In fact, My Viking Journey is still "Coming Soon", as it has for the past six months, for this cruise. "My Viking Journey is currently unavailable as we put the finishing touches on your voyage." This expedition cruise is sold out and we con
  11. Oh, absolutely. We will be in Buenos Aires for three days prior to the official start date. We have been to BA twice before. Great culinary and culture. If you have time, Iguazu Falls is a must. If you could only go to one place on a trip to South America, it would be worth it just for Iguazu. Tip: Stay at the Hotel Gran Meliá Iguazú, formerly the Sheraton. It is the only hotel inside the national park. As the park has opening and closing times, you are already inside the park in case you want to go for an early morning or evening stroll. The park is empty then except for those sta
  12. Although these photos are from December 22, it shows the float-out of the Octantis. I would have posted them earlier, but honestly, I just came across them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Below, notice the large window just to the right and above the anchor. According to the deck plan, it is called "The Hive." Based on its location just forward of the crew cabins on deck 1, I imagine this may be the crew lounge.
  13. Last evening, Krys and I watched this video posted on viking.tv. It is certainly worthwhile for anyone taking or even considering the possibility of taking a Viking Expeditions journey. And, it is not just about the Arctic and Antarctica despite the title. Enjoy.
  14. Nice to hear from you. From what I have heard from others, it is not as cold as one would imagine in Antarctica in its summer. Temperatures can reach to a high of about 60 F or 15 C in the peninsula where the ships explore. No guarantees, of course.
  15. Viking keeps sending emails asking me to complete the Guest Information Form and asks me to go to My Vikings Journey to update it. However, whenever I log in to complete the form, I see a notice: "Coming Soon. My Viking Journey is currently unavailable as we put the finishing touches on your voyage." Anyone else having these issues? Thanks.
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