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  1. What do you expect Frank to say? The truth? That they have eliminated most of their shoreside staff? That their agents are now international agents? That they wiped out an entire management level because “they couldn’t afford to pay them”?? I wouldn’t read anything into what he says.
  2. I’ve said it since COVID began. They will be bought out. Internally they are a mess. Eliminating an entire line of management that were told they couldn’t afford to keep that structure? If you think the phone lines were a mess before, it will only get worse. FDR isn’t going to make a video telling you this
  3. @mpk NCL shoreside has continued to pare down their staff. The latest move was to eliminate a line of management for their reservation agents. It was already a mess can’t imagine it now. Those supervisors who had their positions eliminated were told it was for financial reasons. I’ve said it from day one, NCL will be the first one gone
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