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  1. Got my refund deposited into my bank account 20 days after requesting a refund. Not bad at all.
  2. PGC has cancelled our 6/16 cruise AND the following cruises: · June 26, 2021 · July 03, 2021 · July 10, 2021 · July 17, 2021 · July 28, 2021 · August 07, 2021 · August 14, 2021 · August 21, 2021 "... We sincerely apologize that your sailing is no longer available and would like to offer you a Future Cruise Credit for the payment we have on file, plus an additional goodwill gesture of a 20% discount calculated against the payment on file. This offer is valid for
  3. Your reply is very helpful, kyriecat. Thanks much. Our cruise is on June 16th this year, and if PG cancels it, we will have to do the same as you did.
  4. kyriecat, please tell how you contacted PGC and what did you tell them? Thanks
  5. As of 3/4/2021, Tahiti authorities have decided to temporarily suspend travel to French Polynesia including for tourists from all origins until further notice. PG Cruises has no update to their Travel Advisory - no cruises thru 6/5/2021. Still hoping that their 6/15 cruise will happen.
  6. PGC has now stopped cruising thru and including 6/5/2021. The 6/16/2021 cruise is currently still on.
  7. Huchinj, thanks much for the info...
  8. Does anyone have a copy of the cruise contract from 2019 (before Ponant bought PGC)?? Or can someone provide the verbiage pertaining to the part if they cancel the cruise?
  9. Does anyone know about the 5/22/2021 cruise?
  10. Thanks Tahitianbigkahun I hope that they will start cruising again in May.
  11. If I may ask, how did you start the refund process? I have checked the other thread re PGCruises refunds. You are the only person saying to get a refund. Others claimed they were getting refunds, but none actually posted that they received a refund.
  12. Thanks, I saw that document. I was wandering when the next one might come out.
  13. I'm booked on the June 16th PGCruises FP cruise. Is there a Ponant site I can check to see if this cruise has been cancelled? Or will you post a new Ponant document?
  14. I was originally booked on the Jun 2020 cruise, PGC has had my deposit since 8/28 and my full payment since March of 2020. I paid over US21000. My Canadian TA talked me into re-booking on on the July cruise, then Oct. 2020 cruise. and then again on the June 2021 cruise. The TA told me that as long as I re-booked 31 days I would not loose anything and just pay the increased cruising cost. The TA has told me all refund request were denied by Paul Gaugin. How did you all go about requesting a refund. 1. Do I have to wait for the cruise to be cancelled and NOT
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