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  1. Besides the shorty wetsuits that Silversea's provides, someone suggested we get thermal swim tops and swim pants as well to wear under the shorty wetsuit. Has anyone done that and where did you buy your thermal swim top/bottoms? I am pretty thin, so I get cold quickly but don't want to miss out on seeing everything and want to be able to stay in the water for long periods of time snorkeling. Thanks
  2. Wow! Thanks for the info! We’re super excited to go. Our cruise is for October and both of us have been vaccinated. I truly hope things continue to get better with the pandemic! Thanks again:)
  3. Thanks a bunch for the insight!
  4. We are thinking of booking with Silversea for October going to the Galapagos. Anyone been that time of year? Wondering how cold the water is and if I need to pack at least a shorty wetsuit or if Silversea's has wetsuits to use if needed. Also anyone aware of the current requirements to get into/out of Ecuador as far as COVID?? I saw somewhere that to come back into the US from Ecuador we would need a negative test within a few days prior to our return. Where in Ecuador would we get a test done and results within 24hrs or less? Any idea's? Really looking forward to going somewhere!! Thank
  5. We are planning to book Silversea Origin for a cruise in October. Anyone know what city we fly into and out of from the US? Weather in October? What to wear? Should we fly in a day before the cruise? Where to get Covid test that’s required to come back to the US from Ecuador? Sorry for all the questions. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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