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  1. We're doing the Danube Explorer with Emerald. Very excited - my wife and I have been talking about a Danube river cruise for quite a few years. Hopefully Covid doesn't delay our plans.
  2. I thought people might be interested in where I came out on this. I ended up passing on the 10% discount. As a result, we have "only" our $500 (for two people) deposit at-risk. I bought trip insurance, including 75% CAFR. We're just about exactly one year out from our trip at this point, so I'll probably go ahead and book our flights on that assumption that they're more likely to go up in price in the coming months than come down in price.
  3. This isn't specific to river cruising, but I would assume (with all the associated dangers) that river cruising is experiencing the same type of resurgence. Now that vaccines are ramping up, people are eager to begin to book cruises. Royal Caribbean's stock is up 30% over the last week (thankfully, as I'm a shareholder) amidst news that bookings are up significantly - and many other publicly-traded cruise operators are surging in the same manner. Certainly all of this is very early, but I think it bodes well for those of us hoping for both vacations and the financial health of t
  4. I guess the real question is: what does it look like between now and 2024. Is he (or others) thinking that quarantine will be required for the next 3 years? Or just that we might be required to wear masks? Or just that people are slow to adopt a mindset that it's safe to travel and so it takes time for travel to return to pre-pandemic levels? It seems to me that we face a fork in the road here in 2021 and nobody can really know which direction things go. The good path is that vaccines become more widely available and used, cases and deaths go down, and life starts to get closer
  5. Not at all - you're projecting that onto me. I think it would be more accurate to say that I hadn't given supplier default any thought but, based on concerns voiced on this forum, I've decided to explore it a bit. I'm still booked (for April 2022) but I want to consider whether I make full payment in April 2021 and avail myself of the discount, or wait until January 2022 and pay the normal fare.
  6. Yeah, I was worried about that. I tried looking for information on Scenic (the owner of Emerald, with whom I've booked a trip) and all I could find is some nonrated debt they issued in 2018 - but no details that would say anything about creditworthiness.
  7. I'm new here, so if this is out of bounds, please forgive me, chastise me, and moderate my post as needed 😉 My first post yesterday dealt with paying for my cruise well in advance (1 year) in order to get a discount. Several folks expressed reservations about that. I was appreciative of that perspective/advice and I'm currently thinking (I have until early April) about whether I want to pay early and get that early-pay discount or not. In addition, I saw a post in another thread that speculated upon whether a certain cruise operator would remain a going concern over the next year or so.
  8. With Emerald, I've already confirmed that I can pay via credit card so I have no issue in that regard. The sole issue at this point seems to be whether my cc provider will cover a default by the provider and how long that look-back is.
  9. Yes he is, and a super nice guy. We spoke for a full hour today and he helped me sort through a ton of information and options. I have a few more pieces to figure out (such as my credit card coverage, for whom I'm on hold now), but I'll certainly be using Steve's services to buy a policy.
  10. Thank you, Coral. I've reached out (to Steve, a sponsor on this forum) about Supplier Default coverage - we've exchanged emails and are scheduled to speak by phone today. This issue is my new #1 priority and I very much appreciate everybody highlighting it for me. As it is now, all we have down is the relatively small $500 deposit for the two of us.
  11. Thank you for the comments and for a few other things to consider. I hadn't thought of the risk that a company goes under. I think the first thing to do would be to contact my credit card provider that I'll be using to pay for the cruise - they might provide protection. Jazzbeau - does your TA have those concerns about all cruises, or just Scenic/Emerald in particular? I'm a little less worried about the Covid thing. Even if we find we're uncomfortable in April 2022, we can cancel 90+ days ahead and use what we've paid towards a trip anytime in the following 24 months. Since
  12. Hello everyone- First time poster, and looking forward to our first river cruise. My wife and I will be celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2022 and we've been talking about a European river cruise for years. With some big incentive pricing from Emerald (Super Earlybird pricing) we finally decided to go ahead and book. We put our deposit down and intend to pay in advance to save the additional 10%. One item that I asked about specifically is the guarantee mentioned in the article on this site: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2256 In 2017, Emerald Wate
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