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  1. Agreed, smoking should be banned in the casinos! Does anyone have any statistics on smoker/gambler demographics over time? I feel that the percentage of gamblers who smoke may have slowly declined over the past 5 years or so, and I'm optimistic that we may eventually reach a point where Royal will actually make more in casino profits by banning smoking.
  2. I would wait for official communication from Royal before making any decision involving large sums of money to be put down. If you do correspond with a representative, make sure to get things in writing.
  3. Article: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/17/cdc-eases-warning-for-cruises-and-recommends-only-fully-vaccinated-travel.html Source Material: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/covid-3/coronavirus-cruise-ship The CDC lowered the COVID-19 risk level of cruising from "Level 4: Very High" to "Level 3: High". The CDC has also recommended that people who are not fully vaccinated avoid travel on cruise ships. This is overall great news for the industry, and I believe the CDC is moving in the right direction by (finally 🙄) easing travel restrictions for fully vaccinated folk. Hope to see more positive news for cruising in the coming weeks! 🚢
  4. Agreed, this is the delusional version of US cruising restart that the anti-vax crowds are pushing. A lot of the logic I saw when the positives happened on Millennium was "oh, obviously vaccines don't work, so let's just have cruising be free-for-all".
  5. If you are afraid to get the vaccine, then please don't get the vaccine, and don't discuss it.
  6. Let me know if Michael Bayley's explanation of Royal's current vaccine policies is still confusing. One of my posts directly quotes a post he made on June 10, which is the most up-to-date stuff we have to work with. It's still tough to get a definitive answer because everything could change a week from now. We just don't know. I haven't read much into how other cruise lines are approaching vaccines for their guests. You might find better and more accurate information in those forums (e.g., Carnival and Norwegian).
  7. This is slightly misleading and not helpful for OP. Ports in Seattle, Galveston, and Bayonne will all sail with the requirement for fully vaccinated guests with the exception of any kids who are not age eligible for the vaccines (12 and up will need to be fully vaccinated after August 1). Florida ports require the vaccine if guests want to avoid "testing and additional health protocols which will be at their expense". These are the most up-to-date policies per the President and CEO of RCI. See my post directly quoting him for more precise language.
  8. The following is quoted from Michael Bayley's legitimate Facebook account. He is the President and CEO of RCI. This information is current as of June 10 (5 days ago). Please keep in mind that this may very well change. "Hi, I have read many different narratives on our vaccine policy and I thought I would clarify the current policy. It is complicated as we navigate through different laws and regulations by state and country and region. One guarantee is whatever the policy is today, it will evolve and change. 1. Our crew will be fully vaccinated on the entire Royal fleet and we are working succesfully to achieve that. 2. For guests sailing on Adventure from the Bahamas. Anthem from Southampton. Jewel from Cyprus, Serenade from Seattle. Ovation from Seattle. Independence from Galveston. Harmony from Barcelona and hopefully Oasis from Bayonne all will sail with the requirement for fully vaccinated guests with the exception of any kids who are not age eligible for vaccines. (12 and up in the USA after August 1st). Kids will be required to be tested and subject to health protocols and there will be no additional charges for any testing etc for the kids. For Freedom, Odyssey, Allure, Symphony and Mariner sailing out of Florida ports in July and August we are strongly recommending all guests eligible for vaccines are fully vaccinated. We expect approximately 90 per cent of our guests will be vaccinated. Guests who choose not to be vaccinated or not willing to verify vaccination will be subject to testing and additional health protocols which will be at their expense. Kids not eligible for vaccines (under 12 from August 1) who sail will be required to be tested and subject to health protocols and there will be no additional charges. 3. For Quantum sailing out of Singapore since last November we operate under the Royal health protocols and guidance from the Singapore government using testing and health protocols. To date over 75,000 guests have sailed successfully onboard Quantum. Hope that helps ! My only request is please share your opinion or comments in a polite way. If you could read some messages I have received ! Its scary !"
  9. Look at what they're doing in the Caribbean. The CDC has no bearing on what cruise lines do out there. Cruise lines have beat the CDC to the punch when it comes to requiring vaccines for them to be able to do business safely. Norwegian especially led this charge. The CDC requirements also do offer cruise lines a choice. There are two paths to restarting cruises in the US. If we are going to discuss choices, then let's also discuss the hypocrisy of DeSantis's "vaccine passport" law. Also, laws prevent businesses in food services from doing certain dirty practices. Going completely off the rails and allowing businesses to run under zero regulations is also not a viable solution the same way strangling them with arbitrary bureaucracy is.
  10. So, if we have no idea how long protection lasts from the "so called vaccine" or natural infection, then what is your proposed plan on how the US should restart cruising safely and normally? If it involves opening the floodgates and allowing cruises with zero restrictions starting today, then I think you're living on a different island of reality from the rest of us.
  11. Of course I don't mean it literally when I say "hand over" 😂 Yes, you are correct that the feds can confirm providers/vaccines with scanned copies or the digital medium of your choice.
  12. Glad that we agree that even if Royal was starting to "question the vaccines", it is not to a significant degree. Your point about how Royal may react to fake vaccine cards is interesting, and I'm inclined to agree that they may very well keep this swept under the rug because not enough "damage" was done to anybody. Although unconfirmed, I heard a rumor that after the captain announced the positives onboard, masking protocols and other restrictions were imposed for the rest of the passengers for the rest of the journey. So, maybe enough "damage" was done to warrant further investigation and a press release. Although I agree that Royal will have to tread carefully if they choose to pursue the issue, I believe it won't be difficult to do so. They can simply hand over the cards to the feds/CDC for inspection (assuming the two positives are American passengers). The feds would be very interested in a possible case of a federal crime being committed. At that point, Royal being sued would be at the bottom of the fakers' worries. I don't believe Royal will face much of a PR problem for demanding cards that they didn't verify. Royal will most certainly issue some form of punishment against the fake cardholders in the form of a lifetime ban. It sends the message that, "yeah, go ahead and fake the cards all you want, but be prepared for the consequences from us and from the feds if anything prompts us to start checking cards". It's easier to check/submit 2 cards than ~600.
  13. Let's say that you are correct that RCG is starting to "question vaccines". How is this significant in any capacity? As far as I can tell, fully vaccinated cruises will continue sailing in a normalized (pre-COVID) manner. RCG has yet to make an announcement that ships from Caribbean homeports will no longer require the vaccine for those 16 and up (12+ starting in August). Full disclaimer, we still have yet to learn more information surrounding the positive tests. Were they false positives? Were these people actually fully vaccinated, or did they pull off a "here's my card but please don't actually look at the numbers/dates"? What will RCG's official response to this situation be in terms of changing their health protocols moving forward? If I had to bet money, I highly doubt that this is a precursor to RCG making vaccines completely optional. If an unmasked, fully vaccinated cruise at 30% capacity yielded two positive tests, how many would an unmasked, vaccine-optional cruise at higher capacities yield?
  14. You're right! Even better, we can make him less scary by getting this thing called a vaccine! 👍
  15. https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-b/news/6174/ It's a regular revenue cruise, and it's the first one with a homeport in the Caribbean. Test cruises will only be coming out of US homeports per the CDC's CSO. The same ship will have its second Caribbean itinerary in two days.
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