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  1. But Chrismo1 has answered the question. So its a no go.
  2. I think the Icebar closed many years ago unless it has reopened without my knowledge. Have you checked the reviews on TripAdvisor for the busses, they go from okay to very bad 🙂
  3. Your ship will be the only one in port so it should be easy to get a taxi.
  4. Yes there will also be minivan at Oceankaj, but the wait depends on how many ships there are and what time of the day it is. A regular taxi to the airport should cost around 350-400 kroner so add 50-100 kroner for a minivan. So tell me the date and ship and I can see how busy it will be.
  5. Its very close to the airport so I don't know if the taxis are waiting here AOF at the airport but I'm sure that the reception will call one for you. From the airport to Oceankaj you are probably looking at 350-400 kroner depending on if it's a weekend or normal day.
  6. Jeans will be perfectly fine. Even long shorts on a hot summer day will not cause you any problem.
  7. You have to buy a 7 zone ticket valid from Hellerup. It costs 76 kroner one way, so 152 in total. But you can't but a return so in Copenhagen you have to go to a manned ticket sale to get a ticket valid from Hellerup. From Hillerød you can just use the ticket machines.
  8. Yes there is but I have to make a more detailed description I will make one tonight when I get home.
  9. Well 27 stops at Søndre Frihavn a few 100 meters from the Little Mermaid. Just so you don’t expect to be dropped off infront of it.
  10. Yes the small one is for zone 1 to 4, so its good for the airport, cruise terminals, downtown and Frederiksberg if youbwa t to visit the zoo. For Frederiksborg Palace in Hillerød you need the big one.
  11. A) I am not sure how these busses runs, but yes 11 seems very late, have you visited their websites? As I understand they run a shuttle between Oceankaj and The Little Mermaid and the you change to the regular lines from there. It might have changed but this is what other member has reported. B) I'm not from Copenhagen and when I visit the town all the bikers scares me 🙂 Not really but there are many unwriten laws when biking in Copenhagen and they are not afraid to tell you if you do something wrong. Also they drive very fast, remember they are commuters. So if you are an unexperienced biker it won't probably be a solution and its also a long trip from Oceankaj and the first part is in a industrial area with many trucks etc. But if I haven't scared you of trying it then its possible to rent these city bikes at Oceankaj. C) nothing to worry about here except for the price 🙂 D) that is very easy to do, go to my Wonderful Copenhagen thread for information.
  12. If you want to be sure you can get a 24 hour ticket on your phone for Copenhagen. https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/find-og-koeb-billet/periodebilletter/city-pass-english/ But I'm suspecting that places that have lots of visitors are able to take the non pin cards but else the above solution would be better. Remember that americans has almost as many visitors as the British and is now the 6th largest contributer of tourists to Denmark and I think that most of these comes to Copenhagen. So tourist sites are well aware that americans has some special credit cards. I work in a big chain store and our machines are able to use both the swipe fuction and the signature option and we are not located in a tourist area But small kiosks and ships are maybe not able to help you because they pay more to the provider if they will be able to accept more than the usual Visa Dankort, Visa and Mastercard.
  13. Most sidewalks are made of something called fliser. When I translate it, it becomes tiles instead, does that sound right? Anyway, fliser is some of stones carved into square pieces some 50x50 centimeters or something like that. So its very flat and very easy to walk on. You can walk into cobblestones in driveways etc but not that many places.
  14. In Copenhagen you need cash in the bus, but not more than a 100 or 200 note. At Oceankaj its possible to buy tickets at the information booth between terminal 1 and 2.
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