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  1. And you know what, next year it doesn't matter at all because I would assume that the shuttle busses to Oceankaj will then run to and from the new metro station at Orientkaj 🙂
  2. Okay there seems to be a little bit of confusion about the elevators. There are elevators to all the platforms, so to all tracks. On the left towards the new metro station there is a ramp to access the bridge. But towards the bus stop there was until a few weeks ago not an elevator. It has been under construction for a very long time and I don't know how it took so long to get it done. But now it is done and should be working proberly. All these elevators has been installed as this bridge will work as a back entrance to the new metro platform and that is the reason why they have first been installed now. The "problem" has been that the ones to the platforms has been operating for a few years now and they have somehow waited to install the last one until the very last minute. That the opening of the metro has then been delayed a few months is another thing 🙂
  3. But now the elevator is in service, just so that is clear. So no stairs unless you want to. 🙂
  4. @tnga. It is possible to take public transport without to much of a hustle. Take the airport train towards Helsingør or Nivå and get off at Østerport. Here you follow the route i took in the pictures a few post back. Now the real difference is that only 27 stops at Pakhusvej just 100 meters from the door. 26 towards Færge terminal Søndre Frihavn stops at Søndre Frihavn (Kalkbrænderihavnsgade) 400 meters away and the 26 to Søndre Frihavn - Indiakaj stops at Søndre Frihavn (Indiakaj) some 500 meters away. I don't know why the 26 to Færge terminal Søndre Frihavn doesn't stop at Pakhusvej (it does the other way) so to be sure just take bus 27. On the way to the cruise ship you just take bus 27 to Oceankaj from the Pakhusvej bus stop. Another solution is to take 1 or 2 persons with the luggage on a taxi and let the rest of the crew take the bus and train without the luggage.
  5. You seem to miss the point with the working elevator 🙂 The main hall is currently closed because of renovation but will open sometimes this summer. But using the main hall would be a huge detour unless you plan on cathing the 25 bus instead. The pedestrian bridge only leads to the 26 and 27 busses.
  6. You need a 2 zone ticket that costs 25 kroner. I haven't seen a ATM at Langeliniekaj so you will probably need to get some Danish kroners from your local bank or onboard the ship (but that is most likely way more expensive)
  7. No Danish kroners and preferably in small bills like 50 or 100 kroner bills. 200 kroner notes might work but I´m sure that 500 and 1000 kroner notes is to much.
  8. End of September. It was supposed to open in July.
  9. The bridge walking should be something interesting to do. Or a visit by train to either Jelling and the rune stones. Or a short train trip to Odense to see Hans Christians Andersens home.
  10. Okay I'm probably the only one funding it funny that the headline says Scandinavian port of call and then the list only contains 2 Scandinavian ports. Despite my snarky comment I can't recommend anything from these ports. My only suggestions is to seach for the local tourist boards website and see what information they have. Another source of information is to look at what tour the ship is offering and then do your search on these attractions yourself.
  11. Talking about Charlottehaven, did you get a room in the new tower. It should open around the 1st og August.
  12. SAS has 3 departures before noon and Norwegian 2 so I would assume that it is possible.
  13. Car rental in Copenhagen is very expensive and I don't know if you can get your car delivered to thd pier. Best option is to get a taxi to the central station, keep your luggage in the storage boxes and explore the town from there. When its time to head for the airport you simply just pick up your luggage and then take the airport train that runs every 10th minute.
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