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  1. I was about to book this as it said £289 for cabin + F1 ticket (which was the same price as cabin only) but then found out when you get to final stage of booking it jumps to £646....must be a typical MSC IT glitch
  2. Yes you can still put in 1 passenger when going into each individual cruise, but the cruise search used to have a passenger selection, so you could put 1 passenger and it show you the solo prices for all cruises.
  3. NCL is pretty good for solos at the moment and their website still allows you to search for just 1 pax. MSC removed this facility off the main search for some reason.
  4. That's very helpful, thanks a lot. How long is your cruise that those prices are for? Yes, I'm yet to book, looking at some of the transatlantics!
  5. Hi all, new to costa but have sailed with MSC a lot. I'm struggling to find up to date information on drinks packages available in 2023. I'm looking at a 12 day sailing and on the costa website, it only mentions my drinks and my drinks plus? But the research i've done suggests a 'Brindiamo' and 'soft drinks' package is also available, as well as maybe a lunch and dinner package? Has anyone booked/sailed recently that might be able to clarify these plus provide pricing. Thanks
  6. I used to live in windsor and the castle is just a couple of minutes walk from the shops etc.
  7. The water is only included on sailings from 1/1/23
  8. Bermuda are now dropping restrictions at the end of november - https://www.royalgazette.com/health/news/article/20220927/covid-public-health-emergency-to-end-next-month-health-minister/ Unsure what that means for the travel authorization at the moment though
  9. I was looking a day or 2 ago at the November/December 2022 Luminosa sailings in Australia but now they've all vanished off the Carnival site, have they all been cancelled?
  10. It's part of your e-tickets to print off
  11. I'm sorry to hear this. Travel insurance would most likely cover this, check the t&c's of your policy
  12. I read it as long as you do it 15 days before departure, you can change to any other cruise as long as the cost is higher than what you've paid
  13. Is it possible to upgrade onboard? eg. pay to go from inside to ocean view/balcony. If so, roughly how much did it cost?
  14. Oddly it is still there on their website (just before the FAQ on here https://www.msccruisesusa.com/manage-booking/msc-voyagers-club) but just redirects to the homepage https://www.msccruisesusa.com/manage-booking/msc-voyagers-club/status-match
  15. You get more voyagers points when booking fantastica MSC Experience purchased Experience Cruise under 6 days / 5 nights Cruises from 6 to 10 days / 5 to 9 nights Cruises of more than 10 days - 9 nights Bella 200 points 500 points 700 points Fantastica 400 points 700 points 1000 points Aurea 600 points 1000 points 1500 points MSC Yacht Club 800 points 1500 points 2000 points
  16. Does anybody happen to be able to clarify the below t&c's for the offer.... Terms and conditions Promotion valid for bookings confirmed from May 5th to June 30th, 2022 It is applicable for all summer departures 2022 until October 30th, 2022 It is not applicable to: Welcome Members or cruises that last less than 3 nights It is not retroactive and only applicable to new reservations It is not combinable with other discounts I'm reading it as cruises 1 or 2 nights aren't included but cruises 3 or more nights are included? I'm tempted to book a 3 night caribbean
  17. Ah ok, it's not on the UK one, hence why I posted it so people are aware 👍
  18. Just noticed on a recent email about Norwegian fjords cruises there was a link to this offer which isn't showing on the MSC website under deals - https://www.msccruises.co.uk/cruise-deals/summer-discount-benefits SUMMER 2022 - CRUISE DISCOUNTS AND BENEFITS FOR CLUB MEMBERS Book by June 30th Whether you’re a fan of the Mediterranean sun and culture, the breathtaking scenery of the Fjords and Northern Europe or the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean sea, we’ve got you covered with an unmissable offer! As part of the MSC Voyagers Club, book before June 30th any cruise sailing up untill 30 October 2022 , and get an exceptional 50€/$ p.p. onboard credit + 700 extra points along with your standard club discount of 5%. The extra points will be credited to you before the departure to help you upgrade your membership level faster. Choose your favourite itinerary, add your MSC Voyagers Club Card Number, book and enjoy your Summer!
  19. Further to this, i've just noticed new t&c's. Looks like it's changed for the worst. The offer can be applied on any cruise departure (World Cruises Excluded*) and is combined with the 5% MSC Voyagers Club discount: The additional discount may vary depending on the departures. Voyagers Exclusives is not available for Welcome Members. If you book more than 12 months before departure we offer you an extra 5% discount + 50€/$ Ship Board Credit (Silver, Gold, Diamond) + double points. If you book more than 9 months before departure we offer you an extra 5% discount + 50€/$ Ship Board Credit (Silver, Gold, Diamond) If you book between 6 and 9 months before departure we offer you an extra 5% discount only. If you book less than 6 months before departures, you can just have standard 5% Voyagers Club discount. Shipboard credit is issued per person and not per cabin. Shipboard credit is applied to the final bill at the end of the cruise. Shipboard credit does not apply to MSC Voyagers Club members under 18 years old. The discount can be extended to all occupants of the cabin, it can be applied on any departures (excluded World Cruise) and prices (i.e. EB, Best Price Today, Brochure and Promo Rates). The promotion is not combined with any other discount. Subject to availability. The discount cannot be combined with any group and network rates, unless otherwise specified in the details of the promotion itself. Voyagers Exclusives can be booked online by providing your Club Identification Number. The possibility of booking Voyagers Exclusives may be limited to a certain time frame. Expiry of promotions will be communicated online. Voyagers Exclusives terms and conditions may vary according to the market. Dedicated member on board discounts can be applied at the time of purchase or at the end of the cruise when the member’s account bill is closed. Customers must always check if discounts are applicable to other promotions currently in progress on board. MSC Cruises is not responsible for any errors and/or omissions regarding MSC Voyagers Club discounts on board.
  20. New section of the website with voyagers selection now - https://www.msccruises.co.uk/cruise-deals/voyagers-exclusives
  21. I saw this one last week, it would let me get all the way through to the final stage after choosing a cabin and entering all details etc. I then saw a couple more at the weekend similar but didn't take screenshots
  22. I did it the other month and took a free shuttle bus from this stop - https://goo.gl/maps/moLJmnr4SjeYBr5Y8 Coming back I took the 35 from this stop - https://goo.gl/maps/V6CuMZHZB9sgZGCu6 which drops off here - https://goo.gl/maps/iHmHmL6Jj2HokT5M9 They weren't taking payment for the bus at the time, but it's less than 2 euro. Takes about 15 mins to walk but saves paying about 17 euros for MSC shuttle
  23. I've noticed recently that there's been a number of 'error' fares on the NCL website, eg. one particular sailing might show as £400 whether it be an inside, ocean view, balcony or haven. Has anyone had any experience of these and whether they'll honour them?
  24. I said to her that there's not many deals at the moment and she said she'd recommend waiting until the 28th as there are going to be pricing changes. I doubt she'd have said that if she knew they were going up as it would have been in her interests to get me booked there and then.
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