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  1. I can confirm that Marriott Gold is now matched to Classic.
  2. My Marriott Gold was matched to Classic. I thought it should be Silver. Have reached out to them for clarification.
  3. We are cruising next February on the Grandiosa and have an Aurea Suite with whirlpool on the balcony. Are you able to designate on your profile that you do not want to be upgraded as I would really like to keep that suite?
  4. We are sailing the Majesty of the Seas next week and will be in Havana overnight until departure at 5:30 the next morning. How late is the exchange in port open til if we want to go to the Tropicana show that night and want to exchange back to USD after? Or would we have to exchange before the show?
  5. I am 19 days out of my Bliss cruise in the Haven and I have not received the letter or luggage tags either. Why is it that some people are receiving them and some are not?
  6. Did you have the topper on the bed too?
  7. This is great! Looking forward to the rest of your review.
  8. If we wanted to, would we be able to order desserts from Q to be delivered to our Haven suite?
  9. Following along. We will be in a 2 bedroom villa on Bliss in April.
  10. Not cruising on the Bliss until April but really enjoyed following along with you this past week. I know it was a pain at times but I really appreciate it. I don’t know how many times I hit refresh to see if anything new was posted this week but it was a lot. Thanks again and safe travels home.
  11. Couldn’t agree more. It is that bad.
  12. Does the Vibe sell out on the Pacific Coastal itineraries when it is cold?
  13. Oh boy. My wife does not drink coffee in the morning, she gets her caffeine from an iced cold can of Coke or Coke Zero in the morning. I am really surprised that they would not let someone bring their own soda on board if they are not a fan of Pepsi.
  14. I sure hope they have a vending machine at the San Pedro port. My wife is going to be furious when she finds out she is stuck with Pepsi. Are they the only cruise line that serves Pepsi?
  15. We will be staying in the Haven. Would we be able to request Coca Cola or they have none on board? Also, could we bring a 12 pack onboard?
  16. If I was on this cruise, I would be taking them down right along with you. Thanks for the live review! Really enjoying it.
  17. We will be cruising on the Bliss in late April of next year on their Pacific Coastal cruise from L.A. to Vancouver. What are the temperatures like at that time of the year? Will we be able to lay out or will it be too cold for that? We will be in the Haven so we will have the retractable roof if needed but was wondering what prior experience has been like with being outside or in the pools.
  18. What reservations can you make when the Bliss Haven pre-cruise concierge reaches out a few months ahead of your cruise? Can you book the go karts/laser tag? What else can be booked?
  19. Getting ready to book a 2 bedroom villa on the Bliss and they only have 3 left (18102, 18104, 18108). Are they all about the same and would 1 of them be more desirable than the others?
  20. We are on the same cruise and will probably rent a car to get to Seattle. I believe that there are some rental car locations that are close to the port in Vancouver.
  21. Thanks for the information. I can choose between 9322 and 12310 and was looking for thoughts on what most people would choose.
  22. In my research, it seems that most people like Deck 9 and Deck 12 (B1) aft-facing balcony rooms on the Bliss. Which deck is better and does anyone have a listing of the bed positions for the aft balcony rooms? Thanks.
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