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  1. Thanks for the daily and fleet report. Two good days to remember (someone can take my Chenin Blanc). Looked up the days: June 16, 2024 marks the International Day of the African Child. This year's theme is titled: "Education For All Children in Africa: The Time is Now" According to UNICEF, less than 1 in 5 African countries have thus far reached the benchmark on education financing. On 16 June, 2024, we recognize the contributions that migrants around the world make to their families, friends, communities, and countries through the money they send home, helping families achieve their own Sustainable Development Goals. We also recognize and commend all those involved the significant achievements that have been made in and around international and domestic remittances to facilitate affordable, safe, secure, transparent, fast and convenient remittances services. I agree with the quote; it took me years to realize that and to leave behind all toxic relationships and to not bemoan them. The meal looks interesting but I was more interested in the tomato gazpacho! (thanks @aliaschief for the recipe!!) I never knew what an Arnold Palmer was until I ordered an iced tea with lemonade on a BHB and waiter said "Oh, an Arnold Palmer!!" I might just have to try an alcoholic one. Any rosΓ© would be wonderful. I have been to India (New Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal) and I think I am done. Cool about the space trip!! Laundry is almost done; I am doing a lot of items that I might wash every couple of months (pillows, etc). As I have a NP coming over on Tuesday for a "yearly" visit (which I think it is a waste of time as I have no medical problems), I want the house to be sparkling clean. The thing I love about living solo is I can clean when and if I want. Dusting here is pointless; it returns within a short time! And with no carpet anywhere, things are easy to clean. I rarely answer my mobile unless I know who is calling. Lately, I have been getting calls in the late evening (1930 or so) and when I research the number (or call it back - I block my mobile #) it is political stuff. I guess it will just increase!! Yuck!! Maybe I will just turn off my mobile!! LOL!! @Cruzin Terri I am so sorry you tested positive for Covid. There is not much - other then Paxlovid - to treat it; you just have to treat the symptoms - headache/body ache, temperature, cough. Paxlovid didn't help me but I had to get an inhaler as I just couldn't breathe, my oxygen sat was 90%. It took me a good 14 days to start feeling better. @StLouisCruisers I hope you start feeling better and if not, I second getting checked out in the medical center. Sending warm thoughts to anyone who is in distress. Cheers to those celebrating. Have a great day everyone!!
  2. Good morning and thanks for the daily and fleet report. I will celebrate all three days as I think they are very important. I don't "get" the quote. The meal recipes look very enticing and I have save them. 🀒 for the drink and why drink a non-alcoholic wine? I have been to Ketchikan twice a week apart on my 2nd and 3rd cruises ever in 2022 (a side by side). First week was rainy and 2nd week was toasty. My pics are no different than others. The history of the Magna Carta is very interesting. We are still under an excessive heat warning but if I look at my weather app it doesn't look like it will let up anytime soon. High today of 107F but next week we are looking at highs of 111F. So a lot of inside work today though I do have to do laundry. I am trying to make a sourdough starter and I think it is going well. Monday will be 7 days and I am surprised how it is going. We will see if it works. I guess I thought doing it would be more difficulty but with the temps here .......... LOL!! Even though it is not quite 6 weeks since surgery (that is this coming Monday), I have started to bend and twist more but not much lifting. This has resulted in a sore/achy lower back because, IMHO, I haven't used those muscles in such a long time. So I need to work on that. I have decided to not go back to the gym until the end of July as I am very cautious about injuring the surgery site. This was the same way after I had my shoulder surgery a couple of years ago; it took me 9 months before I went back. But that was a little different as my range of motion in the arm/shoulder was so limited. We will see how it goes. @kazu Those lobsters look absolutely wonderful!! How I love lobster!! Bon Voyage @Himself Enjoy! @rafinmd I hope your hand feels better @cat shepard a no-see-um??? πŸ˜‚ Luv it!! @StLouisCruisers and @Cruzin Terri sorry to hear about your colds. Not good about going into the chest. 🀞 you start feeling better. Thoughts for all who need extra support and cheers for those celebrating. Have a great day everyone!!
  3. Thanks for the daily and fleet report. I am not a fan of chop suey and I have not delved into my family history. Angie's quote gave me a chuckle. I might try the meal and wine but no to the drink; I have never been to Fuji. I don't think I would want to sit watching baseball for 7 hours!! (had to look up the time) Mornings are very pleasant here when compared with the afternoon temps. Presently at 0730 it is 81F heading up to the low 100s. My door stays open until around 1100 with the ceiling fans and standing fans going all day. Then the door closes. I keep the AC around 85 as I just hate cold blowing air. Much too warm for most of my friends! Lazy days of summer have hit me. With nothing on the agenda, I tend to stay home and chill. I am such a homebody. But one thing I notice is my voice kind of gets lost. I talk to "Alexa" but that is about it. I think it is funny!! @0106 and @ottahand7 thanks for the tip about the RC! @Cruzin Terri I am glad you got home ok @seagarsmoker I am so glad you are enjoying your new job! @rafinmd thoughts for you today @Quartzsite Cruiser safe travels to Dallas @kazu I always close my eyes before entering the CT scan and then count the number of songs playing to anticipate when I get to get out!! @Lady Hudson Bon Voyage!! Enjoy! @marshhawk I am not sure this is the meme you mean but ........ (I usually trash the memes after posting so I don't duplicate them): I hope everyone has a great day. Stay safe!
  4. Thanks for the daily and fleet report (I do like the ones with the names of people on the ships but I know that takes a lot of work. I do appreciate when Roy @rafinmd does it). I have always wanted to try axe throwing and there is a place near me that does it. I don't understand or like "rap" (it is NOT music) so I won't celebrate that but kitchen klutzes - I try not to be one. LOL!! I understand with the sentiment of Plato's quote; I just don't agree with it. Not a fan of radishes or the drink or the wine. I have never been to the port but I have been to Brussels a couple of times but not from a BHB. Wow, that is a long standing treaty!! I had to go look it up to see what it was about: "The oldest alliance in the world that is still in force is the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance or the Treaty of Windsor of 1386 between the English and Portuguese Kingdom. These two nations, today the United Kingdom and Portuguese republic, stated they would never wage war against each other and would always provide aid to each other. This alliance is still valid today, making it the oldest continuous alliance in the world!" Yesterday I went early to go get my new rim and they didn't have enough staff so they asked me to return around noon, which was fine with me. I have been a customer of theirs for almost 8 years and trust them; when I first came back to the States and bought a 1995 Toyota Camry, they checked it all out and gave me their recommendations in order of importance. I don't think they have ever steered me wrong. So I came home and ........... booked my free cruise for winning the lottery draw on my last cruise!! I will be doing a 7-day Baja Peninsula on Konningsdam Jan 2025. I looked really hard at the Caribbean ones but with the cost of flights, it just didn't seem like the cost to use my "free" cruise would be worth it. So I am excited about that one!! Parking booked as I will drive over to San Diego and back. I have turned off my alarms so I wake up when I wake up; today it was late for me - almost 0630! I really need to go grocery shopping today. While I was doing internet work this morning, I watched the Top Chef episode from last night. It was funny to see how they got from Curacao to Half Moon Cay in an episode!! I am a fan of any of the cooking shows - Masterchef, Top Chef, etc. In fact, I went to the "Demon Chef" - Alvin Leung's - who is a judge on Masterchef Canada, restaurant in Hong Kong and reserved the chef's table in 2015. OMG!! He was there and so he was the one cooking for me. It is a memory I will cherish. A pic of him and I: Sorry for the long post. @Cruzin Terri I hope you get home safe. And thoughts for all those in FL with your flooding. Stay Safe. Have a great day everyone!!
  5. Thanks for the daily and fleet report. I had a taste of cachaca on my Amazon cruise (not bad) and I do like falafel but have not had it here in the States. My parents weren't biracial in the strictest sense, my father is Mexican and my mother was of German/Russian descent. When they married, my grandmother (my mother's mom) didn't speak to them until I was born 2 years later. So I will gladly celebrate Loving Day. I really like the quote; the stir fry looks good but I will pass on all the gastronomy today. Never been to DR and Al Capone was such an interesting person. I opened the weather app and this was glaring at me: Sure got my attention! Presently it is 79F and we will get to blazing hot today and for the foreseeable future. We will have some slight wind (10-15 mph) so that helps a little as well as the low humidity (~15%). πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Dental appt went well and as it was time for full xrays that was done; no problems were noticed and the yearly exam was fine. Caught up with my dentist (she knows I cruise and I always get "where have you been" when I see her. No progress or deterioration of the tooth we are watching but she will put in a referral for me to see a specialist to see if there is anything they can do to decrease the one deep pocket I have. We have been working on this for - gosh, maybe 5 years. Teeth cleaning goes by fast as I don't have that many teeth in my head!! LOL!! My rim is in so off to go get it installed. I need to see about getting the "cardboard" thingy in the wheel well that was demolished during the incident. And then maybe check about replacing the rear light covering that has a hole/crack in it. I noticed it ~ a month or so ago and couldn't figure out how it happened. Thought it was vandalism and I was totally ticked off. Then I remember driving on the freeway and hearing a bang from the left side; I think a rock was thrown up and it hit my car there. The position of the hole/crack didn't suggest it being hit by a car door or anything else. Happy Birthday @catmando @Vict0riann Thoughts on your upcoming surgery and I hope all goes well. That was a quick schedule! @erewhon Happy 5 year anniversary!! @Cruzin Terri Try to enjoy your last day at the resort. Thoughts for all who need extra <<<<Hugs>>>> and cheers to those celebrating. Have a great day!
  6. Thanks for the daily and fleet report. Three good days to recognize and the quote is spot on! I love blueberry muffins and margaritas, but no to the wine and never been to Kodiak. Such momentous occasions in history! It will be a doozy week in terms of temperatures. But I do like it. When I worked in Riyadh, which had temps and humidity like Tucson, I would go outside to bask in the heat. They thought I was crazy! Got some things done yesterday - sort of - and today is a zoom call for a research project in the morning and then a dental cleaning in the afternoon. We are trying to save this one tooth but I don't think it is getting better but not really getting worse. We will see how it goes. Thoughts for everyone who is experiencing any difficulties and cheers for those celebrating. Have a great day!
  7. Good morning and thanks for the daily and fleet report. I have so many pens of all kinds as I tend to unintentionally put them in my pocket or purse. But my fav is fine point. I have tried to be a miracle in someone's life but who knows if I ever achieved it. I love iced tea and make sun tea in the summer. I always brew it and really don't like the "powdered" stuff. I am not really a tv watcher but it is usually on as background noise. Yes, yes, yes to the meal but no, no, no to the drink and wine. Never been to Malta. I am not sure the Equal Pay Act really did much good and I am an Apple geek! I cooked all day yesterday and had a wonderful sous vide pork loin with a twice baked potato, pasta salad with homemade Italian dressing, corn (taken off the cob), and some refried beans. So I ended up being stuffed. With the talk of sourdough bread it makes me want to try it. Today I have to get by rear in gear and get some things accomplished. I don't know what yet but........ It should be a nice day with it getting only up to ~100F. We have to brace ourselves for the heat wave coming in tomorrow that will last until Thursday (highs close to 110F). Hopefully we will have a fantastic monsoon season 🀞 Happy Birthday @Denise T @StLouisCruisers Kudos to you to make the first move. I could not have done that. Thoughts for those on the care list and cheers for those celebrating. Have a great day.
  8. Good morning to all and thanks for the daily and fleet report. I always loved DD (more than Mickey). Two other good days to recognize and I giggled when I read the quote. The meal sounds good and I do love a Shiraz. No to the drink (nothing should be in coffee - sugar, cream or alcohol!!). Never been to Montego Bay, only Falmouth. I did Dunn's Falls and glad I did but don't think I will ever pine away to go back to Jamaica. It was just too....... 😬 Achieved my goal of getting a new tire but, unfortunately, the rim is bent and they recommended I replace it. I can still drive the car but they stated when I rotate my tires and this tire goes the front, the steering would be wobbly. So a replacement had to be ordered and will come in early this week. My bank account is severely lighter!! I had thought the certificate would be in the mail but it wasn't so I went to Olive Garden and ate the only thing there that I like - soup, salad, and breadsticks. The breadsticks were old (probably from the night before) but the minestrone and salad were delicious. I did tell the waiter the breadsticks were old and he offered to bring me new ones but I had already finished my meal so I politely said, no, it is no problem; thank you. I hate complaining about food. Woke up to another excessive heat warning for Tuesday. I guess people need to be reminded but this is the desert - it gets blazing hot here!! And today it should just break 100F so a beautiful day! I just realized when I read the title for the daily that today would have been my 51st wedding anniversary (to the first husband). Thank goodness it only lasted 5 years. @Cruzin Terri I am glad you have tv and phone and that maybe you can sit on the beach, read a book and then enjoy the lunch. Bon Voyage to @Mtn2Sea and @cruzn single. Gosh, I hate to see the end of @aliaschief's cruise but welcome home. Safe travels to you and @luvteaching. @kazu I am sorry you have some big decisions to make but I think getting prepared for it way before it becomes imperative is so important. I hope everyone's legs are getting better and cheers to those celebrating. Keep the pictures of your beautiful foliage coming!! Everyone have a great day.
  9. Good morning and thanks for the daily and fleet report. It is very important (IMHO) to remember the 3 days. I don't agree with the quote, the meal sounds good sans the sauce, I will gladly drink the Sea Breeze and wine but I have never been to the port. I did like Mickey Mantle but he was a Yankee (😬) and I grew up as a Dodger!! Sad day for the USS Liberty. It is not as warm this morning as yesterday. Only 75F now (0645) heading up to the mid-100s. Nice day for the desert as we expect some clouds to roll in. Yesterday I was a homebody but today I need to go get my new tire. They open at 0700 but I may wait to closer to noon as I have a certificate to a newer restaurant close to the shop and I can have lunch there. I don't eat out a lot but the certificate was a $50 value for only $25 and I bought one. I got a "notification" my Google drive is getting close to being full. I didn't even know things were being backed up to it! after looking at the large files, they are videos going back several years and they are not in Google Photos. Plus I have tons of pictures on my phone. So my mission today is to move everything to one of my numerous external hard drives and free up space!! Wish me luck!! @Denise T Safe travels! Bon Voyage to @Suslor and @swin26!! I am jealous!! I hope leg wounds are better for @kazu, @Seasick Sailor and @Cruzin Terri DH. Welcome home to @Mr. Boston and @Mtn2Sea. Thoughts for all who might be under any type of frustration/illness/challenge. Have a great day everyone!
  10. TGIF everyone!! (that "joke" never worked in the Middle East - their weekends were Fri/Sat and the Chinese couldn't really understand it!!) Thanks for the daily and fleet report. OMG, a VCR! I don't think I have seen one in eons. Everyday should be Caring Day, and food safety is so important. Sometimes I wish I had recorded my life so that I could remember both the milestones and even the unpleasantries that happened. I love the recipes and the Black Widow!! No to the wine and have never been to Bermuda. Vatican City is an absolute treasure to visit it is interesting it will be 100 in 5 years. What a crappy day yesterday was!! Well, not the whole day but....... I received my research study materials from Rush so went through all of that and downloaded the app needed. We will see how this goes. Then I got ready to go visit the plastic surgeon for my ear; of course, I wanted to go early even though I was warned she tends to run late - thank you @Sharon in AZ. Thank goodness I did; why I drove the route I did, I have no idea because I normally don't go down this main street. Anyways, there is construction on the road - one way each direction - and wouldn't you know it, an ambulance was coming behind us. I tried to move over as much as I could and I didn't notice this large "hose" (around 10 in diameter?) on the side. I ran over it and then when trying to get out, my car got stuck on one of the couplings and - you guessed it - it ripped up my R front tire and the cardboard (?) housing. I just sat there laughing and shaking my head in the 110F heat and cars going by looking at me. AAA and Dr's office called and 45 minutes later I was on the road again with a donut on the car. I was only 20 minutes late for the appt and she will do the repair in August as this is not an urgent matter. So I will have to go get another tire; as I am not driving much it is not something super urgent. So today has to be a better day though it will be hot! @Haljo1935 While I have never had kidney stones, I have taken care of patients in the ER who have and I just have to give you a <<<<HUG>>>>! @aliaschief I want to thank you for allowing us to follow you on your journey. It was amazing! @marshhawk Thinking of you! Cheers for those celebrating! Have a great day everyone!!
  11. Thanks so much for that information!!!! On the studies - I usually find focus groups on FB. I have done 3 focus groups and one mock trial (a 2 day in person affair that paid $500 and it was sooooooo interesting. I want to do another one; I was picked for another one but it was on a day I could not participate). I am in the database for polling organizations such as Nielsen and they will send me email "invites" to fill out a qualifying questionnaire. For the medical ones, I look at ongoing research studies on the NIH site and/or see about stuff on FB and then research from there. Plus I am in the database for several research centers here in Tucson, Phx and Calif and if I seem like I might be a fit, they give me a call. It all started when I was a ginny pig for the Moderna vaccine. That got me so interested in doing studies and the rest is history!!! LOL!!!
  12. Such a significant day in history! Thank you @0106 for the explanation of Creative Educators, I won't be doing gardening exercises and I remember going to drive-in movies in high school. Funny quote, I will pass on the frittata (how does it differ from a quiche?), I tried a Negroni when I dined in the Pinnacle Grill last cruise and I liked it, no to the wine and I haven't been to Tracy Arm. Well today it will be blazin' hot and we are under an Excessive Heat Warning until tomorrow at 8pm. We won't be as hot as Phoenix but then whats the difference between 106F and 111F ???!!!??? But I do need to go out to the plastic surgeon to look at my torn earring hole and see if she can repair it - and if I want to pay to have it done. We will see. I think I overdid it Tuesday as I was "achy" all day (and maybe that is why I didn't sleep that well Tuesday night) so yesterday I chilled most of the day. The focus group yesterday was VERY interesting; this is the second one I have done about politics/policies. It is funny how they start discussing one thing and then the discussion morphs into what they are really targeting. I had to constrain my talking as I could of taken over the conversation - LOL!! There were only 10 of us - all females - from battleground states. So interesting. @Seasick Sailor I am so glad you went to the doc! I was worried. Speedy recovery! @Cruzin Terri I hope your vacation gets better. I heard about the tornados in the DC area last night and @rafinmd I thought about you and @0106. @Haljo1935 I haven't had knee injections but both knees have had meniscus tear repair. Personally, I am glad I did it. @marshhawk I am glad you have a plan for your DH. Thoughts and hugs. I know I have missed someone so I apologize in advance. Cheers to those celebrating. Have a fantastic day!
  13. I sub part-time on my schedule; I pick and choose when and where I want to work. There is an app that the jobs post when the teacher requests a sub or I get a message from my friends. It comes out to about 110 schools in the 2 districts combined but I really don't like elementary so that limits the schools I am willing to go to. I aim for about 8 days/month but I have done as much as 15/month and as little as 2.5/month; last year I subbed for 75.5 days between the 2 districts. I love it!!
  14. Happy Hump Day to all and thanks for the daily and fleet report. As a Baby Boomer, I will raise my 🍺! Thanks @grapau27 for the explanation of the day and I have a couple of friends who have lived with HIV for years. I resemble the quote, no to the drink and wine, never been to the port and, while I don't like eggs, I do like deviled eggs and make them frequently with different recipes. Good day in history. I am up early as I woke up around 0215 and couldn't get back to sleep. I never toss and turn; if I don't fall back to sleep within 5-10 minutes, I will get up. And I don't nap (I get horrible headaches if I sleep less than 5-6 hours) so it will be interesting to see what time tonight I will go to bed. The big news all over the news here is the high temps coming our way. And in looking at the forecast, it will be a tad warm with no rain in the foreseeable future! LOL!! I have a couple of errands today and then a focus group at 1430 for 2 hours. It should be interesting and I am looking forward to it. @JazzyV and @dfishGood luck on your doc appts today. @Cruzin Terri sorry to hear about your DH's fall. And I hope @Seasick Sailor leg is better. Take it easy @kazu Jacqui!! Cheers to those celebrating and everyone have a great day!
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