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  1. How many days before sailing were you able to make dining reservations. We are booked on Allure next January. Haven’t sailed RCL in several years but it appears that things have changed.
  2. We are booked on Allure Jan 19th. Does anyone know when we’ll get a list of scheduled show times. Haven’t done this in several years but I remember a printed list. We can’t make dinner reservations until we know show times.
  3. My DH doesn’t want to deal with waiting to board to make reservations. Would appreciate any info you guys have.
  4. The last time we did this there was a cumulative dining package. The more meals you had in specialty restaurants the higher the discount per centage. Do they still do this.
  5. My DH is looking at a cruise on voyager. Suite 967 was available. It is aft on the starboard side of the ship. I have read about the vibrations in the penthouse suites that run across the back of the ship. This cabin is a D concierge the second from the back. Is this cabin also subject to the same vibrations. I recall reading that they have worked on this problem but the vibrations are still an issue. Does anyone have knowledge of this location.
  6. I’m not going to rehash what everyone has been writing about this ship. Surfice it to say that we won’t be sailing her again. However, DH just finished the photo album from this cruise and noticed something weird. Key cards have never had cabin numbers on them before. But this one had the last 3 numbers printed on the card. Edge cabins don’t have the floor printed on them, just the last 3 numbers. Doesn’t seem safe to me. Anyone have any thoughts on this.
  7. I have been trying very hard to keep an open mind about this ship. But the lack of bars on edge is probably the last straw. We sail on January 13. Eden as it’s been described doesn’t appeal to me. It seems that it is the most convenient venue to Blu for a pre dinner drink. We’ve done about 48 or 49 cruises since 1983. Mostly once a year until we retired 5 yrs ago when we started doing 4-5 a year. If Celebrity doesn’t want our business we’ll go elsewhere. There is no shortage of other options. I’m just annoyed that we booked this so long ago that we had no idea that they were changing the experience so drastically. I will never again book a new ship until I understand what it’s about.
  8. Agree with what everyone is saying. Socializing at the elite cocktail hour is an impotant part of our cruise experience. Glad C recognizes that. Thanks to all for your input.
  9. Looking at the deck plans I noticed that there is no sky lounge on Edge. Has any one heard if there will just be vouchers instead. There are numerous small lounges but no large observation lounge.
  10. Looking at the deck plans I noticed that there is no sky lounge on Edge. Has any one heard if there will just be vouchers instead. There are numerous small lounges but no large observation lounge.
  11. The Jacque signature items are the same. The problem was they were the simplist things on the menu. Mostly everything else was as I said heavily sauced, stuffed with cheese and or cream. This was not the food I was expecting. Very disappointing.
  12. This was our third O cruise but it has been about 3 years since the last one. The ship is lovely. The entertainment was an improvement from our previous experiences. However I found the food too heavy for my tastes. Everything was stuffed with cheese or in a cream sauce which often could not be served on the side. Explanation given was “it’s coked in the sauce”. I don’t recall this being an issue on our previous O cruises. A friend recently sailed Rivera and I’d given her glowing details about the food. She expressed disappointment in the food when she returned. I chalked it up to “different strokes...” but think now that she was right on. The only truly excellent meals I has were in Red Ginger and they were superb.
  13. There are plenty of lounge chairs on multiple decks. The problem is none are in the shade. Shaded areas are all filled with tables and chairs meant to be eating space. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. We have been cruising since 1983. We’ve heard this pitch every time. Rarely have we had any complaints so we give them what they ask for. It’s not the staffs fault, they are repeating what they’re told to say. I believe they are penalized if they don’t get top ratings. I don’t wait for the survey if I have a real complaint, I speak with a manager of the department in question. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Has anyone read wether the cabins on edge use the interlocking configuration that was used on all S class ships. Seems to me that the interlocking configuration would make the extra space concept minimal if the bed is by the balcony rather than by the bathroom. My DH needs space to do stretching excersizes which are impossible to do in S class cabins due to lack of floor space. We are booked on Edge in mid January. I thought the infinity would make this possible, but I never thought of the alternating cabin setup. I guess we’ll find out. All pix I’ve seen show the bed by the bathroom givin an expansive look to the space. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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