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  1. We took the trip a few years ago in May on the Grand and ten years ago on the Diamond in October. Loved/Liked: 1. The Grand and Diamond are the right size, right number of passengers, great amenities, still some of my favorite ships. 2. The Mexican port call and excursions where great 3. Days at sea, love them and had plenty of them to relax. 4. Crew of the Grand was amazing! 5. Spending a few days in San Fran and wine country. 6. Covered pools, really thing Princess has missed the boat by not continuing to add a covered pool on each ship, such a great area to hang when the weather is cool or just bad. Would like to change (or disliked): 1. Cool weather the first and last days of the cruises, made it difficult to lay by the pool 2. Outdoor/shared saunas on the Grand. Prefer the ones in the locker rooms like the Star/Golden/Crown/etc. . . (don't love the set up on the new Royal Class as all) 3. Diamond crew, many it was there last contract, so service was so/so, still good but you know what I mean 4. Dining set up on the Diamond, I know it was built at at time that Princess was going to go the way of NCL for dining, but then didn't so the dining room are small and weird IMO. Overall, very relaxing trips each time. I highly recommend it for a relaxing trip.
  2. Regal (Royal Class) was the first full Medallion ship, we were on board while it was being rolled out (disaster is an under statement). Now however, the system are working smoothly and will go a long way to bring Princess back to cruising. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, Pacific is likely to leave soon, now that Sun and Sea are gone. Since the spent a ton to rebuild the Grand and she is in great shape expect her to be around at least another 5 years (hopefully more. . .love the size and passenger count on the old girl).
  3. So only the "Dawn" now with P&O Aus. is the only one left of the these four wonderful ships. Our first Princess Cruise was in 1997 on the Dawn (inaugural year) and the following year on the Sun (also the Sun in 2002). Loved these ships and sad to see them move on, but completely understandable. Sun will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the last cruise we took with my Mom and Dad (she just passed last month). They had the 3rd most sea days on Princess and we now have the Venice Glass plate (love those) they used to give out with the Sun Princess logo on the back. Hopefully Princess can use the Dawn, Sun, Sea. Star, Golden and Ocean names again and get rid of the stupidly named Discovery; Enchanted and Majestic. 😞
  4. I have a sinking feeling that the Sun, Sea and Pacific along with the remaining Fantasy Class are the most likely at risk and possibly some older Aida tonnage. We will have to wait and see but the scrap aluminum and steel business between the cruise lines and airlines will have a ton of work/inventory to sell.
  5. Personally, love the Grand, similar public space with a deck plus less of cabins (aka less people, same space). Ruby is fine, but love the Grand.
  6. I have found the EZ Air fare are significantlly less, so you make want to just earn the miles and pay for business or premium economy. For example PHX to LHR was $2200 rt in business class using EZAir last year, it was $6,600 on the AA website, same flights. Food for thought.
  7. AA flies international flights out of A west and some east concourses, most domestic flights come in A east, B or C. Walk time from the furthest C to the furthest A is about 15 - 20 minutes so you should have plenty of time. I fly AA to PHL a lot and usually 5-10 minutes early or on time plus of course you check you back straight through to Spain (this isn't 1970 any more. . LOL). So you should be good as PHL is pretty easy to get around. Enjoy your flight.
  8. Of all the lines I believe Princess employee seem to be the happiest and shows how they treat the guest/passengers. My RCCL and Disney experiences have been hit and miss. I was on X once and they were as good (maybe better) than Princess (although that was 21 years ago). I can't wait to see my Princess family again either. . .
  9. I do prefer to get it through he cruise line (it's still a 3rd party btw). The filing process is more streamlined and if you get your air with the cruise line as well as the add ons (shore X and spa too) gets taken care of too. Also, much simpler if you get sick on back and need to be airlifted off the ship or island, they have it all on file. Cost wise pretty similar, filing wise, much simplier.
  10. Your assuming we will be wearing masks and getting tested all the time. Now is the current normal but a return to normal will occur in the not to distant future. I have many family members working in the medical and scientific community who know we will have vaccinations, treatments and eventually herd immunity in the next two years. We will be back to our pre-2020 way before we know it, but maybe more cautious and wary of outbreaks.
  11. We will absolutely be back! Princess is a great company with great people, no one ever designs a system to deal with the volume of refunds/ FCC / cancellations that the entire cruise industry went through. Many of understood, were patient and supportive of each other and Princess. We are already looking forward to hitting the high seas next year on one, maybe two Princess and Celebrity cruises. We will be back as many will.
  12. Hi hope the Sun, Sea and Grand all remain. With the Golden and Star moving to P&O Aus. A few of the smaller ships (along with the Coral and Island) would be nice to have in the fleet. All three since their last refits have a lot of years left. I do hope Princess goes back to standardizing their ships, make sure they all have Int'l Cafe, Alfado's, Crown Grill and Sabitinis (sp?). Mixing in the new resturants on the larger ships too but make sure these basics are included. Also, but back free steam rooms in the gyms on the Royal Class. They are cheap to operate and men and woman prefer they own verses sharing. Maybe they can use some of the down time (yes it costs a little money) to fix the errors on the Royal class (also lack of a Piano Bar on the Sky).
  13. WOW the Sun is coming back this direction, that's exciting. Dawn / Sun were my first two Princess ships to sail on. Loved the Sun, it's size, etc. . .I wouldn't worry about noise from the pool especially in AK. Plus Princess passengers aren't the party animals (meant in a good way) that the CCL passengers are. Enjoy the trip!
  14. Surprised how big AIDA has gotten from rather humble beginnings. Germans love to cruise, more so than the Spaniard's which is surprising IMO. The CMV shut down through a wrench into their plans for sure, but a few "shipping tycoons" are still looking for tonnage. Fred Olsen should see if they could get a few more HAL /P&O Aus ships and retired some of their old boats. Keep waiting for RCCL to dump the Majesty and the Empress for starters. They have a lot of newer ships
  15. CCL just announced 2 more ships (on top of the 13) are to be sold/scrapped (recycled). I thought that Princess might have dodged a bullet but now I free for the Sun and Sea again :(
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