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  1. Does it matter which side of the ship your balcony is on to get a good view of Glacier Bay?
  2. No, It wasn't us!! We are booked on the Bliss for an Alaskan cruise in June, and hoped to offer to take them. I'm also not "just curious." We had hoped to invite them to join us, but it seems cruel to offer a cruise to someone only to find out they're not allowed on the ship. Thanks for the info! I'll go with the "want to book a great cruise?" response.
  3. A few years back some friends of mine were caught with marijuana on a Norwegian ship, and they were put off the ship at the next port. Having learned a valuable and expensive lesson, would they ever be allowed to sail on Norwegian again? Thank you!!
  4. I feel so much better!! Thank's so much. You made my day.
  5. My husband and I are in a Bliss balcony cabin on deck 9 in June, directly above the theater. I know the theater is on decks 6 and 7, leaving deck 8 as a noise buffer, but is one deck enough? I'm a little neurotic about noise, and have been bothered greatly by both pool and theater music on previous cruises. Do we need to change rooms? Thanks in advance!
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