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  1. I am aware of Celebrity's recommendations, but their recommendations for chic night leave a wide range of possibilities. The clothing I mentioned falls within those recommendations. My question is meant to hear experiences of those who have dined in Blu and can tell me what they have observed people wearing on chic night. People's experiences hold more weight to me than Celebrity's website.
  2. We will be sailing in the Med in a couple of weeks, and for the first time, will be in an Aqua Class cabin. Also for the first time, my husband is trying to convince me to leave our formal attire at home. We have always done formal nights to the full extent. If we are not in formal attire in Blu, will we feel out of place? My husband would be in khakis and a collared shirt, and I would wear a more casual dress. Would love opinions from those experienced Aqua Class cruisers.
  3. Thank you for your review! We will be on this sailing in a couple of weeks. In Dubrovnik, was the bus easy to use? Where are the bus stops in relation to the Pile Gate and the port? Did you need to pay in Kuna?
  4. I am also sailing in a few weeks (Mediterranean). I booked this cruise well over a year ago, soon after the sailing was released. I always book early as it usually gives me the best price. I booked a 2B with a beverage package. Prices dropped significantly about two weeks ago to the point my 2B stateroom was costing $800 less per person ($1600 total) with two perks instead of one. I called my TA and because the Aqua Class staterooms were being offered for less than what I paid for our 2B, Celebrity upgraded me to an Aqua guarantee. I also kept the beverage package. While I always prefer to save money, I'm very excited to try Aqua class and the perks that come with it. So yes, they will not refund money, but if the price drop is significant enough, they might upgrade you. It's always worth it to at least ask. Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful cruise!
  5. We used them summer before last for a transfer from Zeebrugge to Bruges, Belgium. The experience was fine, but it was only a transfer. When I book tours, I always book local companies with smaller vans (8 people max).
  6. I booked a cruise for this June that disembarks in Civitavecchia specifically so we can visit the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery. We will be staying at a hotel by the airport, and it looks like we can take the train from FCO down to Nettuno and walk the remainder. Has anyone done this? Is it actually doable? We have been in Italy before, but have never used the trains, so I am not familiar with how this mode of transportation works. Do I need to book these tickets in advance? Any idea of approximate cost? We are also considering renting a car if taking the train will be too complicated. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you!
  7. Do you recall the name of the village above Rijeka you visited?
  8. I'm considering two Eastern Med/Adriatic itineraries for next summer. One has Dubrovnik and Koper and the other Split and Kotor. Which itinerary would you choose and why? We've never been to any Adriatic ports. The highlight of either trip for us will be Venice, so our main reason for choosing either of these itineraries is the same. Thank you!
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