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  1. 3 more days till we sail on Adventure OTS for my DH birthday. It has been two years since our last Royal cruise, and we are beyond excited to go! Woo-Hoo!
  2. So between 4:30 and 8 we can go to any bar/lounge on the ship? Not just the Diamond lounge? Sweet!
  3. I read somewhere that the cruise port at Costa Maya has restaurants, and a large pool. If this is so, are there loungers or chairs? And what is the charge? We really don't want to go to a beach, but would not mind walking around some stores, getting a bite to eat, and then taking a dip in the pool to cool off. Or I suppose we can just stay on the ship and go in the pool there...
  4. I am sailing on Adventure OTS next month. I looked on the website to see if I could purchase water or soda for my room, similar to other cruise lines but didn't find anything. So I called the cruise line and was told that I can carry on a 12-pack of soda in cans. After I hung up I had another question. Is that a 12-pack per cabin? Or can my husband and I each carry on a 12-pack of soda? TIA for your help
  5. My cruise next month on this ship will also be my first as Diamond. I knew about the Happy House/Cocktail Hour in the Diamond Lounge, but did not know about the 3 drinks loaded on to our Sea Passes. Every Day? How do I know if they are there before I go and order a drink only to be charged instead? This is so cool as we are not big drinkers, but I do enjoy a glass of wine or a foo foo drink here and there.
  6. We sail on this ship next month! So excited 😀 How are the restaurants along the Promenade? Also, since we will be on a 6-day cruise, is there only one dressy night? Weather looks great. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Cruising on Adventure of the Seas in 2 months! First time on this ship, but not my first with Royal. I am familiar with the Promenade restaurants, parades, and shops such as what is on the Freedom class ships. Is the Promenade on this ship similar?
  8. I am so excited! Sailing on the Breeze on Saturday 2/9. It will be my 50th cruise overall, and my 30th with Carnival. I think back to my first cruise on NCL Norway. It was 1991 and we had no idea what to do, where to go, nothing! I also remember we way overpacked. I remember that our room was set up with twin beds, and we did not know we could have them pushed together LOL. Fast forward to 2019 and here I am, ready to sail for the 50th time. Unbelievable! The best part is while my packing has become much more streamlined, and while we are more familiar with the islands, with ship protocols, with many crew members...I still get excited to cruise. I am happy to say that it hasn't become boring (oh that island again), hasn't become routine (another show? yawn), and hasn't become anything other than what it is. A cruise! A time to relax, to breath in that salt air. To see a show or two, and be waited on in the restaurant. To have someone make my bed, and say good morning as I start my day. A chance to see incredible sunsets, and a chance to experience places I never would have ever gone to. I have snorkeled with turtles, touched a sting ray in the ocean, soaked in a volcanic hot tub, and tasted some exotic foods. So so much more, and so much more to come. I am so excited!
  9. Usually it depends on how long our cruise is, but the hubs and I generally dress up for Elegant night. Not for my dinner mates. Not for the cruise line. But for each other and to take advantage of the opportunity to do so. Plus, I was also raised to dress appropriately when the occasion calls for it. Just like going to Mass. I like to look nice, not to impress anyone - but because I was taught to do so. Guess I am old fashioned in that sense. So much of today is casual and fast. Heck we cannot even type or talk without acronyms much of the time! But I like to look good for him, and vice versa. I don't agree with shorts in the MDR on Elegant nights, but I am not going to fuss about it. If for some reason the two of us don't feel like dressing up we go to the Lido restaurant, have pizza, try the sushi place or just order in.
  10. Personally I do not like it when the ships are in port late at night because there are too many ship venues that are either limited or shut down. Casinos. Shows. Shops. I cruise not only to go from one place to another but because I love to CRUISE. Not go somewhere and spend the night at port. Even when the ships are in port late I do not go into town at night or even walk around the port area. No thank you! I suppose I could take a ship sponsored excursion, but that is the only way I'd leave a ship in a foreign port at night. JMHO
  11. My BFF and I are staying in a Cloud 9 Spa Balcony cabin on the Breeze in a couple of months. We have stayed in a spa cabin on the Sunshine, and loved the amenities. I understand that the spa on the Breeze is larger and has a special pool. Anything we should know about? Any tips? We plan on several massages through the week. Yeah, I know that massages on a ship are a bit pricey, but we save all year for this time together. Our husbands enjoy the Daytona races...we go on a cruise. I think I know who gets the better deal here My questions is for those who have sailed on the Breeze and enjoyed the spa services. What did you like? What didn't you like? What is the best part of a spa cabin? thanks - and Happy Cruising!
  12. The Seafood Shack is across from where the pizza is by the Adult pool all the way in the back. Fresh made and always delicious
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