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  1. Hi there! My DH and I are booked along with 2 other couples. We are both 63, and love to cruise. In April I completed my 51st cruise overall. We have 3 sons, and 3 grandkids. All of them live within an hour of us, so we get to see everyone quite often. We take the family on a cruise every 3 years, so my grandkids are racking up the cruise points. We will be flying in to NY a day earlier to visit with my step-mother, then board the ship for a fantastic cruise! Our friends live in Ohio so they will meet us on the ship. We have a balcony on deck 11, mid-ship. I have been on over 25 Carnival cruises, but this is the first one this long...and a Journeys cruise as well. I am beyond excited! I have always wanted to cruise out of NY and now I will be able to cross that off my list. Looking forward to getting to know some of my fellow cruisers before we set sail. I have been reading everything I can about the ship and about Journeys cruising. This is going to be a heck of a way to celebrate my retirement!
  2. Wow...that is kind of rude to not play a song because the tip wasn't large enough. Sounds rather egotistical. I thought he was there to entertain us...not for us to bow down and worship his piano playing and singing. I'm glad it didn't have a negative impact - but I would have walked out - even if I wasn't the one that got dissed.
  3. Wow! Great spreadsheet! Kind of fun to see just how many Carnival ships I have sailed on...and how many more to do!
  4. We actually like , and use, most of our Platinum gifts. Tervis cups, toiletry bags, baseball hats, the blanket, Bluetooth speaker, binoculars, and coffee mug to name a few. There are a few that we just did not use. The Croc visors were probably #1 on that list...hahaha! Funniest looking thing I have ever seen!
  5. My husband and I are booked for an AI in Punta Cana for my birthday in November. Price is great, amenities are extensive, and it is adults only. Am I worried? Not really. We will be careful, just like we always have on the 50+ cruises we have been on. Yes, I read that there are still new incidents of problems, but I am not going to let mass hysteria stop me from going. I'll do my due diligence, and go for what I am sure will be a fabulous week at TRS Turquesa in Punta Cana.
  6. Disney has candy straws for some of their slushy-type frozen drinks, and they are just nasty! These are just candy coated thin paper straws, but they fall apart, are sticky, and the kids all hated them. I can drink a regular soda or water without a straw, but would like one with my frozen drink. Just another change the lines are making. Sigh... Oh well, I'm still cruising - straw or no straw!
  7. I love the Seafood Shack! I always go once or twice during my cruise, and always get the same thing: clam chowder and fried clams! So yummy! I for one am happy to see the switch to the Seafood Shack as I am not one for Indian food. But that is just me. My kids love it, I just never developed a taste for it. As for the cost, I do not believe the prices are outrageous or gouging. I think they are pretty reasonable for the size of the dishes they give you!
  8. MSC Meraviglia Feb 16, 2020 Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya, Ocean Cay
  9. Just booked my first cruise with MSC. I am looking for any and all info regarding dress codes, and are there formal/elegant nights? I am told that the food has a Eurpoean taste to it, but I am not sure what that means LOL! I am very excited to try out a new cruise line. Appreciate anything you want to share! We are booked on MSC Meraviglia
  10. I always liked the notepads and pens, and used them long after my cruise. However, I have to be honest and say I didn't even realize they were gone as I usually bring my own pens and a small notepad or sticky notes myself
  11. Great info...thanks maryred! Sailing on the Magic in September going to Bermuda and we are in the planning stages so appreciate the info!
  12. Thanks for a great review! Paradise is a bit smaller and some folks seem surprised when they get on board. We enjoyed our time on this ship and enjoyed the many opportunities for some R and R
  13. So sorry the OP had a bad experience on The Glory. We have sailed on this ship three times, most recently last summer for our family cruise with a group of 15. We had an absolutely great time! Windjammer was mostly breakfast and lunch, but the food was always good and lots of choices. Lines were not too bad except for Mongolian Wok which is always a wait. Dinner in the dining room was awesome! Great service, great entertainment, delicious choices and great table. The kids enjoyed the slides, and yes - the pools are crowded on sea days but we always found a place to sit. I don't go looking for broken things, but I do notice when a ship shows it's age. Then again, so do I The Glory has some fun shows and entertainment, and the grandkids loved Camp Carnival. We had balcony rooms, cove balconies, and outside cabins and one inside cabin. No issues with room maintenance, and we all compared our towel animals each morning. Our cabin steward told us about the luggage tags, so no issue there either. I hope the OP gives Carnival another try. Perhaps the OP would be more comfortable on a new ship. Happy cruising!
  14. My DH and I recently sailed on Adventure OTS. I know it is not the newest or the biggest, but it was perfect for us and for what we wanted to do on a cruise This was my 51st total cruise, and I am Diamond on Royal. This carries some nice perks which I will go into in a bit. As there aren't too many reviews for this ship, I wanted to share my thoughts We drove down the night before. We live about 3 hours or so from the port but I have learned not to arrive the day of. We stayed at the Embassy Suites and took a taxi to the port. As my DH travels we had points for the hotel and free rental car. So we rented a vehicle from Deltona to the airport in FLL, and then rented one for free to go home. Worked out great. We arrived at the port about noon, and we were on the ship in about 15 to 20 minutes. Since our room would not be ready until a bit after 1pm, we decided to just relax in the Schooner Bar and enjoy a couple of drinks. Once our room was ready we went and got our room keys and dropped off our carry on. We explored the ship a bit until it was time for Muster. Once Muster was finished, we went back to our room. Our suitcases were there so we unpacked. The cabin has so much storage space! We only used about half the drawers, and there were plenty of hangers in the closet. Our cabin number was 7618, which is a Hump Balcony mid-ship. Lots of room for the two reclining chairs plus a full size table. The bathroom was a bit smaller than some of the ships I have been on, but it was adequate and everything was good. Love the shower doors instead of the clingy curtains on some other ships! The biggest downside was the bed and the pillows. I would have been as comfortable sleeping on the floor! I cannot believe how hard the bed was and how flat the pillows were Definitely a negative in my book. We went on the cruise for some much needed R and R. We never got off the ship, and stayed on all week. Our days were spent in the Solarium, out on the balcony, in the casino a bit, or sitting on the Promenade. It was pure bliss. We had the Your Time dining, but still had a reservation for each night. I know it seems a little bit of an oxymoron to have reservations for dining on my time, but it worked for us. We sat at the same table each night with the same staff. Dinner was great every night, and took about an hour. Meals were brought out hot, my water glass stayed full, and I enjoyed my banana split for dessert each and every night. Breakfast was usually at the Windjammer, although we did eat in the dining room twice for breakfast. Lunch was always the Windjammer. It is spread out in a great way and there was little if any congestion or lines during the times we went. The Washy-Washy woman is a pure delight and always made me smile. The casino was very tight both on the slot machines and the tables. The casino was surprisingly not too smoky. I did not notice too many people who were smoking without playing. I am not sure if that is due to good policing by the staff or if less people are smoking. Diamond Perks: We used the free 8x10 photo, and definitely enjoyed the three cocktails loaded onto our Sea Pass card each day between 4:30 and 8:30. Since the drinks were available we never did make it to the lounge for pre-dinner snacks. We were also able to get off the ship a bit quicker since the Loyalty Ambassador was outside and saw us and two other couples who met with him during the week. He literally escorted us through the line and we were off the ship, collected out luggage, went through Customs, and in our car in about 30 minutes. My DH and I just looked at each other and said WOW! I am not sure if I covered everything, but if you have any questions I will try to answer them. We did go to a couple of the shows (don't remember the names) and they were very well done. I didn't keep the daily sheets as they are pretty generic in my opinion. Most folks dressed accordingly to the suggested dress each night for dinner, but there were a few in shorts and jeans on the more dressier nights. I don't care, but thought I would mention it since it comes up in discussion. My DH and I get a bit dressy, but we do it for ourselves and for each other. All in all it was just what we were wanting and needing, and except for the horrible mattress - a perfect cruise for us.
  15. 3 more days till we sail on Adventure OTS for my DH birthday. It has been two years since our last Royal cruise, and we are beyond excited to go! Woo-Hoo!
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