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  1. yes!!! notamermaid - the video made me very hungry! - and I'm craving a BIG piece to the Black Forest Gateau - right now!!
  2. That looks delicious!! Thank you for posting Notamermaid. I've learned a new way to put cherries in Black Forest Gateau. I usually just dot the cherries in the cream but I like the nice thick filling - In these challenging times some cheerfulness and joy is appreciated.
  3. Thank you mef_57 for the work you are doing to help in these challenging times. All those working to provide help and care are heros. Please be safe and stay healthy so you can enjoy many more cruises.
  4. I hadn't seen chengkp75 response before I wrote my post. I trust and value Chengkp's knowledge - he is always the voice of reason. Knowing this information came directly from him, it's info you can trust. When Chengkp talks - I listen!
  5. Thank you so much for explaining some of this. I hope those "sanitizing" pads are working at all times!!!!!
  6. I REALLY don't like the sounds of "recirculating air" but then again I don't know anything a about it. Is the recirculated air cleansed in some way before reciruculation? If not, it sounds like a way for viruses to meet up with everyone on the ship😷
  7. There is also a bit of crying - but it's never listed in the disembarkation instructions.
  8. Thanks for sharing - you and Mr Winks adventures bring a smile to many😊
  9. Your posts are always so informative and fun to read. I don't have a river cruise booked at the moment ( a tear here) but I come here everyday and feel that I always learn something new and see something interesting from your posts. Thank you and Happy New Year 2020
  10. Let me chime here with a BIG thank you!!!! Your pictures and information are wonderful - can't wait to sail on the Sky.
  11. Just wanted to add that the Enclave "pool" is not deep but would probably be okay for stretching - not swimming though
  12. The pool in the Enclave is bigger than the hot tubs and hopefully that "pool" has steps. The Enclave also might be better because it is enclosed. I sure do miss the covered pools like on the Star - useable in all weather. I'm sorry about the outdoor pools not having steps for you. Most people can't understand how difficult life can be with a disability.
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