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  1. Enjoyed your voyage tremendously! Thanks for spending your valuable time to take us along!!!
  2. Does RCCL charge for every room service delivery?I like to order a pot of coffee and some orange juice each morning. What will the service charge be on such a delivery? Thanks!
  3. Are there any other single seniors on this sailing? Looking to share evening meals with other singles.
  4. My husband, son and extended family sailed on the Quantum for the New Years holiday cruise last year and found the lines for dining to be intolerable even though we had reservations for all dining venues. We waited over an hour to get in The Grande on New Years Eve and the food was thrown at us, no bread, no butter, really not a treat! Returned for a second cruise in February and by that time they had added a few more staff members, but the bars were terribly understaffed still. I am not sure I will travel on this class again! Quantum was beautiful, the cabins were lovely except for those half-backed vanity chairs (what were they thinking?), the staff servicing the staterooms on each cruise was fantastic! However, the problems with the restaurants was just not fun! The lack of friendly staff was so apparent! For the rather pricey fares I would much rather sail on any other RCCL ship!
  5. As usual, I enjoyed your review so much! Have fun on the Jewel! Can't wait to hear about it!
  6. Our first cruise was on the Sun Viking in the mid '70s. I remember the meals being finer with much more extensive menus. Chocolates on your pillow every night. Free soda. Passengers always beautifully dressed. Impressive shows. Labadee in the mid-80s consisted of one barbecue, some native Haitians selling handmade wares, a small area for children to play, rustic restrooms, a volleyball net or two and you tendered in to land. Passenger lists. Gifts on your bed. Four page newspapers with stock quotes, sports scores and the headlines of the day. Those were good times!
  7. Will be traveling onLiberty mid-August. Were reservations necessary for the main show?
  8. Thanks so much for that info. You have the greatest information! Appreciate it so much!
  9. The boat ride to the rocks looked neat. Any suggestions about things to do other than the beach you visited?
  10. So excited to find your review! They are always terrific! You don't know how many times I have thanked you mentally for the "sand on the feet/baby powder" trick! Thanks!
  11. Have loved ALL the photos! Never too many! And your commentary is terrific! Thanks for all the energy and effort you have put into this review.
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