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  1. I have not been able to log in at ncl.com for more than 2 weeks. Anyone else having this issue? I tried clearing my cache just in case but it made no difference. We canceled our Mediterranean Aug cruise and I wanted to see if my cruise next certificates have been added back to my account.
  2. Same here. We canceled our Aug Med cruise but spent $2K on flights to Barcelona in early February. Currently, United is only offering travel vouchers for 12 mos from original booking date. I have no idea if we can fly before Feb 2021.....
  3. I'm not necessarily worried about the virus but I will be very disappointed if we're rerouted as this is a bucket list cruise for us. We cruise in August so hopefully, this will have peaked and not really affect us, but trying to think ahead. I know I can cancel my cruise but my airfare is another story.
  4. Yes, I am being a grammatical *****..... Supposably is NOT a word!!!!!! It is a huge pet peeve. Supposedly, OTOH, is what you mean, I will pay any tip as they work hard and I do not.
  5. We like to book early. We booked our summer 2020 Epic cruise a while ago so we have plenty of time to cancel now that the total cruise for the same large balcony cabin is $700 less. We used two cruise next vouchers for the deposit when we booked online directly thru NCL. Is there any downside to cancelling and rebooking? How can I accomplish this and hopefully get the same cabin I initially chose? Will calling NCL be the best option? I don't have an agent to my knowledge. I usually book everything online. Looking for opinions since many of you cruise way more often and have much more knowledge than me. Thanks.
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