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  1. I would absolute LOVE this! How difficult is it to figure out what time one would like to use the sunbed? Vacation or no vacation, deciding when to visit the subbed does not take anything away from the vacation, it actually enhances your relaxation knowing you won't have to deal with the chair hogs!
  2. I'm desperately trying to understand why anyone would make a reservation, then show up late, seemingly from your post....planned in advance.
  3. Thanks, no apology necessary. I was afraid I would have to buy yet another pair of fancy uncomfortable shoes in order to eat in the GDR.
  4. They are the dreaded "Clarks".
  5. You have got to be kidding "Clarks look fine for everything except the GDR and the specialty restaurants" Here is a pic of Clarks, who would tell me they are not dressy enough with a pair of black casual pressed pants? I don't get it.
  6. Thanks for the update. I would find it glorious if I were the only one in any restaurant but then again I eat about 6pm so I haven't run into that situation yet.
  7. @lolawpb Wondering why you were upset the MDR was nearly empty at 8pm? Why would this affect your meal?
  8. Thanks! I have no idea how people keep track of all these abbreviations. I just type "as I understand it" if I'm using that term. Only takes maybe 2 seconds longer! Then again I'm old school so really don't use abbreviations at all when texting or messaging.
  9. Why do you type "AIUI"? How do we know what this means? Is it something related to cruising? I don't get it.
  10. I had to laugh when I read your post about humidity. I see you are from Sacramento and every time I land there the sweat starts pouring out of me and I wonder, "how do they live in this place". To put it in perspective, I live in Las Vegas.
  11. I also had to laugh at your eerie feeling of the empty restaurant. I would love an empty restaurant but don't think that's going to happen at 6:30pm !
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