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  1. Hi, Hope someone can help, There are so many threads and questions regarding this for so many different cruise lines, different ships My wife can not go anywhere without hair straighteners, ( I'm being polite but her hair is frizzzzzy ! ) I am asking if anyone knows if you are allowed hair straighteners on a Costa Cruise ( New Ship Toscana ) Thanks for your help
  2. This is my second questions, again my apologies if this has already been talked about I have taken the "My Drinks Plus Beverage Package" on our Costa Toscana Cruise , I'm so looking forward to this. After looking at some reviews and also a menu, how do I know what drinks I am allowed to chose that is on my drinks package ? If my wife and I are looking at any wine to have with a meal, how do we know without asking, what is on our drinks package or if we have to "additional purchase". This information on the "My Costa" is not that clear. If someone can help, it would be greatly beneficial. Thanks to any reply
  3. #maryann2 Thank you so much for this, your a star.
  4. Hi, My family & I can not wait until we board the Costa Toscana in July, we are looking forward to a great cruise. But, like many families, there is always one child that is so fussy in what they eat, it creates a little problem. I hope there is someone there that can help with this question....please forgive me if it has already been asked in another post. My wife & I and also my teenager son are all looking forward to trying all the different food and trying new tastes on board the Toscana, but ....our youngest, who is 9, only wants chicken nuggets and fries, or chicken strips and fries. Yes they eat pasta and cheese, but in limited amounts. I know that the squok club might offer chicken nuggets, but when the rest of us are at a restaurant on board, is there anyway we could get a portion of nuggets and fries just for the 9 year old? or does the child just have to go with nothing until the others are finished? Can someone advise ? can we even take a portion from the squok club into a restaurant or an open dining ? Thank you in advance of your answers.
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