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  1. That's worth celebrating! I always included pre boarding days as part of it!
  2. I usually have this dream days before the cruise, which causes me to check and recheck for them an unhealthy number of times while packing and leaving for the airport! 😂
  3. Yep, I always enjoy the extra day. We always find something fun to do, even if it is just hanging out at the pool. Knowing that it's the least crowded pool we'll see all week!
  4. I just suggested that idea to my wife. We live 20-25 minutes from the airport, but our flight for our next trip is at 7:20! Might be nice to already be there!
  5. So true. I couldn't imagine the stress of flying and getting to the port on time on the same day. I know lots of people do it, but we are like you. We enjoy restaurants, local beaches, we've even gone to watch some sail aways on the day before our cruise.
  6. We always have planned to arrive at our departure port at least a day early. We have never had a issue, but hearing stories like yours reminds us that it is a worthwhile practice. We did have our flight change for our upcoming trip, fortunately we are still months out and we were able to get it resolved. Got better flights than we booked initially!
  7. Sounds like you are going to have a great cruise! haha
  8. I'm looking forward to some workouts to burn those extra cruise calories. What is the fitness center like? Was it crowded?
  9. Definitely when we book. Then starts all the planning, airfare, hotels, extra days, etc.
  10. Most cruises that I've been on have had disappointing sail aways. I'm interested in hearing the responses to this question.
  11. The last time we cruised bringing your own bottles of wine onboard was something new. Is the policy still the same?
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