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  1. Just off the Regal in the Baltic, YES WE HAD PICKLEBALL. The equipment isn't the best, but neither are 90% of the players. The set up a second net, makeshift-type at best, so they could have two games going on at a time, and maybe 8-10 waiting to get on. If you think you need you own paddle bring it, but I wouldn't demand it. They have paddles and balls.
  2. Just off the Regal and the Beatle Maniacs were playing for our Baltic 11-day cruise. They did a night in the Princes Theater and a night in the Piazza 2 night later. That ship is headed to NYC now but I am not sure if the Beatle Maniacs got off the ship or where.
  3. Mystery solved. Emerald Waterways confirmed with me that there is not a problem getting to the airport for a 7:00 AM flight. The ship the Emerald Radiance docks in Porto the night before. Just means a very early wake up. Thanks all
  4. Yes I know the transfer is included, just wondering if this early horrible fight times are within their realm. Can they get us to the airport at that time, or am I bound to the charter buses at a slightly later hour. "Forget it, we're not taking you to the airport at 4:30 in the morning". Our other option is to take the train up to Lisbon for a leisurely ride and catch the early evening flight their. The Porto flight is going to route via Lisbon anyway.
  5. We are booked on the Emerald Radiance sailing the Douro River in August. We need to fly out of Porto and looking at the times, can anyone say if these time are doable? We are going to Tegel-Berlin from Porto. Morning flights leave 5, 6 and 7 AM Can we make them with disembarking on the final day? The other options are late afternoon and very late arrival into Berlin, airport hotel. KEN
  6. Is there a general search category for looking for repositioning cruises, say, Atlantic ocean from Europe to the USA in August of September. We took a TransPacific last year, loved it. Not sure where to start to look, Europe to USA on Princess only. Thanks for pointers KEN
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