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  1. I’m sorry, I may have worded it wrong, but from my understanding there’s 2 ports in punta arenas. So i believe they were asking me which of those 2 we will be coming in
  2. Hi! I’m doing my first south america and antartica cruise in december, on the oosterdam from HAL. When we are in punta arenas, i am trying to book a penguin tour. The tour provider has asked me which dock we will be at. There’s prat pier and mardones pier. We are arriving on January 1. Does anyone know how I can find this out?? It’s not on the navigator app, and i’m not sure how else i can find out?
  3. Do they make it easy to locate things on the ship and to know where to go for things? I know the ship is huge, I can’t even comprehend it right now without being on one before. But is it fairly self explanatory where things are located, how to use the buffet, etc? This is reminding me of my freshman year of college where I had to learn how things work on campus lol
  4. Thanks!! This might be a silly question, but what are some examples of the entertainment on board in the evening? Yes, I downloaded the navigator app, and I see that they have different venues and stages, but what exactly do they do there?
  5. Thank you so much!! When people say “dining rooms” (as maljo did above) what are they referring to? Is that any of the places where you get waited on? Also, the Lido market is the buffet place, correct? Where the dress code doesn’t apply? Sorry for all of the questions, I just want to make sure I understand lol.
  6. We are on the Oosterdam! And okay thank you I will check that out.
  7. Thanks! We are doing a 28 day mediterranean cruise! I didn’t even know about the pizza place or the Lido market until you said that. I have done so much research but I fear I am still woefully underprepared
  8. Hi! I’m leaving for my first cruise with HAL on Tuesday and I am slightly confused about the dress code situation. From what I’ve gathered it’s only really applicable during the night time too? We are not planning on going to any of the fancy restaurants or the ones you have to pay extra for, just whatever ones that are included. On the itinerary it says things like “smart casual” “casual” and “dressy”. I was under the impression that these dress codes only apply to the fancier restaurants but I think I might be wrong? I obviously wasn’t going to show up in a string bikini or anything, but just a tshirt and shorts for most nights is what i was planning. Is the dress code for going to restaurants or just if you leave your room at all after 5 pm you have to be dressed up or whatever? If I don’t have clothes that are appropriate could I just order room service and eat in my room? Like I said, I’ve never been on a cruise before at all so I am new to all of this and I don’t really get it.
  9. I’m working with the airline to move my flight. If I was to fly in the day before, do you know if HAL offers transfers usually on just the embarkation day, or would they possibly be able to do a transfer to Civi the day before? I already bought the HAL transfer so I hope I could still use it.
  10. This is seriously so smart!! I just checked, and the latest arrival time is 3 pm that HAL offers. Our is 3:15. Maybe I should pay to get seats toward the front of the plane so we can get off quickly? If i completely cancel the flight, I will only get $20 back. I can reschedule it with the same airline (Norse), but they only do one flight per day so I would have to arrive 24 hours early then pay for a hotel, etc. That was such a good idea thank you for that!
  11. I considered coming the day before, but it’s just so expensive for a hotel and the flight prices are way higher. I am flying from JFK, and I have a US passport. I’m 90% sure my flights I can change for a fee, but I would have to look into that. When I was booking the transfer, and when I did the online check in, they both asked for my arrival flight numbers and times. I feel like if it was really not available they wouldn’t have allowed it or there would have been an error message or something. Maybe not though. I’m planning to get on the phone again with someone to confirm that everything is fine, but I am really hoping that it is 🙃
  12. Hi! Going on my first HAL cruise this summer, and I was wondering if anyone has experienced what I am seeing on the navigator app right now? We booked the transfers to the port from Rome and then to the airport from Venice. Got the emails saved and payment went through and everything was confirmed about a month ago. However, on Navigator, when I am looking at “my itinerary” the first transfer from the airport to the ship doesn’t show up on the days schedule. At the bottom, we do see the transfer to the airport on the last days schedule. Is this something I should be concerned about? Going off of this, I was wondering if anyone had an input on the situation we have with arrival flights. We did not book with HAL (I know the risks and everything) for the flights. On the itinerary it says we leave Rome at 7 pm. I couldn’t get a straight answer about what time we needed to land in Rome by, and after several phone calls with different answers, it seems like the general consensus from team members was “don’t arrive before 3 pm”. This sounded kind of weird, maybe they meant don’t arrive any later than 3 pm? But they surely said don’t arrive before 3 pm. So, I booked flights with the arrival time of 3:15. After I did that, I found this website and found that we should arrive 4 hours before the departure time. I am worried that we might be arriving too late, by time we clear customs and get our bags. Does anyone have experience that they could share with this? Or any input?
  13. The tour suggested a taxi or the public transportation. The tour ends in the grand bazaar (which i’m assuming is a very busy place). When I look on google maps, it says that the distance from there to the cruise port is 22 minutes for both walking and public transportation. Wondering if we should just walk but stay on main streets? We are 2 21 year old girls, but we’re both very tall (6’0+) and full bodied so I’m hoping that won’t make us a target or anything.
  14. This is great news! Thank you so much! Yeah the excursion we booked for istanbul picks us up from the port, but none of the excursions offered return service, I wonder if that’s why? I planned on getting a taxi but it is good to know about the tram! Thank you so much!
  15. Hi! I am going on my first cruise with my friend next month. It is a HAL 24 day mediterranean cruise. I worked at a HAL hotel and I knew that the excursions we sold to people were almost double the regular price, and so I decided to book all of the excursions in the ports independently. I know the risks that come with this and everything, I gave us 2 hours on either end for excursions, and 3 hours if there was a tender. That being said, I was following the times given on our cruise itinerary. I’ve been doing some research regarding ship time vs local time and everything that I am reading is mostly about mexico and the caribbean. We will be in Italy, greece, montenegro, turkey, and croatia. I think that we will be fine, but I just want to double check if anyone could help me? As an example, on the navigator app, it says we arrive in Ephesus at 7 am. So, the excursion I booked (in local time) is picking us up at 9 am. Navigator says we are leaving at 6:30 pm, so we will be dropped off by 5 pm (local time). Is my method of doing this correct or am I mistaken? I can cancel any of the excursions booked so I am trying to plan in advance! Thank you!
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