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  1. In dreams of the sea, I gently sail afar, To cruise anew beneath the guiding star. From Liverpool's embrace, they set their course, These maritime odysseys, a thrilling source. Exotic lands, they beckon with allure, Yet on those flights, my heart remains unsure. For there, the tourist traps await to claim, Their pockets brimming with desires aflame. But in my reverie, I choose to stay, Onboard the ship where I shall while away. Beneath the sun's warm kiss on decks I'll roam, Or find my haven in a cherished home. A bar, a lounge, with views so picturesque, The distant shore, forever in my quest. Untouched, unspoiled, it seems beyond my reach, Yet on the ship, I find what words can't teach. My love for cruises lies in maritime grace, In endless decks where wanderers find their place. Each corner of the vessel tells a tale, Of mariners and crew who boldly sail. A cosy nook, a hidden corner, rare, Where time is still, and life is free from care. In knitting or a book, I find my bliss, As digital distractions cease to persist. My mobile rests, its messages unread, While I sail on, in parallel worlds widespread. In this realm, I'm one with sea and sky, In cruise's embrace, I find my soul can fly. Amidst the waves, where endless oceans meet, A sailor's paradise, serene and sweet. Onboard, I thrive, my spirit finds its grace, In this enchanting, never-ending place.
  2. Cruise ducks! So lovely! It have been around for a few years and the fun trend is only becoming more popular! Ask guys from Consulate bar near smoking area about "crocheting Babushka" from Liverpool and her DoNuts! It's me! Say Hi to them from Babushka! Good luck! Feel envy...oh...Ambition! https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEhHsHMzj335J4ealL_A4N7VU-HPlVSGlsdasVikIl6C8sRItvpTDz0hyIoHJGA2IAYGFlUsxn_kMdhHS_DQxCBgdgw39C5emvVCORgW4rDIPA8NKGmTUadXtXeG-QsBnYRBxICZl-0-ep2ZcSxESsvo7IGQhZLA4FPJFFiz78ZMhbQTMLjCAYcGFf32D10l/s16000/IMG_5850.jpg
  3. Thank you very much for your Ambition cruise story! We returned from a cruise on Ambition on August 21 -- 13 night cruise. We liked the ship and that's why we're so interested! More photos please! Happy holiday!
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