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  1. Thanks for the info re trains and metro. There are a few fast trains from the port so I´m going to make my own way there. If I try to get Colloseum tickets from 11.00 onwards, that should give me enough time to get there. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the heads-up about the buses out of season, etc. We are travelling in December 2023 so might be the same issue, although the train I speak of is supposedly dedicated to Costa customers only. That said, I was only considering the excursion because of the predictability/reliability of public transport. However, if the trains are reasonably reliable and we can plan our trip into the city and back with some degree of predictability, we will probably sack the excursion and head straight to the station ourselves. Thanks again
  3. Has anyone used Costa´s Green Train excursion from Civitavecchia into Rome? In particular, can anyone tell me the departure/arrival times, as Costa Customer Services don´t seem to know for sure 🤣 I want to book entry tickets for the Colosseum, etc, but without knowing when the train gets into Rome and when it leaves, I am worried I will book a time that makes life difficult. Thanks
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