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  1. You are kidding right? You call the doctor. Ask for a renewal (if it isn't automatic) and they call it into the pharmacy. You drive over and pick up your spouse's prescription. It is done every day. Even prescriptions such as Oxycontin can be picked up by others that are not the prescribed if the pharmacist knows them.
  2. The OP hasn't come back BUT has not said whether she wants to eat in the MDR, buffet or just get pictures. It is all just conjecture on everyone's part. I agree. T-shirts are t-shirts. Around the ship, sure. In the buffet, sure. In the MDR, a solid no. No, it won't ruin my cruise. But, yes, it will impact me quiet enjoyment of seeing all the men, women and children looking their finest. It won't kill you once to twice a year to not look and dress like a slob. I also think the "it's my vacation and to H*ll with the rest of you" attitude explains why so many people are "me me me" today and don't have enough manners to hold a door open for someone. Thank goodness both my children taught their children manners. My grandchildren know that if they are cruising, then they are dressing appropriately. There is no discussion. OP, last cruise I bought the photo package and wanted to make sure we got lots of pictures. My kids knew - hurry up (and wait) for all the different backgrounds because they were taking pictures. That was my payment for their cruise.
  3. Actually the OP said HE would like to snorkel. He was going on a cruise with wife and child who couldn't swim but he was still interested in snorkeling. I read it that only he was interested.
  4. You can always make sure before you make the purchase that they will give you back US dollars and also bring small bills. In other words, don't make a $2 purchase with a $20 bill. Have plenty of singles with you.
  5. The crew has no need for prepaid calling cards either. IF they need them they can get them cheaper on board. Plus many cards bought in the US can only be used from the US making the worthless. With Syke and all the other on line programs they hardly need to use the phone anymore when they can see family on line.
  6. Your "experienced cruisers" don't know much do they? You are also easily offended and need to get over it. On most cruise lines crew are only allowed to keep the additional money IF you left the auto gratuity on. Therefore, as a courtesy to YOU so YOU don't have to spend time during your wonderful day going to the Purser's Desk, they leave the envelope for you to write your name and cabin number. I would have been offended if he demanded payment, if he was overly aggressive in the way he gave it to you etc. Lying it on the bed is hardly offensive. Do you also get offended in restaurants when they give you a receipt with a line for the tip and then down below they have already figured out how much 15%, 18% and 20% is? Ya, I thought so. Get better "experienced cruisers" friends cos the ones you know aren't that experienced and don't know squat.
  7. AAA does a lot of DMV stuff. Maybe you can get it done there. That is if you are a member. Might be worth becoming one if they will do it. I do all my DMV stuff there. A fraction of the time.
  8. Actually, I think the one the others were thinking about: the guy actually renewed his passport but didn't tell her. He just quietly put it on the table amidst her other travel documents (next to the expired passport) and let her find it. A jerk thing to do.
  9. When I first read the title I thought it read, can you use someone else's credit card. I thought, SURE! My kid's do it all the time. My favorite was when my son, DIL and DGD were in the line next to me checking in and he casually turns to me and says, "mom, I need your credit card." I said, I paid for your cruise, air fare and excursions. Why do you need my credit card? "How do you expect me to pay my onboard expenses and my tips? I don't have any money" he says. Heavy sigh. "I dunno" I say as I hand it over wondering where my DD was. I found her in her cabin at the end of the cruise wondering why she hadn't asked me for my CC yet LOL. "Here, use mine", I say. So, yes, you can use someone else's credit CARD :')
  10. We've done group cruises like yours. Princess charged us nothing to take the pictures. We had a private party. The photographer showed up, posed us and took a few pictures and left. Fun for us and revenue for them. Since it was a private party there was no one walking by to take the picture.
  11. These seats were reserved for suite passengers. The suite passengers got there early and picked out the seats they wanted. They sat patiently waiting for the show to begin. At some point before the show the suite seats were open to the public. Someone waited patiently, stalking out the seats until the seating was opened to the public. She then tried to push her way into the "good" seats that she hadn't paid for but was now allowed to use. Instead of being happy that she could get a seat there she started gathering her friends to sit there as well. This meant them having to get up and disrupt the people in the seats they were already in. Then she expected the person that actually paid for the right to sit there to move. Being rude to me would not have been the way to win. Had it been me, I would have said no. I paid for my seat and I was entitled to use it. Why should I move? You came into where I was sitting. Unless, like some PPs have stated if it were a family with small kids or for a disabled person but not because you couldn't bear to be separated from your friends who already had seats for 30 minutes.
  12. This is what I was thinking. Unless you plan on driving flying is just a hop, skip and a jump to a port city. Maybe a few more minutes one way or the other but certainly not that big of a deal if leaving from a US port. I believe, comparatively, the cost of flying also might work out cheaper then driving as well. Especially if it is a long drive then you would have to factor in hotels and food. I can fly from LA to Vancouver in less time then I can drive from my house to the airport on a busy traffic day. Well, almost.
  13. In almost 30 cruises I have never heard all this one up manship that people talk about here. Never heard a rude Elite or Suite passenger. The closest we've gotten is people asking if this was our first cruise or not.... a conversation starter.
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