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  1. How does this work? If I see a bottle of liquor that is served on the ship in port and take a pic of the price what do I do with it? Does this work for pre-ordering bottles from the Fun Shop to have the liquor in the cabin upon arrival?
  2. I do the same thing. It works great to not have the curtain sticking to you
  3. Why so bitter? How does people buying faster to the fun affect you?
  4. What is Global Entry? I purchased FTTF for my trip last week on Splendor and thought it was great and well worth it to not wait in ridiculously long lines at embarkation and for Half Moon Cay. The waits for the tender at Half Moon Cay were over an hour and a half. We were some of the first people to be on board. I loved having our room ready when we got on the ship and our luggage had already been delivered so we could start unpacking. I did have to call guest services a couple of time due to loud music coming from the night club because the bass was literally shaking our room until 2 or 3 am every night and they were very responsive to the dedicated phone line for FTTF people. We didn't take advantage of the early debarkation because we had a later flight but I can also see the advantage of this if we had an earlier flight.
  5. Hi, I'll be on board in two weeks and was hoping to see a recent fun times for Splendor so I can do a little planning. I would love it if you would share yours if you have one :D
  6. I agree! I checked 40 minutes after this was posted and all out!
  7. Thanks for letting us know. If you see them again, please be sure to post!
  8. I bought some from both AARP and Verizon. The AARP were delivered in a week. Verizon makes you sign for the delivery and it goes through UPS. I think it took about two weeks for those cards.
  9. I was like you, I kept checking back for Splendor and 44 days out it became available again. Keep trying.:D
  10. If you are interested in purchasing and find that it is sold out (it does sell out quickly) keep checking back. I have checked often over the past two months and just today - 44 days before my cruise did it become available. I booked it and am now looking forward to getting to the fun even faster :)
  11. Hi, thank you for the review. I am sailing on Splendor next month and am so excited. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind answering. 1. What is the Premier Casino invite? How does one get this and what does it involve? 2. Did you get the hamburgers at the burger place? If so what time do the restaurants open during embarkation. I really don't want to eat at the buffet for lunch after we board so am hoping other restaurants are open. 3.You mention wristbands for kids. What is that for? Thanks in advance. I look forward to reading the rest of your review.
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