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  1. A Carnival rep called me tonight and I decided to rebook for Celebration 2023. Apparently construction has started at the shipyard but we'll see how progress comes along especially once operations/cash flow resume. Also, the rep indicated Mardi Gras will be in the US in late December in order to prepare for Spring sailings. We'll see!
  2. I haven't seen any published reports about Celebration's construction status either which makes me think it can be a candidate for cancellation for financial reasons. My Mardi Gras cruise was officially cancelled this AM. Perhaps I'll reschedule it for 2023 but I was looking forward to sailing the latest ship. We'll see.
  3. Hi, Looking to reschedule my Mardi Gras February 2021 to Celebration February 2023. There's so much uncertainty that it's possible cruising will not become "more" normal until 2022 when vaccinations/therapeutics are more available. Any updates on the construction progress for the new ship? Just my luck, Carnival will scrap plans for this ship and I'll be stuck rescheduling ANOTHER cruise 🙂 Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
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