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  1. Thank you for the responses. We will have trip insurance but it may be better to take the much later flight. I would hate for us to be rushed/worried at the end of the vacation.
  2. Hi, We're researching flight options for our summer cruise on Anthem of the Seas. The cruise returns on a Thursday AM. If we self disembark, is it likely we can make an 11am flight from Newark? There are later flights but they are significantly more expensive and we prefer not to fly out of New York airports. Any tips/recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Thank you for your review --- looking forward to additional details. We're booked on our first RC sailing for next summer and will be on the Anthem of the Seas. We're in room 9187 and according to the deck plan, there's not a cabin next to it. If there's an opportunity, is it possible to determine if there's a utility or storage room next to it? We're a little concerned about potential noise and would need to change cabins if the location seems questionable. Thank you so much and continue enjoying your vacation!
  4. Hi - Has anyone sailed in this cabin on either ship? It's an interior room but there's a wall next door. I'm curious if there's noise due to it being a storage or utility room. Looking forward to my first RC cruise! Thank you
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