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  1. Funny...I saw it this morning and thought of you & then I saw your post. Yup, $800 more than what I paid!
  2. Mine was $800 more! I'm curious about the FVs but not sure I'd like to be all the way forward. Oh, well....next time!
  3. CruisinDawn: We are on your cruise & saw the drop this morning & moved from a 2B to a C1...no price increase. I agree w/the others...wouldn't pay more for CC...honestly, I see virtually no benefit other than a slightly better cabin location perhaps, although I would've been fine w/my deck 7 cabin. Did you look at the prices this afternoon? They went way up.
  4. I was recently on Eclipse & there was a bartender named Singh. Wonder if it's the same one?
  5. But without any perks in a suite, we can still get alcoholic drinks in the Retreat lounge, right? That's all I'm concerned about.
  6. Thanks, Jelayne! Yes, I think it's a resident rate & for a cruise that's past FP.
  7. Yes, you can. They have prices for perks & no perks...at least for the sailing I'm looking at. $1K difference & if drinks are available in the lounge, I don't need the drink pkg.
  8. OK, thx. I'm still really annoyed that X can't answer a simple question such as this correctly...
  9. Thanks. That's what I thought. It was like jumping thru hoops trying to get an answer from X & was told no drinks w/out drink pkg. Glad to see they're consistent in continuing to disseminate wrong info....
  10. Thinking about booking a suite w/no perks. Can someone please tell me if being in a suite would enable me to get alcoholic beverages at the Retreat or elsewhere throughout the day? I had always thought that was how it worked w/Michael's Club. I just called X & they told me no drinks for suite passengers unless you have the drink pkg.
  11. OK, got it. THANKS! Long-time cruiser, but first time in a suite for us, so trying to fully understand the perks ahead of time. We're flying in the night before & probably won't bother bringing water if we can get it in the lounge.
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