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  1. The prior cruise was actually 16 days, not 11. I believe those of us onboard were told on Thursday? I think we made it to day 14 before the breakout. I certainly didn't see any manifestation of it before then. My cabin was on deck 13, where the medical facility entrance is ln the elevator lobby. I didn't see any uptick in visitors until about that time and, even then, it wasn't a large number. My stateroom overlooked the pier and I never saw any indication of ambulances or sick passengers from when we docked until I left my stateroom at about 7am for breakfast. I disembarked about 8am and everything seemed completely normal.
  2. I forgot - I sent my request in late in a Friday afternoon and received my confirmation email on Tuesday. Pretty quick.
  3. I had expected a $250 credit on a solo, 16 day cruise. I only got 50% credit in the form of $25 and $100 on-board credit certificates. Two separate certificates, which I thought was strange. The email said that guests paying single fare are not entitled to full benefits. I’ve seen discussions on these boards about the various promo codes in the top right hand corner of the cruise confirmation sheets. Mine says, ALL4FW EASYFARE LATITUDE SINGLE I am sailing solo, but believe I did not get any special solo pricing. Does “SINGLE” mean only one person in the cabin or does it mean single or solo pricing? Is there a listing of these codes anywhere and what they all mean? I’m also receiving double latitude points, but I don’t know if I should have a code on there for that or what it would be. So confusing.....
  4. Going on the Joy, which has a Concierge level of cabins. Seems like this is a new thing for the US sailings that is a holdover from Asian sailings. Can’t find much info about this cabin level and it’s benefits, but really interested to know if you would get an additional Latitude point for booking, as do suites and The Haven? Seems like this ship and cabin configuration is so new that NCL hasn’t addressed it yet (or maybe they won’t!) Anyone from the Alaskan sailings that can answer this? Thanks.
  5. In some fairness to Acapulco, I will say that I’ve been in Cozumel twice this year and both times there were armed troops in big pick up trucks driving around and parked at the water taxi pier.
  6. The itinerary of Nov 8 Panama canal cruise on the NCL Joy was changed today. No explanation given, but Costa Rica has been changed to Acapulco, meaning there are now 4 ports in Mexico on this cruise. The website hasn't been updated to reflect the change, so no shore excursions showing yet. Looking for info and tips on what to do in Acapulco and how safe you felt, while there. Thanks.
  7. I sailed out of NOLA this January, excited to see the scenery on the Mississippi. However, it got dark very early and so I didn’t see much. You would see lights blinking along the way, but I don’t remember any towns or anything else lit up at night that was worthwhile. Plus, it was pretty chilly out in the balcony. All in all, a bust. I was disappointed.
  8. What about these? I think they are inflatable lifeboats on the Breakaway? Can anyone confirm this? If so, how do they work? Maybe there’s helium in those tanks and the passengers can just fly the inflatable whatever’s to safety? Sounds like a plan!!
  9. I have the 250 minute internet package the comes with the Free at Sea. I know that this wasn’t enough minutes on an 11 day cruise, so I need more on a 16 day cruise. I only need basic wi-fi, not streaming. How much to add more minutes and how do I do that? Can I do it before sailing or wait till onboard? TIA
  10. I booked 9 days ahead of a January sail this year. No problems at all.
  11. lkjacobs - We are on the same Roll Call for Nov and I've been following this thread on CC. I am about to buy the NCLH stock in order to obtain the OBC and was counting on the $250 credit for that cruise. However, that stock purchase isn't as attractive now, as you believe they arbitrarily assign how much OBC you will receive. I will probably still buy it, but this is very troublesome. Also, I'm not sure if I paid 200% or not. I booked directly with NCL and when I look at the pricing online, I only input 1 traveler and didn't pay attention to the pricing that initially showed for 2 passengers. I'll look more closely next time! Maybe we can discuss more when cruising - by then I'll see what they've given me for OBC.
  12. Thinking about doing this tour with NCL in November. Interested in the size of bus that's used, if they are air conditioned or open air? If you did this tour, what did you think of it? Highlights/lowlights? Do you see much of the city of San Jose? I haven't seen a tour here that I really want to do, but I used to work for a company that had an office there, so I was thinking of taking this. Please let me know what you thought of this tour. TIA
  13. Cruising on NCL Joy, arriving Los Angeles November 24. That's a Sunday, before Thanksgiving, so I assume it will be pretty busy. Also assuming the ship will port in San Pedro? Burbank has the cheapest fares. What's the best way and cost for 1 person to get to Burbank? I'd like to get my return flight nailed down. Appreciate the help.
  14. Just booked this ship for the week before Thanksgiving, as a solo. I’ve never sailed with HAL before and I ‘m excited. After reading this thread, I’m really concerned about boredom setting in while on the ship. I’m fine doing a lot of relaxing and reading (now I know to bring my own books!), but it sounds like there’s not much else to do? Is this true? Do you think they may pump up the entertainment or activities that week, since it’s close to the holiday?
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