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  1. I see this thing currency conversion authorization and I am puzzled as to what is the right choice?
  2. You are going to love Voyager. She is a beautiful ship. We are sailing her again for a b2b in January. 14 days are better than 7. :) We don't go to formal nights either. I promised 14 years ago, when I retired, that I would never put on a tie again. I wore one for 30 years every day Monday through Friday. For supper the Windjammer has great food on formal nights. I always put on a pair of boogie board shorts (the long ones) and a hawaiian shirt. It makes me feel comfortable and festive at the same time. Many people dress up for supper, take pictures, and then change into something more comfortable. We always figure out the tips in advance and then put cash in the envelopes at the end of the cruise depending on the service we receive. We always do the minimum and many times do more. Especially with the room attendant and the waiter/assistant waiter. Lots of people do pre-paid, but it takes the personal touch out of it for me. BTW...spend some time seeing Barcelona. It is a beautiful city. My favs are the Gaudi architectural masterpieces and Las Ramblas. Hope this helps. Peter
  3. Dw and I just returned from a 13 day b2b cruise in the Med. We were in Barcelona twice. Once we took the excursion from the ship to all the Gaudi sites etc. and the next time we took the ship's shuttle ($5.00 each person, each way). No one ever said anything about the fact that the city buses run on time and more often than the shuttle, plus they are a lot cheaper. Moreover they drop you off closer to the places you might want to visit (i.e. Las Ramblas, the Cathedral, or La Sagrada Familia) The shuttle takes you as far as the Columbus column and you walk for a long while to get to anything worth seeing. If I would have known what I know now, I would have taken the city buses instead. Live and learn. I thought you might like to know also. Knowledge is power! Happy traveling, Peter
  4. I know what happened. Com Ed turned off the power on a "FTP" (failure to pay). And you wondered why all the cutbacks. :D:D
  5. I am reading on the internet, in the financial section, how the major cruise lines are "drastically discounting" Alaska cruises. (Royal Caribbean is one of them) That peeks my interest, so I go to RC site and two other fav places and....behold... no bargains there. I go on a "google" search and check five other places finding no bargains there either. Just wondering. Where are we supposed to find these bargains? I always book a balcony room and usually pay under $800 each for a 7 day cruise. The "drastically discounted" Alaska tours are all over $1100. Does anyone else find this strange? Peter
  6. I was reading on this forum and one of the members of one thread mentioned "reinstatement" of CL services for Diamond Members. I continued reading threads and another person said the same thing. ??? Has there been a change that I am unaware? I was under the impression that there would be a Diamond Lounge on the Freedom Class and above ships, a separate area for Diamond Members to get a free glass of wine or a discounted drink on other ships, and the CL would be for Diamond Plus and Grand Suite and above members only. Someone might ask, "Wouldn't the cruise line send an email to this guy if anything changed?" Maybe, but I never got an email for the first change. Any info out there? Thanks.
  7. After reading some of the comments I can't help but think "being critical" is no longer permitted on Cruise Critic. I, for one, appreciate the opinions/experiences of others and that gives me a chance to think about where I stand on their issue. There are people on this board sailing almost every day of the year and they post their experiences so we can all benefit. Some are "pre-cruise" opinions and some are "post-cruise" experiences.. all are valid. Sorry, but I don't call it "bashing". My opinion.
  8. Sorry... just trying to be cute with the last post. Ten months ago we were in Ocho Rios and we walked to the mall. (just a few blocks from the pier) Shopped the stores and then negotiated with a cabbie for a trip by asking the usual questions. Where are we going? What will we see? How much will it cost? Get all this settled before entering the taxi. We ended up spending the 5 hours with him (six of us) for $80 total cost. He stopped in a little store and bought beer for the adults and juice (for the kids) and some snacks, We also stopped for food (really inexpensive and delicious). We saw some great views, among them was the Dunn River Falls, a lot of local color. It was great. Like having your own private tour guide. Hope this helps Peter Go you Cubbies!!!
  9. I have not received the standard email from Adam Goldstein, maybe b/c I never wrote him. I did, however, write Vicki Freed (Senior VP of Sales) who came over from Carnival. Email to follow: "Thanks for your e-mail. I'm very sorry that you did not receive a response to your last note. As you can imagine, we have received many comments regarding the recent changes to the Crown & Anchor Society. Based on this feedback, Mr. Goldstein wanted to make some changes that would appease our Diamond members. He did outline those changes in his letter. Please know that we certainly appreciate the support and feedback from you and all of our most loyal guests." Best regards, Vicki Vicki L. Freed, CTC SVP, Sales and Trade Support & Services I thought it was a nice touch and showed a lot of class on her part. According to my TA (not an employee of RCI) Vicki is a great gal and easy to work with. Just thought I should share this after sharing all my angst about the sudden changes. Peter Go you Cubbies!!
  10. Find a shady spot and sit down with a 12 pack of ice cold Red Stripe(the store will sell it to you and put it in a large plastic bag full of ice) and drink till you fall asleep. <smile>
  11. I am a recent diamond member. Not sure what that even means anymore. I have read many, many posts. I have heard many sides to an issue that seems like RC is just a bunch of greedy so and so's to me. I was led to believe that I was valued as a repeat customer and now I feel I am not. I just cancelled two upcoming cruises that I paid the deposit on and now I will either try to do something different with my vacation or save the money. Either way, I am just too disappointed and saddened by the actions of RCI to sail with them again. At least for now. I don't like the big mega-ships. (tried them once) So that is that. This will be my last post for a while as it is just too depressing to read this thread any longer. Royal Caribbean just doesn't give a damn and now neither do I. Peter
  12. I also wrote an email to Viki Freed and I think the temperature in hell will be around 95 degrees f. before I get an answer. But... I will post if I am still alive.
  13. Really? I am a odd one then. I always decide purchases based on what I get for my money. Especially now, since money is tight. Being retired, I really can't afford to give more money for something I don't get value in return. A few dollars here and a few dollars there adds up. Just my humble opinion. Flame away.
  14. Not to be disagreeable with what you have said, except on our last two cruises the Concierge let you take drinks out of the lounge. (I was a Diamond only on those cruises so I do not know the policy before that) I left a drink on the bar one night and the bartender told me I should take it rather than having him throw it out. I walked by the Concierge and he said, "Goodnight". That was that.
  15. The assertion that the CL is overcrowded does not fly in the face of fact. Six months ago I was on the Radiance of the Seas and they had a total of 71 people who had CL privileges. The lounge was empty most of the time. Fourteen months ago I went to the Southern Caribbean on a "member" cruise and the first night it was crowded so they moved the Happy Hour to another venue. It was fine after that. The point is not booze. The point is I was promised something. It was taken away for no fault of my own. Quit defending a bad policy and start writing letters to RCL letting them know how you feel.
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