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  1. Husband and I were on the Horizon in January and it was one of our best cruises! We had a balcony and ATD and loved our waiter for the week, our room steward was great also! Go for it and enjoy!!!!
  2. Thank you everyone. I had to pass because my boss said it was too far out to commit to giving me the week off! He said I could book if I wanted but I may not get the week! I'm not willing to lose $500.00 on a maybe! I usually book and don't tell him until I have to and it works out but I have never had to put a $500.00 deposit down (non refundable)! Maybe I will visit this cruise again when it gets closer.
  3. Thank you. I have to decide tomorrow to either take it or not. Unfortunately this is all that is available on this sailing (and inside cabins). I can't believe they are almost sold out this far out! I usually book a year out. We don't have mobility issues so that is not a problem.
  4. Thinking of booking the Magic for December 7th and the only balcony cabins left are guarantee (holding one for me). I have always picked my balcony cabin so I'm a little leery about booking the guarantee. Please let me know your experiences with booking a guarantee balcony. Thank you in advance.
  5. 610 days I will have to get another one in there in the meantime
  6. I was on this same cruise and had a totally different experience. We also had anytime dining and our wait staff was great. We requested the same wait staff each night. The AFC game was on the big screen on the lido deck on Sunday night. We watched the Patriots beat KC!!!! Our cruise was one of he best we have been on. Sorry you did not have the same experience.
  7. Was on the Horizon the week of Jan 20th. The live shows were going on. The Celestial Strings show is not on the 6 day but they do play in the Atrium quit a bit (Electric Violins with New Age) I was told they are the same people.
  8. I know the Electric White Night was Thursday, Cozumel.
  9. Was on the Horizon two weeks ago and had cleaning in the morning (with towel animal) and turn down at night.
  10. I was also on this cruise. I asked the CD and he said because it was a 6 day cruise they had to take out a show and he told me that people had said the Celestial Strings was boring!!!! We had a great cruise....Keep the Quest!!!!!
  11. CruiserBruce....we did have a plan and we were going to use Uber (which we had never done before from a port) but my husband made a rookie mistake with our luggage. Also, someone on the ship (passenger) told him that FLL was closed the day before (which was not true we found out later) so he got nervous. So when the shuttle was leaving in 10 minutes we hopped on! I was not aware of the shuttle trolls.....live and learn. Maybe I have saved someone else from making the same mistake we did. We have used SAS and QLS in the past with no problem. We did have a wonderful cruise!!!!
  12. We (2 of us) got off the Carnival Horizon yesterday morning. We did not have anything booked to get to FLL. It took us longer to get off the ship then expected so when we did get off the ship the porter we had asked the shuttle driver how long before they left for FLL and did they have room for 2 more. We were told they had room and the shuttle would be leaving in 10 minutes. We even confirmed the 10 minute wait when we gave the driver our luggage and he said "yes, 10 minutes". My husband and I got on the shuttle and 10 minutes went by and then 20 minutes....We asked when the shuttle was leaving and was told they were waiting for 2 more people and they would leave in 10 minutes. Again more people got on the shuttle and another 10 minutes went by, still not leaving. Another couple on the shuttle said they had been on the shuttle for 45 minutes and were also told when they got on that the shuttle would leave in 10 minutes. My husband and the other gentleman told the driver we had to leave or we wanted to talk to his boss. His boss came over and told us we could get off the shuttle and get to the airport another way because he was waiting for more people. My husband and I got off the shuttle and took a cab (after waiting on the shuttle for 40 minutes). I don't know what the other couple did but they figured they would miss their flight even if they had left at that time. We did get to FLL in plenty of time and the TSA lines were short. The driver should have told us the shuttle would leave in 10 minutes or when it was full and we would not have waited. Others on the shuttle were getting tired of waiting also and starting to make noise, the boss didn't care!!! I will never us them and I don't recommend them to anyone unless you want to wait....10 minutes.....10 minutes.....10 minutes.....10 minutes.....
  13. We are back from our cruise and we went to Jewel Dunn's River for the resort for a day. It was a little unorganized at the port when we got off the ship. Our paperwork said to look for a person with a sign for Resort for a day. There was no one there with a sign. There was a woman taking names and what tour you were doing and then we waited until she called all the people for your tour and you followed a driver to the bus and off we went. Once at the resort the person at the counter seemed surprised that there were 48 people on the bus coming in. We were told to go into a closed bar area and they would come in shortly. They did come in and we all had to then sign waivers and pay and get wrist bands. If you pay by cash you went to a different person and it went quicker. Once that was done we were off to find loungers, drinks, eats, etc. The weather wasn't the best, very cloudy and windy. We tried to sit at the beach but much to windy and getting sand in the face, the water was very rough also and really couldn't go in beyond your knees. We moved to loungers by the pool and not so windy. They had a couple of bars open and no problem getting drinks. We went to the bar a couple of times and orders from the waiter a couple of times. The grill was open for burgers/wraps/chicken/fries. There was also pizza in the afternoon and a buffet (we did not go to the buffet). They also had a coffee bar and BIG chocolate chip cookies...yummy!! The food was good and plenty of it. The drinks were also good and plenty of them also. I had read some comments on TA about the locals that hang at the fence at the edge of the property and try to sell you stuff. I did see a couple of people there but the beach is big enough so you don't have to sit near the fence and not be bothers. They also had some pool games and music at the pool. The beach had a volleyball net also. They had two pools and they were always cleaning out the leaves etc that was blowing into the pools because of the wind. All of the workers at the resort were friendly and helpful. The bus came back and picked us all up at 3:00. The bus did drop off a couple of people for shopping on our way back (they had to find their own way back to the ship). It was a good day and I would recommend this resort.
  14. I booked with Resort for a day. The day pass includes transportation to the resort and back to the port.
  15. Thank you....can't find them, but thanks for trying to point me in the right direction.
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