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  1. Will my guest also receive a drinks on us card? Every time I've "earned" drinks on us cards in the casino I've always had Cheers already (I'm a late earner, usually last day or 2 of cruise) so I was capped at 15 drinks. Is the 15 drink cap also in place for Drinks On Us without Cheers?
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    Carnival loses luggage and doesn't care!

    And just saw your update- yay, thats fantastic!!
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    Carnival loses luggage and doesn't care!

    We were on this sailing, and I remember getting the flyer in our room on like the next to last or last night with a photo of luggage asking passengers to look for it, I thought it was very odd they were sending it at the end! Sorry I think that was really lousy timing on Carnival's part and Id have been upset too.
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    New Carnival Players Club

    Mine too- exactly the same offer.
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    New Carnival Players Club

    It's May 1... I haven't found any updates on Carnival's page, anyone else?
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    Listen! Linda...

    I had it a few weeks ago on Magic and was glad I did, straight onto the ship and to my cabin, maybe 15 mins from parking lot to the cabin! Ship was nearly empty, no lines at all at the buffet. My luggage was there within an hour, my daughters arrived late- I went to guest services, bypassed the HUUUUUGE line (I think maybe the new door check in system is adding to this GS congestion, people with special needs and inquiring about upgrades, etc. not sure, but I do know I never saw a line that long on boarding day before!) went to the priority side and was helped immediately. Inquired about bag. They took a note. That evening they called to confirm daughters bag arrived- and offered to send a gift. The next day they sent a HUGE i mean HUGE cheese and fruit platter and bottle of sparkling cider to apologize for her bag getting there at 6 pm!! I couldn't believe it!! I used the priority line multiple times on the cruise and I REALLY liked the group 2 disembark perk!!
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    Coffee Bar

    If you order a cafe Americano, they make a shot of espresso and then add hot water to it- the result is a drink that tastes like just good ole fashioned coffee, and its usually piping hot!
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    Coffee Bar

    They'll make you a cafe Americano if you ask!
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    Balcony Smokers

    I wouldn't stress about it. We have done balconies and the most we have ever noticed smoking was a faint smell of cigarettes coming from upwind. Never saw the actual smoke. I seriously doubt there'd be any room for concern for your husband- keep in ind the promenade deck though can be lethal if you're seriously allergic/sensitive to smoke, because the casino leeches out into everything. Personally it doesn't bother me at all, but my very sensitive to smoke 20 yr old daughter ends up coughing and irritated whenever she travels through it especially after the 2nd or 3rd day
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    Almost 30% Increase in Cost of FTTF???

    Loved our FFTF on our last cruise!!! Boarded first, dropped bags. No lines or crowds at buffet. No wait in the port. My suitcases showed up right away, daughters did not so they sent a huge platter of cheese and fruit and sparkling cider as an apology. Bypassed huge guest service line multiple times. Zone 2 departure without having to carry our own bags up stairs. We have it on our end of month cruise too and am glad, priority tendering will come in handy then. We'd pay it still- but obviously at some point theres a price-break point.
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    Magic... not exactly magical.... review.

    It really wasn't much, I want to say like $1.95 a person, but I am pretty sure we never used to pay anything.
  12. Just got home from a 7 nighter on the Magic (3/10). As my signature indicates I am an enthusiastic cruiser, and am especially fond of Carnival. This time I was traveling with my 20 yr old daughter on her college spring break. I'd love to just give a glowing review but alas... I can't. It was a mixed bag. Embarkation- Cape Canaveral has it DOWN!! Seriously it took us maybe 15 minutes from the time we approached the door to the moment we were walking on the ship. We had FTTF and it worked perfectly for embarkation. Our cabin was ready and waiting, such a treat! Dropped our bags then went to explore. Our cabin steward showed up and I requested morning service and a full ice bin, he was very friendly and assured the ice bucket would stay refreshed. He did so the whole cruise. Our preordered wine and water and vodka and club soda were in our room as expected. Ship decor- Beautiful, the Magic is a class I had not sailed before and I appreciated the aesthetics a lot! FTTF oops- my 2 suitcases were delivered quickly, my daughters as not. It arrived at 6 pm, I'd already gone to guest services to inquire because she was worried (it had her text books in it) Guest services had a huge line but I used the priority line and it was quick in and out. That evening, they called and asked if it ever showed- I said yes and they apologized for the delay again and said they were sending a gift. The next day a HUGE cheese and fruit platter and bottle of sparkling cider arrived! We were seriously impressed. Mistakes happen and Carnival more than made it right. The not so good- MDR. Oh wow. This was our worst MDR experience ever on a cruise. We had 6 pm set time dining. It took 2 1/2 hours and we skipped dessert! Did the 2nd seating people even eat at all?? The food was SO bland. No seasoning, it didn't look attractive at all, and it was cool. It was obvious to us the dining staff was being way overworked. Our waiter had so many tables, he was constantly moving, but couldn't keep up. I heard this complaint by so many people on the ship- they've clearly cut dining staff. The bars were a mixed bag, they often seem way understaffed and drinks took a long time (and no I didn't have Cheers) The great- Cucina Del Capitano, SO good!!!!!! The food was so so good, the staff was wonderful. Best meal on the ship. I even liked it more than the steakhouse! The lido food- Guys Burgers, okay. Good I guess? Not mind blowing. I know intellectually they must be the same as other ships but I was underwhelmed anyway. The buffet was okay! Not great, but okay. Pizza- meh, okay. Where did the calzones go?? Weirdly, my favorite was the deli. Their paninis were really good!! The shows- WOW!!! Seriously, the production staff was great. This may have been our favorite one! Piano bar- the piano guy was funny and he was good, talented on the keys... but as he drank more he sort of launched into all raunch. There's an art to inter-spacing dirty dittys with old standards and he lacked that. You can only sing so many songs about balls to the butt before they get old. Comedy club- some great acts! Not enough seating though, by far. Red Frog Pub- LOVED it, and the country singers who played every night. We also enjoyed the atrium and the strings players who performed nightly. CD- we had the reverend doctor E and he was GREAT!!!! LOVED him so much!!! So funny and interactive. I especially appreciated his comments at the military meet and greet. Alchemy bar- why did it seem like they were hardly ever open??!!? And no cheese and nut plates? Casino- friendly staff, they have a great air flow so less smokey than most, and hey, I ended "up" so no complaints! Water- I did find the pools very small and always full of kids. Hot tubs were often closed and if open, packed with kids. Disembarking was fast and easy. Overall impressions- I noticed a lot of cut backs on this cruise, little things like having to pay for sea day tea, big things like obviously way too few wait staff and lower food quality. Other than the Italian restaurant I feel like we never had a single "wow" meal on this boat. They were all just so "blah". Honestly I had high hopes for this cruise and it didn't really impress. I didn't hate it, but I think after our Conquest cruise later this month we're done with Carnival for awhile. It just didn't have that "sparkle". This is the first time I REALLY felt those "cut backs" I have seen other complain about for the last few years- and it really affected our enjoyment.
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    No charge!!
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    Carnival vs. Royal Caribbean Perks

    RCCL's balcony discount for crown and anchor members is really the best part of their program. The discount can be significant!
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    How many of us were told?

    Just call the # in the link someone posted above to get the recognition.