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  1. Really? Why would you need all of that? If you are paying for multiple stream devices (4 devices), why can’t you just reconfigure Alexa to that network? i guess i better call princess.
  2. I’d like to know too. Like what actual activities take place in the play area. We are about to embark with our 5 year old.
  3. Anyone brought their alexa with to stream music, etc? Was it difficult to set up?
  4. First time sailing post child. I have a five year old. Do I need to bring my own books to read him, or will they have appropriate books in the library. I never looked before. Lol.
  5. I don’t get it. I’m just trying to figure out which is cheaper. So, yea it matters. Unless they are the same price.
  6. Oh, I see. So you mean the package prices are better once on board? as long as I really will get a better discount I’ll wait. For sure? And can I purchase the 4 devices package once on board as well?
  7. But is it really only 25%? Or was that guy wrong? Seems like the better deal would be to bite the bullet now. I have a five year old that fares better with netflix access. And a husband that works 24/7. Need all the internet. Haha.
  8. So for anyone that can give me an answer, I appreciate it. I scrolled down and found old thread that are all over the place. we are on a 7 night cruise on the Ruby which is medallion class. Prepaid the internet price says you save 50% off. I called princess and the guy said platinum saves 25% off on the ship so to just wait. Well, 50% seems a lot better than 25%, so I’m scratching my head. So should I just buy it now? also, I assume I only need one for us that allows 4 devices at a time? So that covers the three of us? man, it’s been six years since our last cruise and so much has changed. Plus first time with a child. I feel lost. 😒
  9. Thank you. Do you happen to know how much they are onboard?
  10. Is it better to prepurchase an internet package beforehand, or wait and get a discount as a platinum card holder? Thanks.
  11. Has anyone done the ‘exclusive beach resort getaway’ at medano beach in Cabo? I’d really like some feedback. It seems pretty pricey ($250 for a family of three) for a couple of hours at a beach. On the other hand, I don’t know what else to do with my five year old and want to give him some time off the ship. Questions was it worth it? are there cheaper options just getting off the boat and finding something or arranging with an alternative party ahead of time? is there something else suggested? basically just looking for any input. Lol. And thanks for any responses.
  12. I have a hold on r339. Can anyone tell me if that is far enough front to miss the skywalk. I cannot be sure from the diagram. Thank you!
  13. I was told no water on ncl. Can I ask how you did the upsell process on princess? I would be interested in that. I just booked a minisuite and would love to upgrade to a suite. I guess ncl irked me with their bidding. With how crowded it was, I didn’t think I’d be happy with a non haven room. But the bliss does look like a beautiful ship. It was just in our home town this week and I watched it set sail.
  14. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, but frankly, this is the exact reason I cancelled our bliss cruise. You see, I wanted a haven suite. But quickly realized that most people on ncl are opting to wait and bid on rooms. That’s great IF you don’t mind getting stuck in the original room you booked if you don’t get the upgrade. Well, the problem is if you do mind the original room, you will feel like it’s a lose lose. Because you get stuck paying an arm and a leg for the room you want while others pay next to nothing. So essentially, I’d be paying part of their cruise fare. No thanks. I decided to go back to princess and stick with them for now. If ncl stops their bidding process, and their nickle and diming people over stupid things, like refusing to let you bring a bottle of water on board so you have to pay them for it. Maybe I’ll reconsider.
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