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  1. Approximately 9 ft wide by 22 ft inside. Those deck 5 balconies are shallow, just 4.5 ft. Since HAL counts the balcony in the figures they quote, the total would be 9*26.5 = 239
  2. ... or maybe we just didn't spend much time looking out our window 😊
  3. We were in 4130. (DH took the halfacts pics.) We liked the cabin location because we prefer being on the "food end" of the ship, and it was quiet. We never saw the neighbors in 4132 out on their balcony - either they didn't use it or they stayed in the corner by the door - but I would think that's not the norm. Yes, if we stood right by the window they would have been able to see us, but since sofa and desk were on the hall side about the only time we were next to the window was getting in or out of bed. We closed the drapes at night anyway.
  4. The length of the cruise doesn't matter, it's simply 15% of the package price.
  5. Tripadvisor lists and rates quite a few https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g194743-Civitavecchia_Province_of_Rome_Lazio.html
  6. When the K-dam first arrived in the US (Nov 2016) we got a similar notice, but they said we could give them a cell phone number to send a text when boarding actually began. We dropped off our bags around 10:30 and went "downtown". While we were eating lunch around 12:00 we got the text. Got back to port around 12:30, went through the priority check-in line, and went right on board. Check to see if they're still offering such a text-message service for your cruise.
  7. And even if you could get to them, there's no way to select the input using the remote they give you.
  8. Yes. From what I have seen, about the only difference in the minimum between Gala nights and non-G is that jeans aren't allowed on G nights.
  9. My record shows no spending or suite bonus for Dec 08 and prior.
  10. The 4/28 sailing can be booked as a 12-nt ending in Venice or a 24-nt ending in Civitavecchia.
  11. From wikipedia: Little San Salvador Island, also known as Half Moon Cay, is one of about 700 islands that make up the archipelago of The Bahamas. It is located roughly halfway between Eleuthera and Cat Island. It is a private island, owned by Holland America Line, which uses it as a port of call for the cruise ships it operates in the region. Prior to being owned by HAL, Little San Salvador was the private island of Norwegian Cruise Line. Holland America Line purchased the island in December, 1996 for a price of $6 million USD.
  12. The best place to find discussions of FL hotels is on the Florida Departures forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ Here is one thread on that forum about Amtrak, and there are others.
  13. Again: no one is forcing you to read this thread. When you see a title that seems to be about the dress code just walk on by.
  14. You don't have a high enough security clearance! 😄
  15. Open, aka Anytime, on most ships is 5:15 to 9:00, but don't know for certain that those are the hours on NS
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