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  1. Or they could charter a plane seating 4 to 10 people and make several stops.
  2. Not really. They can charter a small plane. Lots of bizjets and propjets in this country are available for hire.
  3. Would they all fit on a deck someplace? According to THIS it looks like about $2000 each to float them through. We'll just have wait and watch!
  4. Probably, but IMO the simplest way would be to just sail them through. I don't know what their fuel range is, but maybe they could be towed by the ship or a tug.
  5. It has been suggested on another thread that she could possibly remove the lifeboats for the transit and then restore them on the Pacific end. They could follow the ship through the locks like ducklings behind their mother! Or the lifeboats could go through the old locks.
  6. All of the VD, VE, and VF cabins on decks 7 & 8 have the same size balconies: 6 ft by 9 ft. All have the same overhang. Smaller balconies are on the deck 10&11 VQ and the deck 5 mid-ship V. Deeper balconies are on the deck 4 VE&VF: 4005 to 4042. But those have steel-wall railings, not plexiglas. If you don't like a large overhang, don't go to the deck 8 VAs. All of those 7&8 VD/VE/VF have a shower-in-tub. To get a walk-in shower in a Vx you would have to go to one of the VC or VD on the aft end of decks 4, 5, and 6 that are marked with a * on the deck plans, such as 4173>4179, 5171>5183, and 6146>6173. I have no experience with noise on the deck 8 forward cabins that you mention. Personally I would stick with the 7111 because we like to be near the "food end" of the ship. Most of the time when we leave our cabin we are headed first to food! 😀
  7. I should have said a cash advance on your onboard account, which is like any other charge that goes on your final bill. The bank knows nothing about it.
  8. You really don't need much, if any. If you don't plan on gambling much, all you might use it for is tips, and as I said you can tip in CAD. You can get some at an ATM in Boston or get a cash advance on your credit card at the ship front desk for a 3% fee.
  9. On the Pinnacle class there's only those four. On the Signature class all of the G/H/HH are that way. No. It's best to ask here about specific cabins.
  10. I see in the link you posted that the four E cabins on deck 4 (4037>4040) have the f-2-c if that's what you want.
  11. Don't go by the generic diagrams or pictures you see on the HAL site. Use halfacts.com to look at actual pictures of specific cabins. I believe that on the Pinnacle ships only the Main deck OVs and the forward-facing ones on decks 10 and 11 have the small windows, and everything else is floor-to-ceiling. Here is one on the Main deck https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/1095-koningsdam/ edit: the first few pics on the link you posted are for 11002 and 10002. These are forward-facing, and I believe those windows are larger than the Main deck OV windows.
  12. Obviously the crew of the charter that got them to SFO were okay with the arrangements. I can understand United not wanting to mix possibly infected people with others on a commercial flight, but for that many people HAL should charter a plane for them.
  13. Cash isn't used on board. Everything goes onto your onboard account. (Except maybe in the casino. I don't know about that because I only lose in the slot machines!) Crew would probably prefer tips in $US, but will happily accept anything proffered!
  14. THIS THREAD says Zaandam still scheduled for dry dock starting 4/7 but may or may not get there. IMO most likely destination for Rotterdam is the "parking lot" off Grand Bahama with Veendam, Volendam, Nieuw A, and Nieuw S. Or she may take Zaandam's DD slot.
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