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  1. On 5 the overhang would extend all the way to the railing.
  2. 2) There's a large screen at the forward end of the Lido pool, so it's semi-outdoors when the roof is open.
  3. But I often wonder about the mask discipline of those cooking and packaging the food ...
  4. Are you sure about that? I've always understood it to be just the ABC islands or something on the mainland.
  5. And when they go out they generally don't go to a different country each time!
  6. 4130 on the port side seems similarly positioned with respect to the tenders. See these pics: https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/4130-nieuw-statendam/
  7. That message wasn't meant to be seen by users. It is a reminder to the developers that an area is incomplete.
  8. Sorry, it's against CC Guidelines to recommend a PCC, just as it is for TA's. Travel Agent Recommendations There shall be no third-party recommendation (whether positive or negative in content) of travel agencies on any forums within Cruise Critic. General discussions regarding the TYPE of AGENCY to be used to purchase a cruise will be allowed, as long as no recommendations for any source of purchase are posted. Touting of your personal cruise agent or cruise line "personal cruise consultant" (or any other venue by which you purchase a cruise) is not allowed on our message
  9. I agree wholeheartedly. Never liked having two "Nieuw" ships. Already some people are dropping the Nieuw from Statendam anyway.
  10. Check e-bay periodically. Right now there's a silver 300-day one for under $13. A gold might show up sometime. edit: here's one for sale for $38 on another site: https://www.bonanza.com/listings/Holland-America-Line-500-DAY-Gold-Medallion-2-Necklace-In-Box-New-/564651819?goog_pla=1&gpid=293946777986&keyword=&goog_pla=1&pos=&ad_type=pla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn-6Qpc_o6gIVy5-zCh1ADA89EAYYAiABEgIHSvD_BwE
  11. Might depend on how much of a supply they have on hand right now.
  12. Found this with Google: A day after warning that it may be forced to file for bankruptcy, Norwegian Cruise Line on Wednesday announced that it had raised over $2 billion in funding to ensure that the company can withstand “well over” a year without revenue amid the coronavirus pandemic. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sergeiklebnikov/2020/05/06/norwegian-cruise-line-raises-over-2-billion-after-warning-of-possible-bankruptcy/#1fdc97922b87
  13. I know I've seen pieces from the S-class Statendam and Ryndam that were moved to other ships. I would think that the Card paintings of other HAL ships would not be desirable on the sold ships and would be removed, but ones of the same ship might stay. (That is, a painting of the Amsterdam might stay on that ship under its new name, but a painting of Rotterdam would be removed.) I recall on the Prinsendam there was a ship model outside the Crow's Nest with the former owner's name and colors. Can't remember what that was though!
  14. This is a duplicate thread. The longer one is at https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2756017-ships-art-works/
  15. It's worse than that. The mid-ship deck 5 VA are just 4 ft deep because of the lifeboats, while the standard VB to VF on decks 5 to 8 are 6 ft deep. The deck 10 VB are also very shallow. The VB to VF on deck 4 are 7.5 ft deep, but the outer 1.5 ft is not covered. Go to halfacts.com/vista-class/ and look at pictures. Here is a good shot: halfacts.com/5103-westerdam-v/
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