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  1. We've never tried a pop-up SdM, but enjoyed the permanent one on the K-dam ... especially at 50% off! 😁
  2. Funny, every time since we reached 4-star we have been asked to show our boarding pass when we entered the priority line. Maybe we just don't look like we belong there. ... because it's not.
  3. No, just in Neptune and Pinnacle Suites. We've never had them in OVs on any HAL ship.
  4. Correct. All levels have been the same since the program started: 2 star - 30 credits 3 star - 75 credits 4 star - 200 credits 5 star - 500 credits
  5. The Medallion program is totally separate from the Star program, and only awardees and current medallion holders are invited. And yes, you can be 4-star without being a medallion holder: just 67 days on board is enough with all suites and max spending.
  6. There hasn't ever been self-laundries on any HAL ships that started service since 2002.
  7. I wish I had thought of that once. I saw an elderly man pawing through a bin of rolls with his fingers, rejecting many before he finally took one. I didn't have the nerve to say anything, and just moved on by. A little while later when we sitting at a table I saw him pass by, facing me. He was wearing a Holland America tag that said CHAPLAIN !!! 😵
  8. Strong (rare-earth) magnets should work. (e.g. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=rare+earth+magnets+small&crid=OIV1XZARR9SA&sprefix=rare+e%2Caps%2C1555&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_6 )
  9. Back when internet access was sold in time blocks you were given some bonus minutes for a first-day sign-up. That's long gone. This is the current pricing:
  10. For my DBiL/DSiL's very first cruise we booked them and us into HH guarantees. They were first assigned a D and then just 3 days before sailing were reassigned to a VE. We also got a two-step assignment, first to C then to VA. I still wonder if we got out great final assignment because of them being first-timers, or they got theirs because we were 3-star at the time. I tend to think its the former.
  11. In the comments in the link fatcat04 gave you a few posts back the contributor said "A very large cabin". Judging just by deck plans and price I would say the smallest are the K, L, and N cabins.
  12. There are 10 insides that are marked with the open circle denoting "Triple, 2 lower beds, 1 sofa bed". They are 4104, 4115, 5108, 5125, 6112, 6127, 7104, 7097, 8092, and 8109. I would suggest not choosing the ones on decks 4 or 8.
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