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  1. And you should have said per adult, since anyone under 21 in the cabin can't bring any.
  2. You can bring on as much wine as you can carry at embarkation, but only one bottle per adult will be corkage-free if consumed in the cabin. Additional bottles are subject to an $18 corkage fee and may be consumed anywhere on the ship.
  3. The cabin should look just like 6169 right below: https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/6169-koningsdam/ (click pics to enlarge)
  4. Our Barcelona muster, also joining the last segment of a long cruise, was in-between: about 10 minutes. Group size was about 10 or 12 and we had to wait for stragglers.
  5. Sign up on the 2nd day and it will be 179.99
  6. I would like to go through the new locks because I've been through the old. I always prefer to see new things and places when possible.
  7. It's done very frequently, especially when a fairly recent thread has asked the same or very similar question and received adequate responses. I agree that linking to a 10 y.o. thread isn't the best way however.
  8. That is a link to a very old thread. OP's question is current.
  9. Not on the R&S class ships, and OP appears to be on the Maasdam.
  10. Sounds to me like a ploy to get debarking passengers off early!
  11. That's not a street, just a driveway. Streets have names.
  12. I POSTED the map. Only 26 is across the street.
  13. Yes - HUGE difference. The NS VH4054 has a small balcony right behind a lifeboat. Nothing that was said above about NA VA4054 applies to your cabin. Sorry. Look at https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/ cabins 4046 and 4052 to see what your cabin is like.
  14. We once cancelled a cruise 9 days before sailing, with the Platinum cancellation plan. We had paid HAL $4796, including $436 air fare, $544 taxes/fees/port expenses, and $378 for the CPPP premium. We were refunded $4040, or 91% of the $4418 not counting the CPPP cost. We had cancelled all pre-booked amenities 2 days before cancelling the cruise, and were refunded 100% of those amounts.
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