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  1. Thank you for the great review! Sounds fun.
  2. Hi there, I tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find an answer. my husband and I are going on a cruise with his family. My father-in-law booked us all through a travel agent. I am used to making my own travel plans and am having a hard time letting go 😊. The travel agent states that she has us booked in for my time dining at 6:30 pm, but it’s not showing up on my cruise planner. Would reserved my time dinging usually show? Under dining options, it is still giving me the choice to select my time dining. We will have 3 staterooms, is it possible she booked it under my in-laws name and therefore would not show up on my planner? I don’t have 100% confidence in this travel agent, but it’s who my in-laws chose. thank you!
  3. Thank you for the help! I think I will buy the refreshment package now and cancel and buy again if the price drops. If I get buyers remorse I can always cancel 😊
  4. Hi there, A question for fellow Canadians. I read suggestions of buying a drink package or excursion if you think the price is good and cancelling and rebooking if a cheaper rate comes up. I know the prices on the planner are in Canadian dollars, but on my Visa card, will charges show up in USD for the equivalent of what I locked in, or just CDN dollars with no exchange? I’m wondering if I have to pay a foreign transaction fee each time if I cancel and rebook excursion/drink package? That being said, I'm going on the Allure in January and wanting to get the refreshment package as we are not big alcohol drinkers. Showing up now as $29 plus gratuity and I’m debating about purchasing at that price or waiting to see if it goes lower. Or booking and cancelling depending on the answer from the above question. thank you!
  5. Hello, I am looking to book entertainment for my upcoming cruise in January. Are all the comedy shows the same, with the same comedian? I understand that the later shows may be more of an adult show, which is okay. I’m just trying to figure out if I can only pre-book comedy for one night? Same with the “headliner showtime”? The way I see it, there are only 5 different shows for a 7 night cruise (Mama Mia, Blue Planet, ice games, comedy and headliner). The aquatics show is not showing up to book. I am going with my in-laws, who typically expect to see a new show each night. We have never cruised on such a big ship. Thank you 🙂
  6. I’m interested in this tour as well - with the same questions. I don’t care to wear a wetsuit and we are bigger people, but are descent swimmers.
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