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  1. MUCH prefer Fantasy Class - we’re happily retired, approaching 50th cruise), travel with retired friends frequently, and everything we want is there. We love Sea says (brunch is awesome, Tea Time is excellent) we love Port days (if you stay on board, you practically have the place to yourself), and when you do go ashore ports are much the same as the larger ships so itinerary remains excellent. We have cruised bigger ships, however resisted the urge for climbing rock wall, bungee jumping, , etc. so it’s all in what you expect from carnival - make informed decisions. If traveling with youngsters then the smaller ships won’t have quite the entertainment choice. If traveling with friends to enjoy the ship as an all-inclusive, then smaller ships have a lot to offer. Regardless of size, Carnival wants you happy enough to do it again (and again😀). ENJOY!
  2. I’m sure this has been addressed, I just can’t find, but would like a refresher - what can we expect by September as to carnival’s policy regarding plastics and disposables? Debating on whether or not to bring our own (hate paper straws).
  3. I don’t like having to leave at the end of the cruise!!!
  4. Have you cruised the Panama Canal itinerary? We enjoyed the whole cruise itinerary so much we’re doing it again - it’s a real treat. What were your impressions? We’ve finally learned how to enjoy repeat port calls as well as the ship being our excellent all-inclusive. Happy campers . . . I mean cruisers😊
  5. Go to alchemy bar - most excellent , you won’t be disappointed.
  6. The enduring lesson learned was they insist all passengers get off the boat (!!!) when their cruise is over - I really hated to leave
  7. Absolutely worth every penny!! Can’t wait to go back!
  8. Just so that evil cloud doesn’t travel everywhere with y’all, I’d suggest a toast to her and good wishes for her happiness at the very beginning of the cruise, dispel her influence with kindness, and then NEVER mention her name - don’t allow her specter even on the ship. ENJOY your trip and time together - one rule we’ve always followed when traveling with friends is we’re not joined at the hip. Sometimes we don’t see anyone till time to meet for drinks before dinner. No stress. Please write a trip report when you come back - would love to hear what a good time you had!
  9. First night, MDR, the braised pot roast w veggies - soooooo tender!!!
  10. Passport! Don’t leave home without it! (PS. Not nagging, but I can’t remember how many times we’ve seen somebody all skinned up, some on crutches, after a port stop where motor bikes, ATVs, are popular. You are advised by Carnival to not to rent one. I’m sure the remainder of the cruise was wretched for the walking wounded.)
  11. It’s up to your friend to jump through any and all hoops that are out there - it seems like a pretty tempting opportunity for a resentful ex to cause an unwanted problem, if that’s a possibility. He would be well advised to carefully/meticulously investigate it.
  12. We’re on this one also, 8 of us. Very excited about itinerary. Be sure to bring your best walking shoes, not just cute flip flops! And bring your fave over the counter meds such as Aleve, etc. you’ll be surprised at how much walking you will do - this is a VERY ambitious itinerary! Hope you have a blast
  13. The square at lucaya has fabulous conch fritters and cold Kalik to go along. Get off the boat!!
  14. It’s not just the Magic - we’ve cruised on just about every ship with Caribbean itineraries, and premium internet service wavers between excruciatingly slow to un-useable. I’m sure cruisers would happily pay more for useage of an upgraded system!
  15. I bought some excellent chocolate inside the terminal building and had to show my passport - for about $4 worth of chocolate!! I was certainly mystified and a bit miffed until it was finally explained in terms I could understand: inside the terminal is tax and duty free, therefore local residents cannot purchase anything. Outside the terminal is NOT tax and duty free, they don’t care if you’re local or not - youre paying local tax. An ah-hah moment.
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