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  1. Hi. I’m wondering whether to book a carnival’s accessible tour or us I could just do done if puerto Vallarta from the ship in my mobility scooter? I’ve been before do just want to look around etc. last time I wasn’t in a mobility scooter and I can’t remember that it’s like getting off the ship and looking around. Is it wheelchair/scooter accessible? Would I be able to get to the beach front etc?
  2. Hi. I'm wondering whether to book carnival's accessible tour or if I could just do some of Puerto Vallarta from the ship in my mobility scooter? I have been before so just really just want to look around etc. last time I wasn't in a mobility scooter and I can't remember what it was like getting off the ship and looking around. Is it wheelchair/scooter assessable?
  3. Thank you! That’s great news!
  4. Hi, is it warm enough to swim in January in Mexican Riviera ports? What can we expect weather wise? We have booked carnival panorama January 4-11.
  5. Yay! That’s a relief! Thanks for that!
  6. We are sailing in January in the new ship Panorama. Do you think muster drill will be inside being a new ship? I so hope so.
  7. We've booked for Jan 4 sailing and can't wait. I would normally be reading reviews etc on my next new ship but with this ship not sailing unti dec this year, it's a strange experience not being able to!
  8. Thank you so much that’s great to hear!
  9. Ohhh so do you think it’s possible we could all sit together doing MyTime dinning? We don’t mind commiting to a time of say 6 each night????
  10. Hi. I have finally talked the brothers and families to join us on a cruise! We have book Panorama in January. We are a group of 10, 6 adults and 4 children aged 14, 14, 12, 11. When booking I requested early traditional dining. They have come back and said it’s all booked out and have given us MyTime dining. My concern is would we be able to still all sit together at a table for 10 just rocking up at MyTime dinning? Or do you think I should see if traditional late dinning is still available? I just wonder if it’s too late for the children?
  11. Hi can you please add me, carnival panorama, Mexican riviera, 4 January 2020. Thanks
  12. Oh ok sorry about that I must have got this wrong. I thought I had seen/read somewhere that the ship was using medallions rather than set sail cards but it looks like I’m wrong. To be fair, it’s not the first time! Lol 😊. Thanks for the replies.
  13. Hi. I'm very excited, have just booked a family holiday on Carnival Panorama for January. There will be 10 of us including children. Only 3 of us have cruised before (me being one of them). I've tried searching to find information on the ship but t of course it will be new and only starts sailing thus December. From what I can see, there's a ton of restaurants and other areas that I haven't seen on a carnival ship before. I also see it is going to be medallions rather than set sail cards. Can anyone please guide me to a thread with medallion information on it, how it works etc. seems amazing to me? i would also love an advice/tips on restaurants you think are worth extra charge and anything else about the ship?
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