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  1. We went to Customer Service. and they just said to call dine line, when you call, you can ask to sign up all 12. You can also speak with the head Matri d, and ask about possibility of getting the chefs table for 12.
  2. On the Grand, cost was $95 per person, but was reduced if you did not want the wine. You need to call the dine line as soon as you board, and put your name down for the Chef's table. We have been selected two out of three times we put our names in.
  3. Yep - was the airport code. finally noticed that when I entered the code, only got the continue option, changed some other stuff and the changed it back so I got the save and continue option - finally worked. Thanks for the help.
  4. Yep, credit card entered. Will keep trying until it takes. Thanks
  5. I have question regarding completing the Guest Information Form on my upcoming cruise and looking to see if this is happening to anyone else, and how to correct. I have completed the form at least 3 times, and have saved at each step. But after completing the all sections and saving, it still shows Guest Information Form - Incomplete HAs this happened to others, and how did you finally get it to show complete? We have cruise many a time with Princess, and this is the first time this has happened to us. TIA for any assistance
  6. I noticed on my Travel Summary, that my TA has a Cruise Night Coupon Book included. Has anyone seen this coupon books and/ or know what they may include? I have never seen one before. Thanks for all responses
  7. Were the new large flat screens in the balcony cabins? Or just in the mini suites and above? Thanks again
  8. For anyone recently off the Grand, did the install new TVs in all the cabins during the last refurbishment? Will be staying in balcony cabin om Caribe deck. Looking to see if they upgraded the televisions, or are they still the small flat screens sitting above the refrigerator. TYI for any information/ photos
  9. Looking to see if anyone can tell me if the balconies on Grand Deck 10 ( Caribe) are larger than the other balconies? Looking to book on the Grand and seeing if Deck 10 balcony is the way to go. TIA
  10. I booked a cruise last year under the Sip & Sail promotion when the gratuities were at 15%,. I see now the gratuities are 18%. Just wondering if Princess will honor the Beverage Package I got under the Sip & Sail, or will I get charged for the additional gratuities. It's not much, but just wondering. TIA
  11. Just curious as to - has anyone that has requested a traditional table for 2 ever get one? For the past three cruises, wife and I have requested a table for two and have not come close. All cruises were booked well over a year before the cruise date. Each time we are assigned a table for either 8 or 10. Wonder if you book direct with Princess, you are given priority to those precious tables. Has anyone gotten lucky in getting a table for 2. Not like we are new to Princess, we are Elite, and each cruise we have to go play speak to the guy in Sabatini's to see if you can change tables. Still never got a table for 2. Don't want to switch to any time dinning.... Thanks -
  12. My DW likes her diffuser and was looking to see if anyone knows if diffusers are allowed in your stateroom. I looking at items you can't take on the Princess site, but it didn't specifically say diffuser, want to make sure before I try to bring one with us. TIA
  13. Just have to ask, tried to search but hard to pin point what I'm looking for. Does anyone know of a hand sanitizer that kills or helps prevent Norovirus? I know washing hands is the best thing, and we do constantly, and we use the normal anti bacterial hand sanitizer, but looking for something stronger. would be looking to use it after touching the dinning room chairs and menu where there not an option to wash hands. TIA
  14. Just checking with others to see if you have ever signed up for the Chef's Table, and was not selected to attend. We are looking to try our first Chef's table, and would like to see what the odds are of being selected to attend. Thanks for your time.
  15. Been there, done that. Have been to Mexico before, Just taking cruise to get away. May walk around port, but no plans to go exploring.
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