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  1. mashat

    Room 6001

    Do not listen to anyone else. My wife and I stayed in this cabin for a miserable week. We also tried before the cruise to determine what could be bad about the room. Heard the same things, “A little noisy" Yeah if your deaf or dead! The noise starts as soon as the ship gets ready to maneuver into a port (5-6AM) a great rumbling that shakes the entire room, with bottles shaking in the bathroom on the shelves. This is NOT an exaggeration. Every time the crew must move the ship using the bow thrusters, the room noise level goes through the roof, the cabin starts to shake. We complained about this to the captain and were told that people who take this room like it because most are seaman. GIVE ME A BREAK. They gave us several extra nights in the specialty restaurants, but that’s it. The captain said that IT WAS ALL GOING INTO THEIR RECORDS, AND AFTER THE CRUISE WE SHOULD CONTACT THE HEADQUARTERS IN Miami FOR SOME COMPENSATION. Weeks after emailing them, we received a very polite letter stating the same facts as the crew gave us and that was all they would do. They did however send a discount coupon for a future cruise. To be very fare, the food and service on this ship was some of the best we received on any cruise ship and we have sailed quite a few times. Frank T
  2. Thanks Jana, We are also can't wait for our cruise. We hope you have a wonderful time. Alla and Frank
  3. Thanks, Make sure it's detail oriented, my husband will appreciated. Alla :) :) :)
  4. So little hanky panky on the balcony is out of the question!?;) :p :o
  5. Thanks HOBES, So if we have no lights in the cabin, it would be O.K. to leave the doors and the curtains open ? :confused:
  6. :( Hi Jana, Do you have any idea why the curtains have to be closed at night. We like to sleep with the balcony door open, smell the air and listen to the waves. What a shame if you are NOT ALLOWED to do this. Our travel agent did not tell us about the overhang or the curtains rule when we were booking this cabin. Too bad. Well, having cabana at this point sounds better and better. :( :( :( Alla and Frank
  7. Thanks everybody, Now we are confused even more whether or not to cancel the cabana which we booked for the whole cruise. If there is a sun there alla the time I doubt that we will spend much time there. Alla and Frank:confused:
  8. ;) Thanks Jana. I also under the impression that the balcony of this cabin does not have the overhang. I called my agent , she contacted the OCEANIA and they told her that there is a partial overhang. I guess very soon you will know for sure. Talk to you soon, Alla :D :confused:
  9. :) :) :) KATHY, Thanks a lot. I would like to know if me and my husband can take this sailing and DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GETTING TOGETHER OTHER 8 PASSENGERS. Kathy, it sounds like you did just that. Please tell me if that was the way you did it (meaning booked the tour just for you and your husband).Please tell me how much did it cost, how and when did you pay and what is their cancellation policy if the weather does not cooperate. Also how did you get to the catamaran from the dock in Santorini once you have tendered. Thanks a lot for your time and kindness to share with other people. Alla and Frank
  10. Thanks, Would you please tell me why you won't have a cabana?
  11. Has anyone ever been in cabin 6001? (this is a cabin right in the front between two suites) Any negatives? We are on the Insignia Athens to Rome Sept 1-st 2008. We also booked the CABANA for the whole cruise. Sort of debating if we actually will benefit much from the cabana as opposed to the balcony. Thanks. Alla and Frank :confused:
  12. Hi BITOBITE, We are also looking for the same information. We arrive in Athens on September 1-st at 10:20 a.m. Our cruise Athens to Rome - Sept1-st leaves at 8 p.m. We would prefer a transfer/tour to the port. We appreciate any advise or information. Thanks :confused: :confused: :confused: Alla and Frank
  13. Hello travel buddies, We are looking forward to this cruise and would like to get to know several couples in our age category (50-s; 60-s) to do private tours and have some fun on the ship (also organize sale away party). Hopefully we will get some response. We are retired couple in our fifties from South West Florida - Estero which is between Fort Myers and Bonita Springs. There is also a ROLL CALL for this cruise where we put the same post. LETS TALK!!! ALLA and FRANK :D :) :D
  14. Kathy, We are on Sept1 Insignia. Could you please tell me more about private Sailing catamaran excursion in Santorini. Thanks a lot. Alla
  15. Hi Chatkat, Thanks for your reply. We are booked on Athens to Rome September 1 on Insignia cabin 6001. (Right at the front of the ship). We also booked a cabana. I am still debating about the CABANA. DID YOU TAKE ANY PRIVATE TOURS? THANKS Alla and Frank
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