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  1. The Whale lot is also the parking lot for the Riverwalk Mall.
  2. On Mar 3 there are 3 day parades and a night parade. So the parades run pretty much all day - but they don't get to the downtown area until after noon. If you get to the port area before 11ish you should be fine. No problems on the 8th - by then the party is over. The parades do end not far from the port in case you're interested in seeing one or two.
  3. You'll be there for what we call "Mardi Gras Lite". It's the weekend before the big Mardi Gras parades - but there will be some parades that weekend - just not the big ones.
  4. I don't know what Hilton Garden Inn on St Peters you're talking about - I don't know of one. I'm a local and there are Hilton and Hilton Garden Inns, but not on St Peters. You're coming at a good time for prices (but it will be HOT and HUMID!!) The best hotel depends on where in the city you want to stay. If you want to be IN the French Quarter, the prices are higher because that's where everyone wants to be. If you want to be downtown you don't have to stay IN the French Quarter, you can be close and that's good enough. If you don't care where you stay, the burbs are cheaper, but your savings will be eaten up on transportation. The best "all purpose" hotels would be on one of the streetcar lines or close to them. Any of the hotels on Canal Street between the river and Baronne/Dauphine (street names change at Canal) would be good. Probably the least expensive, but good one is the Crowne Plaza - on Canal and Carondelet/Bourbon. There are a couple that are just off Canal on St. Charles, which you may want to check out - the Royal St. Charles and the Courtyard by Mariott. All three of those are on or close to both the St. Charles streetcar and the Canal Streetcar - and the French Quarter.
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