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  1. MAZ100

    Carnival horizon fun times

    never mind I found it
  2. MAZ100

    Carnival horizon fun times

    were it is on Facebook.. I have not seen that.. Gave you give me link on where I can see funtimes on facebook thanks
  3. thanks I saw that which is why I contacted John to find out about the Guinness beer which he told me no longer on menu I was actually looking for all the drinks on menu on the cruise.. Just looking for a photo copies of actual menu from Horizon ship from various bars on ship Just want to see what else changed from the menu I currently have if they removed anything else thanks
  4. Hi Can I ask a favor for anyone going on Horizon in April. Can you post the Photo's of Bar Menu's around the locations places on the ship Looks like the bar menu's have changed on Horizon as like the lido decks, casino etc. I know they removed Guinness beer which was on original bar menus.. Just curios what else has changed on the bar menu's on Horizon around the ship bars thanks
  5. Hi I am looking for 4 day Bermuda cruise on Carnival Sunshine funtimes Does anyone have all 4 day funtimes that they can post here for me thanks would really appreciate
  6. MAZ100

    On the Vista now March 19-25, 2017

    Thank you so so much for posting all the funtimes and the extra paper documents especially the show schedule you are the best thanks :)
  7. MAZ100

    On the Vista now March 19-25, 2017

    thanks I saw that old post. Just looking for current funtimes for 6 day cruise to see if anything changed
  8. MAZ100

    On the Vista now March 19-25, 2017

    Thank you so much for thing this when you get home.. I really appreciate it so much Enjoy your cruise vacation.. thanks I am so sorry you are having problems with your phone. Your battery might be going and not holding the charge anymore. You might need to get a new battery in the phone. I think that might be the problem but not 100% sure See if taking the battery out the phone and then putting it back helps issue.
  9. MAZ100

    On the Vista now March 19-25, 2017

    Love your photos Can you please also post the 6 days daily Funtimes for your cruise. I am going to be on the same cruise in May I would greatly appreciate it Have fun and thanks for the great photos thank you
  10. MAZ100

    Vista 6 day fun times

    thank you I just emailed you as per your request thanks Lidia
  11. Hi Do you happened to have a copy of the Carnival Vista Playlist and Entertainment Schedule flyer they give out the first day of the cruise that you can post on your thread Interested to see all the types of shows on Vista before my cruise and times Love all your photos and thanks for posting funtimes..
  12. MAZ100

    Pharmacy near the pier? & vanilla

    yes I was also looking for a pharmacy close to the Puerta Maya port that sells Antibiotics to buy
  13. MAZ100

    Please Post Vista Fun Times

    thanks for the effort to post them but unfortunately to small to see them
  14. MAZ100

    Please Post Vista Fun Times

    These Caribbean Vista fun times are the hardest to get Seems that we can't get anyone to both. Let hope someone can post soon I am going a 6 day cruise and would love to see daily activities fun times
  15. MAZ100

    LIVE Trip Report VISTA Dec 17-24, 2016

    thank you your are the best