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  1. mj

    Princess tv

    When I was on Sky Princess back in December, I noticed that they had dropped ESPN and replaced it with another sports channel. Cannot remember the name. Showed NFL games on TV and Movie Under the Stars(MUTS).
  2. Did Royal Princess back in January and sailed out of Terminal 21 and disembarked in terminal 2. There was a complimentary shuttle that took us back to Terminal 21. Wasn't too bad of an experience. It did add a little extra time before a 10 hour trip back to SC.
  3. I got the Key as well for my Greek Isle cruise as well. Have 3 tender ports and wanted to ensure that I got off for my private tours. Was planning to get the internet anyway, so will try the Key once.
  4. My experience with Hook was that is was ok, nothing to write home about. I had a dining package that made it about $25. Service was very good and friendly.
  5. I have the Harmony booked for April 2020 and The Key is not available yet.
  6. That was my first cruise as well. Sovereign was what got me hooked to cruising. Enjoying the review.
  7. I love your reviews. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
  8. Did a Med cruise back in mid May 2015. Had 2 sea days going back to Barcelona and it was quite rough. I did not get sea sick, but the seas were rough. The other days were not bad at all.
  9. I agree. It pays to book sooner rather than later. My Greek Isle cruise has gone up considerably since booking it for a 2020 sailing. Not had any price reductions on any Caribbean sailings lately either on Royal. Have gotten some price reductions on Princess sailings, though.
  10. Looking forward to this review. Similar itinerary to mine next year.
  11. As always, I just love reading your reviews. Enjoyed reading this one on the Oasis.
  12. I agree with that. Booked a balcony on another cruise line and the door was near the bed. You could hear almost everything they said. Thanks for the review.
  13. Beautiful picture. Thanks for the review. Will be on the Royal Princess January 12th and can't wait.
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